Happiness is Key

It is 7 years since I have been diagnosed for Ulcerative Colitis.

I’ve met 17 doctors in total.

All of them were of opinion to get my colon removed.

I’m Raghurman, happiness is key!

I am sales person who travels a lot. I stopped telling people, as i don’t find them sympathetic. Everyone blames my eating habits. I personally know how much I have changed in my eating habits. 90% I reduced the types of food I eat.

My colitis right now:  It’s in remission

Happiness Is Key

After being diagnosed for UC, I went into a severe depression.

For one year I had too many BMs.

Was on steroid therapy, but very soon I realised its not good, as it started giving me blurred vision. Showed many hospitals in India (total 17 doctors ) including the best. All of them said Surgery is the only option.

But One doctor only told me, surgery is answer , but the biggest problem is post operative therapy.  Which doesn’t exist in India. He was very frank and said, there are hundreds of doctors who are willing to knife it out. But how many are ready to take care of you for at least 6 to 8 months post operative therapy. He said in his experience…NONE.

So he advised me to start living positively and he assured me UC doesnt Kill but surely restricts life habits. The word doesn’

t kill encouraged me. Luckily i was introduced to one doctor, a specialist gastroenterologist, by reference of a family friend. And this guy made wonders in my life. He told me on first meeting that He promises me that he will treat me, without surgery and that too fast. The confidence he told me gave me a new meaning of life. I surrendered totally to him. He first said i am in a very depressive state which will worsen UC. First he will treat my mental status. He gave me 1 year anti depressive pills along with Asacol. I slowly started to improve . Second year he started giving me Remicade every 8 weeks. It suited me well.

Its now 6 years i am now on remicade therapy. My life is back to me, but with controls.

The main prescription doctor gave me was JUST BE HAPPY.

Be selfish.

Don’t care for other’s opinions or feelings.


Do anything which makes you happy.

That’s the only way you will survive through this.

Thanks to him and his motivation, I feel better today!


GUPISOME 40 – gave me blurred vision and weak bones
ONE YEAR ANTI DEPRESSIVE PILLS – made me less angry and patient
ASACOL – 800 MG – puts me in remission
REMICADE – 400 ML – every 10 weeks, stops bleeding
VSL 3 – 4 YEARS – great relief and feel good
ULCERIN COMPOUNDS – DR.HARISH – one year (no idea it was taken by other drugs)

written by Raghurman

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2 Responses to Happiness is Key

  1. Adam
    Adam February 11, 2018 at 12:43 pm #


    Wow buddy, what a nice story to read on Sunday!

    Thank you for much for sharing this with us, and for letting those of us who are not aware of the experiences that some UC’ers go through in India, what it can be like.

    So so proud and happy that you have found your way, and yours words of encouragement and ideas on how to get there are great to see.

    Please keep us posted on how things continue for you, and of course, thanks for the tropical looking picture:)) (Some of us be freezing our butts off right now and this makes things warm:)


  2. Bev February 11, 2018 at 5:15 pm #

    Loved this!

    Great news for all of us.

    Cheers :)

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