Great Day at Work – With an Immunologist None the Less!

What up UC’ers,

I most definitely don’t like barging in with my own stories when there are several people’s stories in the queue to be published, but sometimes I think it’s necessary, and today is one of those deals.

Instead of publishing the next stories from the Colitis Venting Area, I felt obligated to bust out a video after getting back from work today.  Call me a freak show, but I was thinking of this all the way home during my bus ride on the #38 in San Fran, and also on my 30 minute BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) journey under the water to the land of Berkeley.  It was a ripping day at work.  Two big things happened, but one of them far outweighed the other, and that’s what made it super special (and that’s what the movies about, and you’re DAMN RIGHT it’s UC related).

So, sit back, relax,

hold off on the popcorn, that stuff jacks up the colon something fierce if you asked me, but feel free to enjoy the 7 minute video.   A big thanks to Dr. Kvitash (the Immunologist doctor in SF) who made the day extra special.  I know there were times where he wanted to kick me out of his office in the first few minutes, but eventually after about an hour I had to excuse myself and get on with the next doctor. (For all you wondering about the usual visit I have with doctors each day…it’s usually about 35 seconds long)


–wishing you all a rippin-dippin pork chop lickin day really soon, and if you’re not on the newsletter (click here), make sure to join so you can participate in the next “UC Survey” that’s coming up really really soon!

And hey, for everyone who doesn’t think that diet plays any part in your IBD, that’s totally cool, there’s a huge amount of people who think the same.  And of course, on the flip-side, for those of you who have found that diet does play a part in your Colitis treatment, don’t say that every doctor out there feels diet is not important, I met one today, and there’s for sure a crapload more waiting to be discovered.


25 thoughts on “Great Day at Work – With an Immunologist None the Less!”

  1. Wow!!!!

    What a doctor. Can you elaborate any more on what he said about diet and what about it plays a part in IBD?

    Was it like, raw veggies, junk food, fried foods, or is it different for everyone? Sorry to ask such an involved question Adam!

    I know that certain foods, like undercooked broccoli for instance, give me gut pain supreme-o! I would really like to know what about our diets actually causes us such discomfort and / or a flare. Can foods cause a flare, or just discomfort, like pain, gas, or bloating. Did he elaborate at all? I know…it’s a pretty loaded question. Probably difficult to answer…

    As always, GREAT VIDEO!! I am so happy that you had such a great day!!


    1. Hey Bev,

      Great to hear from you.

      I did not go into detail with this guy….YET.

      But I will definitely try to more in the future. I’ll definitley keep you updated if some juicy stuff comes through. Thanks for the video props, new music in there too…::)

      I’ll for sure keep you posted, take care (up there)


      1. Hey Adam! Love your video on meeting the immunologist! Very upbeat, as usual, and engaging. And I really appreciate knowing there are dr’s out there who really do see diet as a big factor in UC. I cannot tell you the difference changes in my diet and adding probiotics and some vitamins have made. And, like other people on the site, I can’t understand why the info isn’t readily available and talked about during MD visits more often. But I’m thankful for this site, and all the good info and sharing going on here. I can – as everyone else here can – vouch for the fact that UC is an autoimmune disease affected by diet. I also am taking baseline meds right now – lialda, canasa, nexium – but have been completely able to stop the prednisone, enemas and numerous other meds I was taking just based on the changes I made through reading through the website and your books. My husband says I no longer carry “the look of constant pain” and my family can’t believe how active I’m becoming again! If your immune system sees certain foods as enemies to fight on the cellular level – like for me, I had a peanut allergy that developed before I knew I had colitis – talk about your system seeing a food as an invader! – just think of how many foods could be seen that way by each individual body . As I look through the site, I see that what one person can tolerate – like you with the bananas and kiwi and watermelon – I not only can’t tolerate them, I’m absolutely allergic to them and have to carry an epi pen injector and go to the hospital if I have them because I can’t breathe. Other people don’t tolerate the rice that is the mainstay of my diet. That would be an interesting study – all the foods we can and can’t have and what works and doesn’t….so individual! Thanks for posting your great video Adam – and thanks for helping us all get together and share the info and help each other!

  2. Hi Adam,

    What a upbeat, positive message! I will show it to my daughter tonight. She is really struggling with the diet and I need to push the diet in a super positive way. Remeber she is 13 and wants to eat everything she just isn’t allowed. Thanks for this and it’s come at an opportune moment!


    1. Dear Senga,

      I wish your daughter the best of luck with getting past these tough times she’s having. I can only imagine what its like at 13 living with active UC symptoms, and how difficult it must also be for you. Stay strong, and thank you for your comment.


  3. I have always been told it was nothing to do with diet but I agree THAT IT SO IS. I have suffered for a long time but then went to Dr Rusell Cooper in Fern Tree, Tasmania (Australia) and he is a legend! He has put me on an EXTREMELY strict diet and in under 2 weeks have gone from going to the toilet 16-20 times a day (bad day) or on a good day 8-12 times a day. I now go only twice, you read right TWICE. I do still have pain and other symptoms but have shown such an improvements in only 2 weeks that he believes I can be symptom free in 6 months then commencing reintroduced foods slowly over another 6 months. But, his treatments is expensive and you cannot claim it on private health or medicare but I now am getting my life back. It basically involves eating about ten foods in combination with supplements (I was skeptical) such as cartrin, probotics and about another 5 lots. I am not saying it easy organising all the supplements and the food is pretty boring but IT WORKS. For anyone in Tasmania I would recommend him.

    1. Congrats to you Tasmania and also big pat on the back to Dr. Cooper out there. That’s great news, keep it up, and keep us posted on how things go.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I also believe that diet has something to do with our illness. That’s why I’m on the SCD diet hoping it will help me soon.

    1. Good Luck Andrea, I wish you the very best with the SCD dieting. It has helped me gain control of my UC again, and the same is true for so many others. I wish you well, and the best of luck getting past tough UC symptoms.

  5. That is awesome! Made my day too :) But what about this marathon?! I’m in (for the half)! Do we have a team??!

    1. What up Tiernee!!

      That’s pretty cool that you’re thinking of hitting up Vegas.
      you should visit: It’s the website which has all the details about the race.

      There are several people from the site who are thinking of joining, I myself think I’ll probably either be walking the whole thing, or maybe participating as a cheerleader from the sidelines with a camera to take some photos. Not sure yet, but not going to try and run it this year.

      If you’re wanting to get in on the action though, it would be great to see you there. Hit me up via email at with what you
      re thinking and we can try to coordinate something. :)

  6. hey totally off topic. but i want to know what everyone esp in the state of california is doing for health insurance. Esp if you are nt working or never have been able to work bc youve been sick and not in remission and are too old to be on parents insurance.

    1. Hey Karina,

      I myself am working, and i’ve got health insurance through the company I work for. But, you are right, there’s definitely a group of people who are not working and it can be a serious struggle to get health insurance if that is the case. What you might want to do, is find out if there are any financial relief programs that you could take advantage of. The Crohns and Colitis Foundation may be able to support you and help with some of the costs of treatment/healthcare. that might be a great place to contact. This is a great question though, and one which is probably unique for different countries etc… I wish you the best

  7. it is just incredible!!! i mean i feel like doctors just don’t know anything about our disease, and when you see your specialist, you really get to know that you know more about uc than him!!! whhare are the professionals???

    1. We all could probably benefit from more scientific studies into UC and diet, but that’s probably going to take lots of time and government funding… But it’s coming:)

  8. I have UC and trying to follow the SCD diet. Could anybody suggest places where to buy products
    as snacks, yogurts etcc… already made. Don’t have the time to make them from scratch

    1. Hey Luis, not sure where you’re located, but there’s really not too many places that specialize in pre made SCD foods per say.

      But, there’s still lots of stuff you can eat that’s pretty much out of the box ready to go. If you’re able to eat fruits and vegetables, that’s an idea. I bring a banana with me almost every day to work for example…along with other fruits that I like such as oranges and sometimes kiwis if they are looking nice at the store. Also, I slice up pineapples adn watermelon during the summer months and bring that in a bag. Come on now Luis, that only takes about twenty seconds to cut up right buddy!! Shorter than it takes to go and buy it somewhere in my opinion (cheaper too:)

      What did you do in the past for food? Were you pretty much going out to quick meals, fast food, or was someone else always cooking for you? If you do have someone willing to cook for you, heck who knows, maybe they’d want to cook some SCD stuff for you and enjoy it too.

      good luck buddy

  9. Wow. Wow. Wow. Why don’t these docs talk to each other???? UC should be a team approach – the GI, immuniologist, dietician, etc.?? Great video, thx for sharing your awesome day!

  10. That’s so awesome about what the immunologist said! So nice to hear an immunologist admit its diet. I’ve been looking into blood type diets too did u ever look into that? My nutritionist suggested it. It’s very interesting philosophy. It states people with certain blood types need to avoid certain foods or it can cause certain medical problems. example i am type b(thats me) i am to not eat chicken (not including eggs) should avoid it or it can cause autoimmune digestive problems along with some other foods. And my whole life I’ve had ibs which now is uc, and my mom always had chicken. So I’ve been replacing chicken with turkey now, along with the scd diet. So far I’ve seen improvement though I am on medicine, I’m feeling better. Less bloated. I guess it’s all finding what works for each person.honestly most docs are trained in medicine not diet, and I forget exactly why but most md are not allowed to talk about alternative diets. My md said he never heard of scd diet and I have trouble believing that. I mean a gi doctor not knowing about any other diet but high fiber? Oh well it’s so awesome that you got that answer from the immunologist thanks for sharing!

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