Had my colonoscopy…

So… I made it the 3 weeks to my colonoscopy. I was getting progressively sicker day by day. More D and more B. My stomach hurt like crazy. For me, I have to drink clear liquids for 3 days before the prep… so I think that helped my colon a little (gave it a little rest). I went in for the scope and when I woke up, the Doctor said that my insides looked like “someone scraped them with a rake.” It was pretty bad, and he said it’s amazing that I wasn’t MORE symptomatic than I was. Crazy, I thought I was pretty symptomatic, but I guess the SCD may have helped some… who knows. If I wasn’t on it, I guess I’d be worse off, right?

He mentioned Remicade again. I stuck to my guns and said, well, the 6MP worked before, why not try that again, first? You see, even though the 6MP was what supposedly gave me the skin cancer before, other than that (and I know, cancer? that’s pretty bad…hopefully it won’t give me OTHER cancer) I had no other symptoms and no other side effects. So, I think since I know what happened before (and know what to look for with skin cancer), and Remicade is a completely new ballgame (with completely new side effects), why not go with what we know, right? Well, the Doctor agreed. He said that I had a point and started me on the 6MP right away. He said it takes a while to work (maybe a few weeks to months), so we might start the Remicade too, and then stop it and stay on the 6MP… just so I can get a jump-start on getting better.

But… it’s weird, I don’t want to jump the gun so fast, but, I feel like I’m actually getting better already, and I’ve only been on the 6MP since Monday. I know all about placebo effects and such, and I know this can’t be one of them… because I know it usually takes a long time to work… but… maybe my body was like, “ah, that’s all I needed right now, Thank You!”

I have another appointment with my doctor and we are discussing some things, but for right now, I’m hoping I will show improvement by Christmas. That’s what I want my Christmas present to be… the gift of good health. That’s all I want!

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  1. I sure hope you get the Christmas present you are hoping for too. That would be an amazing thing if infact you are getting better right now and your body is starting to take the benefits of the 6MP so fast. Either way, as long as you are feeling better, that’s what is most important. I hope it continues for you Sunwoshipper! You’ve had a long ride with symptoms already, and enough is enough right!

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