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Have You Heard of Crohnology Yet?

Hey UC’ers,

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet up with Sean and Will who created a relatively new website called Crohnology.  It’s a social media website that is geared specifically for people with IBD.  Luckily enough, the guys behind the site work just a short walk from where I currently live, and although they both have a very busy schedule jamming on their programming projects, we were all able to meet up for a quick video session recently.

If you’re wondering how I met the founder of this site, it’s kinda interesting actually.  Back in the fall, maybe six or seven months ago now, Sean replied via Twitter to a posting that I sent out regarding the “Remicade Survey”.  And after a little back and fourth, we met up for dinner one night in Berkeley and have kept in touch ever since.  We’re both part of a local IBD meetup group and since Berkeley isn’t a HUGE city, we even bump into each other on random occasions too.

Both Sean and Will are way cool guys, trying to make the world and the life of IBD’ers a better place, I hope you all enjoy the video about


3 thoughts on “Have You Heard of Crohnology Yet?”

  1. AWESOME!!!

    Those are two special guys for sure! Especially, I have to say, for Will (no offense Sean, please), only because Will doesn’t even have the disease, yet is out there, helping those of us that do. What a guy! What a couple of fab guys you guys are!!


    I’ll have to join this site, now…how can I not?! How could anyone not? Goin’ there right now…

    Cheers all…and once again, kudos to you Adam!!

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