Hate Our Toilets At Work – My UC Story


I am 40 yrs old Mother of 2 diagnosed with moderately severe pancolitis in Jan 2006. Work full time. Hate our toilets at work as they are cubicles and have gaps at the top and bottom of the wall ( I know you will all understand that one). Over doctors completely.

work bahtrooms comic

work bathrooms can be tough for UC’ers…right?

My Symptoms:

Started the SCD diet last Dec, working well when I stick to it, learning that is important if I want to feel good. Symptoms (bloating, cramps, bad diarrhea) still up and down have good days/weeks and bad ones – depends greatly on my attitude, stress levels and commitment to myself with regards to diet.

My Story:

Seven years ago I started getting symptoms loose bowel motions that progressed to violent frequent diarrhea weight loss tiredness cramping bloating etc. I put up with this for 12 months in total. In that time I had 1 DR tell me it was IBS, the 2nd said I needed a colonoscopy which freaked me out so much I did nothing. So after 12 months and 10kg in weight loss I decided enough was enough. Colonoscopy done diagnosis UC and Sulfasalizine for meds – GP said take the pills you will be fine – OMG I had done some web searches and was not convinced with her comments and went home in tears, changed Dr too. Didn’t take to the sulfasalazine too well and ended up in A&E overnight on a drip (interesting experience). Changed meds to Mesalazine 1g sachets 3 times a day – worked a treat – for a couple of years. Then whether I remembered or not to take my meds started getting changes in bowel motions, loose, diarrhea etc. Last year or so have h ad 2 short courses of prednisone for flares.

Went to see a Naturopath for another issue and he has been a godsend, in the last 8 months he has done more for me and my UC than any DR. On the SCD diet (most of the time when I can resist the temptation to not eat something I shouldn’t – I am learning there are consequences to that!)

I have found I am susceptible to other illnesses very easily and harder to recover, does anyone else have similar issues?

Also how do your DR’s take to you wanting to coming off your meds – I have yet to deal with that.

Frustrated with the lack of information given to me on this condition.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

I would like to be med free and managing this beast of an illness as naturally as possible. I am over Doctors completely.

Colitis Medications:

Sulfalsalazine – not a good experience
Mesalazine – worked for a while now less effective

Naturopath put me on the SCD diet and Probiotics definitely helping me.

written by Eileen

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3 thoughts on “Hate Our Toilets At Work – My UC Story”

  1. Thanks Eileen for adding your story,

    I wish you the best with moving forward with treating your UC, its great to know you love the Naturopath you’re working with now! That’s really awesome and must make you feel good after the struggles you’ve been through.

    As for “how do your DR’s take to you wanting to coming off your meds – I have yet to deal with that.” That bridge I crossed almost 3 years ago. I didn’t expect my doctor to agree with my idea, and I was right. He still felt diet had nothing to do with it, and I changed my GI soon afterwards to one who is open to this thinking. There’s some details about my exact experience in my ebook Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy regarding this.

    My suggestion to you would be to write down on paper all your thoughts that you want to make BEFORE you meet with your GI and have the “I want to come off medications someday” talk. Its so easy to get side-tracked and off point in the doctor’s offices if you’re not prepared.

    Best of luck to you moving forward


  2. I totally understand about the toilets! I hate any public toilet but the ones at work were the worst. We only had 2 stalls and about 10 women that worked in my building so it was like there was always someone waiting outside the stall tapping their foot for me to hurry up and they had the pleasure o hearing my poop soup explosion.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’m 33 and was diagnosed at 21 when I was admitted to the ER for dehydration. I had no symptoms before then. My first doctor had me on prednisone for about 5 years and I went from a svelt 135@ 6ft to 235lbs that I can’t use. My second doctor was a complete idiot who didn’t wean me off the prednisone and was all to eager to prescribe prednisone when I was having frequent flare ups and “accidents”; his office would tell me he was not available and three months out for appointment! I dropped him. Finally about 4 years ago, I found THE doctor and relief from my colitis. He was open to try me on different Meds and listened to me. I was tried on Remicade treatments and after just two treatments, my symptoms cleared up. He took me off the prednisone and put me on azulfadine, imuran and lialda, I’ve had no problems and no flare ups. I only have constipation and I developed GERD but I can live with that! I did my own research and discussed it with the doctor who will tell me the pros and cons. I’m very happy and the days of taking extra clothes so I don’t have an accident and having to know where all bathrooms are located are over. The Remicade is expensive but I had good insurance. There are other Meds you can try that you didn’t mention but I would stay away from the steroids because they’re addictive, cause weight gain and horrible mood swings that can lead to depression which I also have. Try these drugs: sulfasulazine, imuran, lialda, Remicade, or asacol.

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