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Have You Ever Made A “COCO COLITIS” Smoothie?

Adam from ihaveuc

For anyone who’s new here. 

Let me introduce myself…my name’s Adam.

I started the ihaveuc website a few years ago and as you guessed, it’s all about Ulcerative Colitis and stories from people living with the disease from all over the world.

It’s been a blast learning what other people are doing to treat their UC, and I’ve learned alot about myself during the past few years as well.

It’s been 3 years since I was diagnosed with UC, actually 3 years, 1 month and a few days to be exact.  Some things have changed since my diagnosis, but other things have stayed the same.

Just about 1 week ago, I learned something pretty incredible(thanks to Erik!).  (Erik, another UC’er from Oakland is the guy who turned me onto coconuts).  Well…it also has to do with smoothies.

ulcerative colitis smoothie

on the left, the smoothie before getting blended(the white stuff's the coconut milk) then me pouring the finished product!

My Smoothie Background and Education:

I drink probably 10-12 smoothies per week on average.  Yes, that might sound incredibly high, but what can I say, I like them.  They are often my breakfast, sometimes my lunch, and usually my dessert for dinner.  It all just depends on the actual day.  But I love them more than anything else in my diet.  And, the best part is that my ulcerative colitis likes smoothies too.

My Smoothie Work Experience:

  • I was probably making smoothies before you were born, if you were born past maybe 1989 (ish)
  • unless you’re doing 100 smoothies a month, I crank them out more than you
  • I crap out more smoothies than you (probably)
  • August 2009, received a wedding present of a Cuisinart Blender, learned how to turn it on and off pretty quickly
  • September 2009, started making blueberry/strawberry smoothies with orange juice (didn’t add the honey til later)
  • January 2010, started making smoothies with peanut butter (sugar free peanut butter of course)
  • January – December 2010 probably made over 600 smoothies, and NEVER ADDED MILK or ICE
  • November 2011, learned how to make home made coconut milk
  • November 2011, started adding coconut milk to the smoothies


The Bomb Ass Smoothie I’m Now Making:

So here it is, I have a new smoothie, that’s based on my original recipe, but this one is cranked up a notch or two.  It has more fat in it, and more calories, so when I’m in my bulk up mode, it comes through there as well.  (I go through how I got out of my recent flare in the email newsletter, below)



1 cup frozen strawberries

1/2-3/4 cup frozen blueberries

1 tablespoon peanut butter(organic NO sugar added peanut butter only)

3/4 cup or a tiny bit more Fresh Orange Juice (must be Not from concentrate)

1 ripe banana

1/2 cup fresh made coconut milk

1 tablespoon honey

Preparation Instructions:

First, clean out your blender, if  you’re anything like me, you usually have a dirty blender in or near the sink.  Next, add your frozen strawberries and blueberries to the blender.  Next, add your ripe banana to the blender.  Next, add your tablespoon of peanut butter(optional, if you don’t like it, feel free to leave it out).  Next, add the orange juice and the coconut milk.  Then start to blend it up.  If it just blends for a few seconds, and then the blender blades start spinning without blending.  That’s OK. That happens to me roughly half the time too.  Just turn off the blender, and shake up everything, put it back to work, and it should be fine.

Next, add in your honey while its blending.  After a total of 1 minute of blend time, I usually call it quits and pour it up.


This smoothie in my opinion is FRIGGIN UNBELIEVEABLE.  And, it is jam packed with good calories that my body loves and lives off for several hours after inhaling it.

Note #1: 

When I am in the middle of a flare up, I do not make nearly as much smoothies, and often I will quit them completely until the flare is over.  That’s what I did for much of October 2011 for example where I had a minor 2 week flare.  But once the flare is over or nearly over, I’m back at it with the smoothies like I have been for several weeks now.

Note #2:

I do not use any medications, and have not been on any medications at all since the beginning of March 2011.  This type of smoothie may react in some crazy ways with medications, you might start growing buffalo horns or something strange if you make too many of these, so ask your doctor if you can crank a “Coco Colitis Smoothie” before you even attempt to bust out your blender.

Note #3:

I highly recommend you watch my video here, if you haven’t already:




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27 thoughts on “Have You Ever Made A “COCO COLITIS” Smoothie?”

    1. Hey Melissa, I hope you get out of your flare soon Melissa. One note though, I really cut back to almost nothing my smoothie intake when I was in a flare real recently a month ago. But towards the end of it, when I started seeing some big improvement, I got out the blender and things worked out well. take care, adam

      1. Hello Adam

        I am UC symptom free since I changed my diet to no diary, celery, pineapple, brocolli, califlower brossel sprouts, nuts, beans or grains. I also take curcumin for inflamation. I drink a lot of grass fed bone marrow broth during aggravation. I eat a lot of veggie smoothies with ginger. (Helps with gas and stomach pain.) I notice aggregation if I have a lot of gas and I know a flare is coming. So I take anti diherrea medicine so I do not get a flare up. I know if I use the restroom more than once. It has been working for me. Have you heard of aloe Vera juice ( inner leaf only no latex) and enzymes probotic formula ( no bifidus removes good bacteria with ppl with UC)? I’m thinking about trying it out? Any feedback would be great!!

      2. Doesn’t coconut bother you … I seem to be very sensitive to it since this last long flare thats been lastingabout two years, although it’s been a while since I’ve tried so it sounds tempting. You sy you don’t eat smoothies during flares …may I ask what you eat? I am tired of eating what doctors tell me to eat (Unhealthy … Only white bread, white rice, etc.) i feel really exhausted all the time and I know its due to what I eat. Its so scary to try “fibrous foods” because, depending on what I try, I can be on the toilet constantly. Thank you for your input

  1. I love smoothies too. So much that I invested in a Blendtec. I find smoothies much easier on my system than trying to actually eat whole fruits (except bananas, bananas are easy). I usually use coconut water instead of juice, but this one sounds too good not to try. :)

    1. Hey Heather, I haven’t seen a blendtec, that sounds pretty cool though! maybe you can crank a picture of you getting your “smooth on” and add it to the site!! good luck, Adam

  2. Adam, I’m going to have to try your recipe. I also use almond milk which doesn’t seem to bother me. I buy organic almond milk. I use pineapple and bananas. Sometimes I’ll put in strawberries and blueberries. I have not tried it with coconut milk but it sounds pretty good. Thank you so much for all your support and great ideas!

    1. Hey, Sick and Tired, hey thanks alot, I hope some of the ideas from others and myself are good info for yu and everyone else. That’s kinda crazy you mention the almond milk. my wife has that stuff in the fridge and uses it sometimes for her coffee and some cooking stuff. I don’t know, but I think almonds just don’t agree with me as well as peanut and apparently the coconut milk. One cool side benefit of the coconut milk is the smell. Call me a crazy person, but when I smell that stuff I start to imagine being down in the tropics…anyone else???

      Take care, adam

      1. Coconut milk is the only thing I can use :) tree nuts do not agree with me. Kale, spinach, bananas, ginger, honey, coconut milk and coconut oil smoothie is awesome. I have made your smoothie a lot but just don’t add the Orange juice. I add extra peanutbutter

  3. Adam, how do you make your coconut milk?

    I use Trader Joe’s coconut milk as it doesn’t have any additives. When I go down to the US, I usually buy a case of it as we don’t have TJ’s in Canada (sad, I know).

    I have used coconut water too, because it’s so healthy, and sometimes a spoonful of coconut oil.

    Pineapple is good too with the coconut milk – kinda like a pina colada – delicious.

    1. Hey Moxie,

      I shot some video of making the coconut milk. I’ll try to get it up, but its pretty simple.

      I just boil up some water (or heat it up pretty good) and then put coconut flakes from trader joes into a blender, just a little to start. Then Add just a little of the water and blend.

      *****BUT BE CAREFUL*** if you use hot water, make sure to put a towel over the top of your blender and hold it down so nothing comes squirting out and burning you. But anywyays, from there you can add more water or more coconut flakes until you like the consistency.

      Then, the last part is getting some cheesecloth and straining out the flakes through the cheesecloth and into a bowl or container to keep the final coconut milk. Its super easy, and kinda fun. take care Moxie!!

  4. Who doesn’t LOVE smoothies?!! That should be a staple for all UC’ers/Crohnies! That coconut sounds like a great addition. I have read about others “using” coconut milk/water, but have been hesitant. Thanks for the info. Some other great advice you gave before was getting a GOOD blender. Don’t skimp on that-you will use it all the time. I smoothie everyday for my work lunch. You can modify depending on your state of health on how much fiber, etc. I also add VSL #3 ds, spirutein, organic yogurt, metamucil clear&natural for soluble fiber, oj with calcium, bananas, various frozen fruits(I try and stay away from seedy stuff if questionable especially rasp/blackberries). It’s a great way to jam pack a meal or snack with whatever works for you! Good Health, Shelly

    1. Hey Shelly, I agree, smoothies are great, and if you got one at work, HECK yeah!!

      Hey, wanted to know, what are your thoughts ont he VSL#3? Do you think you are getting some noticable benefits from that?

      1. Punky Demure

        Adam, I don’t know what VSL 3 is .. explain..
        Shelly mentionned metamucil … some of my friends , one in particular, says he takes it every day.. I hear some controversy over this ..
        Is the metamucil good or bad for UC?????

        1. Hey Carolyn,
          The VSL#3 is an advanced probiotic that comes in a pill that people can decide to take. It’s different strains of bacteria that are meant to help out the microbial gut community in our colons. As for the metamucil, I think I have heard more negative comments about that with UC compared to favorable stories over the years. I myself have never taken metamucil.

        2. Hey Carolyn and Adam,
          I just read that post/question about the VSL#3 and metamucil. I just wanted to add and remind that the probiotic comes in a prescription strength(someone else just made mention) which is great if you are taking it in higher doses. As far as the metamucil…it is the more soluble fiber(like oatmeal,etc-not scd approved, I don’t think) one which I refer to as the fiber that ties and binds!! I don’t use it all the time, but mostly in my smoothie. On occasion, when not in real flares with bleeding, etc. I do use the other metamucil. It has been in a couple of books, especially James Scala’s-Eating Right for a Bad Gut. Tracie Dalessandro-What to Eat with IBD-recommends the VSL#3 (My Dr. writes Rx for 4 sachets-900billion live bacteria in each-work up slowly and you have to figure out how much you need perhaps depending on your current situation-you can go on the website to get an idea)and the Spirutein. Both recommend supplements like fish oil(which my Dr. writes me a Rx for Lovaza-4/day)-I use that info. as a guideline and follow something in between that and SCD, gluten free, etc. I think it is all variable depending on where you are with your UC, diet, needs, etc. Hope this helps. Good health and Happy New Year…Shelly

          1. Shelly,

            Once again, THANKS FOR ALL the AWESOME INFO!
            You rock, and I hope you got your new years off to a rippin start!!

            Talk to you soon,

  5. YES! DEFINITELY getting positive effects from the VSL#3DS-900 BILLION BACTERIA-BY PRESCRIPTION ONLY. I am using about 1 1/2 packets right now so about 1350 BILLION BACTERIA!! I am still med. free(knock on wood) as of July20th-my last Humira injection and as of Aug. officially allergic(I think I put all that in my story). I am also taking lovaza 3-4 capsules(omega 3’s)+my hopefully”magic” smoothie mentioned above. I am very careful with diet-not SCD-but close to & especially stay away from things you can’t pronounce/processed stuff. Anyway, the regular and smaller doses of VSL and the metagenics didn’t seem to help. Sometimes I can even take some more if I don’t feel quite right and notice a difference in it calming my intestines. I still think it must be somewhere equivalent to the SCD yogurt. That would be an interesting comparison for you!! -‘Cause you aren’t busy enough! :) Have to scroll down to the bottom for the codes for your doctor-VSL#3DS NDC….Oh FYI-it tastes really bad so great in the smoothie and I got used to it in Natural applesauce! Hope this helps all…Shelly :)

    1. Hey Shelly,

      Thanks for all the info. Pretty neat how the prescription strength is working so much better for you compared to the regular. Good luck to you Shelly with keeping the med free thing going, and even better luck to you with feeling good!!!!!

      Have a happy thanksgiving too!


  6. This looks delish! I’m in my first flare right now but finding that smoothies are the only way I can get a lot of calories so I don’t keep losing weight. Here’s my recipe:
    Hammer whey protein with glutamine (this is gluten free) – 100 cals
    2 scoops of Carbo-Pro (unflavored calories from dextrose) – 200 cals
    3 tbs yogurt
    1 tsp slipper elm
    dash of turmeric and cinnamon
    almond milk

  7. Hey Adam, I was diagnosed yesterday with colitis. In my mind it’s the end of the world I’m 21 years old already having these problems. I’m going to be getting your books, ASAP! I don’t even know where to start my mother is a health nut so she’s got me drinking smoothies that aren’t my favorite and shoving vitamins down my throat. I’m just doing my best research before anything. I’m extremely excited to find someone who knows what their talking about other than just a guess.

    1. Hi Stettler,

      I wish you the best with your recovery, I’m guessing things are probably pretty out of control for you at the moment following your diagnosis, but don’t freak out. Things can and will get back to normal for you (and your mom) in the future and many upon many bright days ahead. Thanks for finding the site, and I look forward to hearing how things move forward for you in the future.



  8. Hi Adam,

    Thank you for the recipe.
    You have mentioned that you stay away from the smoothie during the flare. Is consuming smoothie bad and make the flare worst?

    P.S: I have been battling with the flare since a year with Pred twice. Once tappered down the symptoms come back. Now I using Entocort enema, but still not symptom free.


  9. Hello my husband was diagnosed 7 months ago and has been doing the trial and error game with foods. I made him his first coco colitis smoothie tonight. I’m hoping it sets well with him and I can make them for his breakfast. At least then I know he’s getting some nutrients in him. I also just ordered the ultimate flora 80 billion critical colon. Probiotic ,it should come this weekend!

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