Have You Ever Been Worried About Your Job Because of your Colitis

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Have you ever been worried about losing your job due to your Colitis?

  • Yes ever since i started working i have changed 4 different employer still look the same they have limited sick leaves
  • I felt I would be let go because people wouldn’t think I could do the responsibilities or that it’s “too much for me.”
  • I have actually been fired before because of using the bathroom. My boss was convinced that I was taking smoke breaks, even though I didn’t smoke at the time. I tried to fight being fired but in Indiana your boss can fire you for whatever they want. At least that is what I was told by a few local attorneys.
  • Really concerned due to the economic climate and my ongoing sick record
  • I work in a group home type setting and am usually close to a bathroom
  • I miss a lot of work and I’m pretty sure I’m boss hates me and regrets hiring me in the first place.
  • Indeed I hide it in my last job
  • that’s why I work for govt so I cannot be fired for illness or disability
  • i’m lucky enough to have an understanding boss
  • Not worried about losing job
  • although I work in a public service job there is pressure that I am not working the hours that every one else is doing or coming in late on my bad days or having to take time of for treatment / medical appointments. I feel guilty that I am taking the time off although my team support me I still feel guilty and worried someone may say something to my boss which may make me loose my job.
  • But I worry about my Co-workers being grossed out by my condition.
  • Fortunately I work in a university and my office is close to a large bathroom and an individual one.
  • My symptoms are getting more frequent and urgent. I think I need to find the next step in being able to manage this disease since its starting to affect daily life.
  • I was once hospitalized for 8 days and missed 6 days of work.
  • Always nervous that the next flare-up will cause a problem with attendance
  • I actually waitress–so sometimes when I am very busy and stressed I have to run to the bathroom–I told my boss I will just be a second and then I will be back out to continue my busy work–(many times I had to run in there 2-3 times until done) But I was quick, and thats just how this works.
  • I’ve had UC for 11 years now. During the early stages I was in remission, the last 5 years I’ve been in varying stages of flare up.I work as a graphic designer in Sydney, Australia, both fulltime & freelance. My fulltime employees have always been understanding about my UC, needing time off for specialist apts, acupuncture or even emergency hospital stays. I’ve been quite fortunate!! I had one employee who has Crohn’s disease so she totally relate!
  • Not because my boss would fire me, but because I would be too sick to stand up and teach.
  • I work in local government and they have to provide me withe the time necessary to have hospital and consult appointments.
  • I am a university student but I work too, mostly in the summer. Last summer was the first time I had a job since my op and as I was only 6 months post I was still having problems. Was major tired and so got groggy towards the end of my shift and once had a bag leak so had to sneak off for 20 minutes during the day. Also, had a laparotomy and had to take the last 2 weeks of my contract off. Have reapplied for the job this summer and got it … but Im not sure if i’ll be treated the same as others, given as many shifts etc. Also very scared ill have to take more time off uni and be ‘persuaded’ to drop out permanantly.
  • I work for the government and they could never take action against you for an illness
  • I work in a school and so far all my flare ups have been during and over school holidays,(maybe i have an adversion to relaxing and taking a break)So far this year three weeks of christmas holiday spent on the loo and at the moment i am on Easter break three weeks once again on the loo(Lucky? i don’t know)But i’m sure i will get sick during work at some time,and yes it is a worry.
  • I quit because I spend 6 hours per day on the toilet out of an 8 hour day. Couldn’t do my job.
  • Sometimes I may be late to work (stuck in the bathroom at home) or less productive due to multiple bathroom trips and abdominal discomfort.
  • I have been worried about my ability to sustain my job and deliver the best I can. Luckily my work has been very understanding ( to date) as I was only formally diagnosed in June 2011. But it did impact on the result of my performance review as my absences from work did impact on my ability to deliver on projects on time.
  • I was diagnosed four years ago with colitis and had periods of 6/7 months off work at the beginning as I was extremely ill and couldnt leave the house. It was tough.
  • I have had to “work from home” a lot but so far my company has been understanding.
  • My work is taking care of my kids, hope I don’t get fired from that!
  • I am a teacher. I can’t exactly “run” to the bathroom at any time… students always need an adult in the room. Luckily, there are aids that can pop in and help, and my administrator is aware of my “issue”.
  • I did lose my job
  • I am self employed, however the amount of time I can work now fits into ‘part-time’ category because of havin UC
  • NO but concerned for future and about changing jobs
  • When I was 17 I quit my job because my supervisor didn’t believe that I was sick and yelled at me for taking so much time off
  • As a Self employed driving instructor, its not always easy to find bathrooms!
  • I’m self employed so I can’t lose my job but worry that I can’t always give 100% to my work which could lead to a downturn in work.
  • cause of delays, missed/unfinished meetings, inability to long time travels
  • I worried, as a housekeeper, my clients would look for someone healthier. So far so good–I have good clients.
  • Eventhough, I was never truly worried about losing my job due to colitis, I applied for intermittent “FMLA” job protection ever since I learned about it. It takes tracking of hours and paperwork, but it gave me peace of mind.
  • There are many days that I have a hard time getting out of bed, or just plain functioning at a level that my job requires.
  • Having to dash off to the restroom several times a day, having to deal with the constant pain, etc. has cost me jobs.
  • I wasnt at first, but i’m not getting fully better and now i am starting to wonder if i should continue in this line of work or find something else… something less demanding/ stressful.
  • I’ve been blessed with an awesome boss, who allows me to make up time if my sick time and vacation time is all used up.
  • Not losing my job completely, but I have worried about getting in trouble for missing work.
  • No, luckily I have FMLA to protect my job.
  • I’m afraid to explain to my employer exactly why UC can make me miss work.
  • I worked from home while I raised my kids. We have a hobby farm and I raised organic chickens and I did some drafting/house design on the side. I also boarded horses. When my kids were in their teens I got a job at a local design/build business (7 minute drive away so no commute stress) and my boss has been very supportive.
  • Because it’s a family based business and my father owns the company this has never been a problem for me. But if I’d be in a different company I’d worry about it.
  • Having to take time off during a flare. Multiple trips to the restroom during the day makes others in the office think your goofing off.
  • sometimes afraid to use sick days. Will suck it up and come to work even when feeling like crap. Often get comments in evaluations that I am “late” in the morning. (if they only knew how difficult mornings are and how unpredictable AMs can be). Don’t want supervisors to think I am weak and not an efficient worker. fear it will impact any performance evaluations.
  • yes I have in the past, but now I don’t because I babysit in my home. I have lost a job in the past due to UC!
  • I am a teacher so I have had to run out of the room during a flare up before. This worries me that I will not be able to renew my contract.
  • I have a very supporting company, work with GE in the UK.
  • Not anymore after I changed my diet to SCD-GAPS.
  • I was nervous that taking so much time off from work i would. Loose my job.Thank god i have a very understanding and caring boss !
  • My boss is great. She has never made me feel that my colitis and hospital stays would affect my career. I’m blessed.
  • I run my own business, so my hours are flexible and can take off for the day sometimes when I am real sick.
  • I have always been very open with them and I am quite lucky as my bosses cousin also has UC so she is very understanding.
  • Only because it is a union job & they cannot terminate due to ilness.
  • I’ve generally had very understanding supervisors that I’ve found will work with me as long as they are aware of what is going on.
  • Often i had to do things in the morning, or go some place else. For me not knowing where a bathroom is scares me.
  • Due to many trips to the bathroom!!!
  • It’s not that work has not been accommodating, but it’s still a concern.
  • My work knows that I have UC and is understanding when I am in the hospital or knows when I call off work due to UC.


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