Have Joint Pains and UC…Help out with the Survey

Here’s Survey:


As you can probably guess, its Survey Season again.

Yesterday, it dawned on me that a whole bunch of us (myself included) are dealing with “joint pains” or arthritis as some of us might call it.

Because so many people have participated in previous surveys, and the data is so useful to others, the Colitis Joint Pain survey has begun.  Thanks to both of the UC’ers out there who prompted me to get this survey rolling.


If you have UC and also have Joint pains, feel free to take the survey.

It should take you just a minute or two – Take the Joint Pain Survey

I announced the survey yesterday on the facebook group and there is already a record number of responses.

To the forty-two people who have already responsed, BIG thanks to all of you. 

I’m excited to publish the results on the site when the survey is over.

Here’s Survey:


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