Hard Poops to Everyone and Soft Toilet Paper Rolls Too

Adam iHaveUC colitis

Hey Everybody,  what up to all of you, and I’m talking every single one of you UC’ers, family, and friends who follow the site.

It’s crazy Adam here, and it’s for sure time to chime in with an update on a few things, bust out some news on some new things, and even talk about some old things.  But first, I’ve got to take my hat off for a fine young UC’er out there named Mike!  Big Mike or “Positive Mike” as I had to call him for his username on the site (since “Mike” was already taken) submitted his story not too long ago, just a few days ago actually. ( You can read more about it here: Mike’s story)  What’s so special about Mike, well, heck, I’m sure his girlfriend would say all sorts of stuff, but from my perspective, he sounds like he’s gonna be able to help out a crapload of other UC’ers in the near future.  Mike sent me an email the other day, and he had some super dooper ideas about figuring out new ways to spread information to newly diagnosed UC’ers.  You know, people who are literally having the very first talk with their doctor about their colitis and not knowing where to turn.  Anyways, more to come in the future on that, but I simply thought it was great thinking.  You all might remember over a year ago, Sarah from Montana who writes on the site invented a flyer, which some of you may have already seen.  Mike, good job buddy!  I look forward to hearing more from, and you as long as you keep the positivity flowing, you’re gonna beat the crap out of your UC!  For shizzle.

So what’s next, well, some of you who participated in the biggest survey ever, the “UC and WORK” survey, are probably wondering how big the stick is up my butt because I haven’t published the results of the survey yet.  Yeah, don’t worry, you’re not alone if this is you.  I’ve received plenty of emails from people on the newsletter asking things like, “Hey Adam, are you stuck in the bathroom taking a Buffalo Crap or something…?”

Here’s the deal, 176 people responded to the survey, and since so many people filled out the “type in your own answers” sections, there’s over 20,000 words of data that needs to be processed and sorted out.  If I just copied and pasted the survey answers like I usually do, you all would be lost in seconds.  BUT NEVER FEAR.  LARISSA is here!  That’s right, another UC’er who by crazzy ass chance lives just across the Bay in good old San Francisco sent me an email a while back asking if I ever needed help with anything iHaveUC related.  And the answer is a BIG FAT YES!  So, the two of us are going to meet up in about a week and hash out how to present the “Working with UC” survey results.  ( I did have to show the actual emails from Larissa to my wife to confirm that I was doing something UC related and not getting involved in some shaddy business. (Quick note Americanos, Czech wives don’t trust you, almost no matter what, and I won’t go into the why part, but I don’t think mine is unique…:)

NEXT,  I’m super pumped by all the stories and discussion that is taking place every single day here on iHaveUC.  Pretty darn incredible to say the least.  For every single person who makes use of the website as a reader, whether you’re a patient or not, it’s my hope that you enjoy the site as much as I do.

Not everybody is going to be feeling great when you enter iHaveUC.com, but as long as you’re feeling better when you leave, that’s what the goal is here.

This is almost over, and my wife is basically yelling at me to get going and pack my clothes.  Reason being, we are off this weekend to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.  WOWIE!  Cuatro Anos.  Incredible right?  To all of you out there who are married and/or living with your partner who’s gone through the whole UC process with you, cheers to them.  My wife’s incredible.  I love her more than anything and anybody on this planet.  And the fact that she stuck it out, without knowing me for too long, while I was diagnosed and dealing with horrible symptoms and bleeding all over the toilet bowl still amazes me.

Some of you who’ve read my story, “Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy“, know the whole story, but even if you don’t, I hope all of you have someone, or someday have someone you enjoy going through life with.  I used to be a single dude for years and year, but that all changed once I was out of college.  Don’t get me wrong, single life can be all sorts of fun, but life right now is hard to beat.  She’s seen me bleeding, heard me crapping, and smelt my buffalo farts far too many times, and yet she never complains.

“Baby, how long are you gonna take with this story?”  she just asked me.

So I must get going now UC’ers, I’ll be back on Sunday, and will get all your stories posted that are sitting in my inbox.  And to everyone who sent in doctor reviews today, muchas gracias as well, they will get posted on the doctor page real soon too.

Good luck to everybody this weekend, we’re heading down the California Coast to go camping and Esalening near Big Sur.  Nude hot springs, and meditation rooms, good food etc… I really need to get going.

Hard poops to everyone, and soft toilet paper rolls too,

Adam Scheuer

13 thoughts on “Hard Poops to Everyone and Soft Toilet Paper Rolls Too”

  1. And a hard poops to you, too Adam!!

    Have a fabulous anniversary getaway…you certainly do deserve bit…both of you…it’s 30 years for me and mine…so catch up there, buddy!

    Cheers, and thanks for this website…you the man!!!


    1. What’s up Blake!!

      How the heck you doing? What’s the gym workouts looking like buddy!!! Take care, and thanks alot for being a part of the site!

      1. Workouts are going great, thanks! About to get my second sugery in a month, then I’ll put out another update on how that went. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Happy anniversary to you both and hope the camping trip/celebration was all you hoped! Guess we’ll probably have to wait for the video! :-)

    1. Hey Shelly, thank you so much:) Weekend was pretty amazing, and can’t believe its already Monday again…time be flying. I brought the video camera(like usual) but didn’t really crank out any footage, got some nice pictures that I’ll share sometime soon. Take care, and have a great week up in Maine!

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