Good Sleep – Does This Help with Hard Poops?

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Who’s Getting Good Sleep Here?

It used to just happen right?  Way back when we were seven, eight, and nine years old.  We all just fell right asleep and woke up in the mornings?  No big deal right…

Well, maybe it wasn’t that simple, but I for sure was great at sleeping, and I’m guessing that you were probably a great sleeper way back then as well.

I think sleep is a super big part of our lives, and good sleep is very important to making the most out of each day. (Ask your doctors what they think about sleep, if they say it’s not too important…well, I’d tell them to go pound sand  and find yourself a new doc)

As some of you know, I recently worked for several years in the medical field, specifically with a company helping people sleep who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.  (Sleep Apnea basically means you have disrupted sleep all night long or during different parts of the night.  Some think it’s only “snoring”, but it’s much more than that and you don’t have to snore to have it.  You can read up more about sleep apnea online at Dr. William Dement’s website:   Dr. Dement is a great guy, and founded the Board of Sleep Physicians in the US, he is also considered the father of sleep medicine.  He’s a super great guy, he doesn’t have or at least he didn’t tell me he did…but you’ll learn a ton from his site about your sleep)

Anyways…I started this job just about 11 months after my UC diagnosis, and I learned a crapload of things about sleep.  The biggest thing I learned was how important sleep is in all our lives.

I’ve been thinking about sleep quite a bit lately.  Mainly because ever since I’ve started the roadtrip I’m currently on across the US, my sleep has improved, and both my colitis and my sleep is in the best shape its been for several years now.(I’m not taking any medications or probiotics.  I started a few weeks ago taking every 3-4 days a Trader Joes multivitamin, which makes my pee turn yellowish green…kinda cool, but that’s it.)

Although I’m sleeping in the back of a Volkswagen Van most nights, I’m sleeping through the night without any waking up 75% of the time, and the wakeups are because of an overdue pee.(I know you all know that feeling).  So I’m convinced that its not all about the quality of the bed we sleep in…

So what’s up with your sleep?  Below is a link for the iHaveUC Sleep Survey, and I hope you take some time to fill out the questions, and I’ll post them at a later time for everyone who is part of the newsletter.

I’ll also include with the results some inside info that I’ve learned about sleep that I’m sure most of you don’t know about already.(Or at least 90% of physicians who I spoke with in the San Francisco area had no clue about unfortunately, same thing goes for my father and cousin who are awful sleepers.)

Click to Take the Sleep Survey — CLICK HERE

(the survey closes June 3rd, and the results will be posted soon afterwards)

Best of sleep to all of you,


Adam Scheuer

8 thoughts on “Good Sleep – Does This Help with Hard Poops?”

    1. Hi Bev, you seem very active on this site, so I wanted to run something past you (Adam also)!! Has anyone tried a powder preparation called “Gut Relief” by Nutrition Care? It’s made in Australia and has properties such as Glutamine, Quercetin, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Aloe leaf, Slippery Elm, Guar Gum, Pectin, Peppermint Oil and Cumerone…amongst others. I went off it for a couple of weeks when I began the Specific Carbohydrate Diet 5 weeks ago (great results so far I must add…particularly with lessening my fatigue level) since it contained Slippery elm and that’s illegal on the SCD. However, when I returned to it, I noticed a big improvement in my blood within stools and I strung together quite a few days in a row of no blood whatsoever! It’s working well for me and I thought I’d share it. I’m on L-glutamine on the suggestion of this site, probiotics, vit’s D, B complex, vit C/Zinc drink. I’m doing pretty well. Just some lower back pain here and there and some minor blood in stools some days with 2 BM’s a day, not much diharrea anymore. Salofalk (Asacol) 1 gram sachets x 2 morning and night. I was diagnosed in Feb and trying to get right on top of it as fast as I can. Ha ha!! – I know that’s not possible, but, it’s going okay for now. Just thought I’d share “Gut Relief” and let others know that even on SC diet the slippery elm element hasn’t had a negative effect with me. Good luck everyone and that goodness for this site! Thanks Adam!! Caroline.

      1. Hi Caroline,

        That’s great news that you are having some good success with the program you’re on!. Awesome!

        I myself don’t remember how many others here are using Gut Relief, but I’d guess there are at least some. That’s also great about the Slippery Elm, many others from the site talk very highly about that as well, so big congrats once again for finding something that’s is working for you! Bev…what you thinking?

        1. I haven’t even heard of ‘Gut Relief’, but it certainly sounds good. A lot af good stuff in it, from what I am reading in Caroline’s post above. I think in the future more products like these are going to be produced so that we may just have to buy and take only one thing and not fifteen different things! It can get quite expensive, and of course, natural stuff isn’t covered by insurance…

          I agree with Caroline…thank goodness for this site!!

          And you, Adam. Do you ever realize just how much you’ve helped us all by bringing us together to share information? I really don’t know where I’d be were it not for you and this site. muchacho…my appreciation abounds!!


          1. Gut Relief has been available here in Australia since at least 2008 when I was on it for Proctitis. It isn’t horrendously expensive – around A$37.00 per bottle. Lasts a good month or so. 1 tsp 20 mins before breakfast, 1 tsp 20 mins before dinner. Ciao!

  1. I just took the survey too Bev. As I stated in the survey, I had mononucleosis when I was 18 years old and I now have sleep apnea….both due to poor sleeping habits! Will I EVER learn to get at least 8 hours sleep? I hope so…for my sake!! :(

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