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Good News – From a Wife of a UC’er

Jane with Her Husband who has colitis

Meet Jane:

I”m Jane, loving wife :) of Greg who is an avid outdoor man. He has just turned 58, but still likes to act 21, which means he breaks things- ribs, calf muscles etc. He is a farmer; in the flower/ flowering plant industry, and is a real handy-man who can fix anything, and it is very hard to slow him down! UC managed to do that though- when he had to be within running distance of the loo, and had no spare energy.

We have 4 adult children, 3 are married, and 3 wonderful little grand-kids, who love their “Pa” and did a great job of cheering him up when he needed a laugh or a hug.

Some more about them:

We live south of Brisbane, Australia, and love to camp in the bush or at the beach, but over the past few years our holidays have been spent in the Solomon Islands doing charity work with the lovely village people who have so little but are so happy. UC put a temporary halt to that.

Her Husband’s Colitis Symptoms:

His current symptoms are GONE, just a little trouble with heartburn, only mild, and only after lunch, no matter what he eats and which we haven’t found a solution for yet.

Good News – From a Wife of a UC’er

Greg has moderate UC pancolitis diagnosed just last June. It is now 1 year since his symptoms started, after a VERY stressful time at work. We tried to do the natural healing way, but made some mistakes, and he lost a lot of weight- it was a too steep learning curve. He ended up in hospital with sepsis and a bad flare, so they put him on antibiotics, Prednizone for 6 weeks and also Mezavant. We got off that as soon as his symptoms were normal, and started back searching for a natural way. He was taking l-glutamine, and lots of other herbs, and a eating a very simple, natural, dairy free and GF mostly vegan vegetarian diet, but after 3 weeks off the meds his bleeding, pains and 5-6 bm a day started again.

We then went to a Naturopath and started on Metagenics probiotics and various herbs. She went searching for other foods that he was reacting to but couldn’t find any. He didn’t get any worse but didn’t get much better either. Then I came across the ‘Know Your Gut” website and found a recipe for a tea made from organic flaxseed and liquid chlorophyll. He drank it 3 times a day 1/2 hr before meals and also did small enema’s (120 mls) with it at night. The very next day he said he felt better (less “raw” in the rectum) and his bleeding and BM slowed down over the next 2 weeks. After 2 1/2 weeks (Christmas Day- what an awesome Christmas present!! Praise God!!) his bleeding stopped and he has been having 2 or sometimes 3 normal BM each day since then. His pains/cramping have also gone now.

We plan to keep up the cloroflax drink for a while. Greg says that he is happy to do it forever, he says it is not that bad (it’s flavoured with spearmint). Hopefully that won’t be necessary! We are still doing the supplements and diet, and are working on getting his digestion improved with herbs. Also working on the stress levels. He is de-stressing by early morning sun-bathing reading a good book!

I hope this story can help someone else. We believe our bodies were created to heal if given the right conditions. We will keep learning about that!

May God bless all of you and give you wisdom as you search for healing, Jane

ps It took a bit of searching to find a liquid chlorophyll that does not have preservatives, but they are out there! I found a study on pubmed where they had good results using Chlorella, so maybe you could try that instead.

Treatments / Medications He Tried:

Past meds: Prednizone, Mezavant
Current: Lots of herbs, l-glutamine, nano-sized sea minerals. Flaxseed tea with liquid chlorophyll. Trying digestive enzymes and Swedish Bitters for heartburn.
Diet: Simple Vegetarian food, Gluten free, Dairy free, no preservatives or numbers. Haven’t tried lentils or beans yet!
Things that didn’t work: colonic irrigation.

written by Jane

submitted in the colitis venting area

21 thoughts on “Good News – From a Wife of a UC’er”

  1. Thank you Jane for sharing your story, it is great to read about success stories like this, and cheers to both of you for starting off 2017 with good health!!!

    Big hug to your husband from all the UC’ers reading here (AND an even bigger one to YOU for sharing!!)


    1. wonderful to read a success story but sad to see it is just another commercial for products that I can’t afford..why is being healthy big business?

  2. Thanks Adam and Jane for sharing this. I went searching for the tea recipe and could not find that website. Would you mind publishing details of the tea that has worked for you.

    Great to see stories like this and hope I and others can find lasting relief also. I must admit, I have not gone full vegan/vegetarian, but should consider it.

    We really are one big science experiment, especially with UC.

    cheers and thanks again.

    1. Hi Gary, yes I agree about the science experiment!!
      I feel I owe it to Galina to direct people to her website rather than publish her recipe. The website is by Galina Kotlyar and I found the tea recipe under a blog post on diverticulitis.
      Hope that helps, let me know if you have problems. Blessings, Jane

  3. Glad that your husband is doing well. Thank you for sharing. I don’t take conventional meds, and I went on remission with diet and supplements too. Unfortunately, flax (in any form) is the only thing that irritates my colon.

  4. Hello Jane. So happy for your husband!
    Inspiring story which gives hope to continues search.
    Please tell us more about the diet and chlorophyll that you use. I tried sun chlorella on my daughter, but didn’t see the difference. May be liquid will help.

    1. Hi Ella, yes it is a journey that requires constant learning and searching- don’t give up!
      The tea is made by cooking the flaxseed and then adding the liquid chlorophyll. Before I found the liquid without preservatives, I tried the chlorella, but it is very hard to mix in. I feel I owe it to Galina to direct people to her website rather than give out her recipe, so please go to Gd bless, Jane

  5. Hello Jane – thanks for sharing your story and I am keeping a file in case mine comes out of remission. Uceris is what finally stopped my bleeding and then when I was put on a statin for triglycerides the remission started. The Gastro said there is no reason for the statin to help but it has been over a year now and I am much better. Also I try not to mix proteins with starches in the same meal. Also continuous probiotics.

    Again thanks and all the best to you two.

  6. Hi Jane , I’m glad you and husband are doing well. I’m new to UC for one year. So much to learn with this chronic condition. I’m to know that it’s not my fault and sharing stories with others. May God continue to bless your family.

  7. So happy your husband is doing better!
    Thanks for sharing …
    Where did you get the liquid. chloraphyll ?
    He is lucky to have a loving supportive wife.
    God bless

    1. Hi hope it’s ok to post here…I am using a chlorophyl from sprouted alfalfa and barleygrass that doesn’t have any preservatives, just a stabiliser that is vegetable glycerin. My wife recommended it to me in combination with a couple of other supplements and i’m seeing some really positive success in managing my symptoms (so much so – that i no longer have to use a daily suppository!!)

      Let me know if you want more info :)

      And good luck to everyone with UC in 2017!

    2. Hi Pauline, I ordered the chlorophyll online, from a New Zealand company;, it is Natures Sunshine brand and has no preservatives. I’m sure there are others on the market without preservatives, I know sells one but the shipping is way too expensive to Australia. Blessings, Jane

  8. If you’re talking about ground flax seed, that should be similar to the psyllium that I have been taking about a teaspoon a day for three weeks. Improvement has been slow but steady. Soluble, non-irritating fiber seems to bind up those undigested bile acids coursing down the digestive tract that cause so much trouble.
    The penny finally dropped when I read an article by Dr.Karen Hurd describing what actually happens to non-digested fatty acids. They recirculate back to the liver and keep going back and forth unless there is enough fiber to bind them out of the colon, the ONLY way they can be excreted.
    I agonized over this for ages, trying to figure out why fasting didn’t work for me anymore. I also tried the bile binder Colestipol more than 10 years ago that made me feel worse. It works for some but not me apparently. My cholesterol was also very high. Getting rid of these irritants is very important.

    1. Hi Janet, No I’m not talking about ground flaxseed. You actually cook the flax and strain off the gel, it is similar in consistency to slippery elm tea but we had tried that with no effect, so the flax must be better, at least for Greg. Different people respond to different things! Jane

      1. So one actually takes the gel? Psyllium is very gelatinous in effect. What seems to be important is binding the bile acids so they don’t irritate the tract. Maybe slippery elm tea simply was not enough to do that. Cooked beans are also very good.
        As for the comment about carrot juice, I made a lot of vegetable juice over the years. It may have helped by providing Vitamin C and other benefits but it never stopped the irritation and consequent inflammation.

  9. Chlorophyll has been on my UC radar for some time. It has reported benefits and is also found in EVOO, particularly the early harvest/very green oils. Though more abundant in some plants like spinach and kale, it is fat-soluble. So chlorophyll is absorbed by the digestive system best when they’re consumed with at least a small amount of fat (lipids). Apparently synthetically made chlorophyllin is soluble in water so you can take a chlorophyllin supplement without needing to eat fat to fully dissolve it.

    1. Hi Sarah, I’m no expert on diet so I can just tell you what we are doing. I must say though that the diet alone was not getting fast results until we did the chloroflax drink, but I think it is a good diet for good health.
      In Genesis our Creator told us what to eat, so getting back to that diet as much as possible is our goal. Greg’s UC has helped us get more serious about that!
      Greg is having simple vegetables stir fried in just a little water, with a little brown basmati rice or other GF grain, and an egg or almond powder or ground sunflower/pumpkin seed added for protein. I use some celtic salt and cold pressed olive oil and GF soy sauce added at the end of cooking. We try to keep the vegetable component high compared to the grains etc, and try to keep fruit type vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini, green beans etc) at a separate meal to other vegies (carrot, sweet potato, broccoli etc). I make some simple protein burgers to go with his vegies, with cooked millet and ground seeds and herbs to flavour. He has never digested beans/lentils very well so we are avoiding those at the moment.
      I found GF sourdough bread online and we do some salad meals with that. But keep the bread to a minimum. He likes buckwheat crackers or rice crackers but read the labels carefully for added stuff. Avocado is the best! and almond butter!
      He digests fruit very well, and has a big plate of stewed apples, pawpaw, mango etc for his night time meal, with buckwheat or millet and coconut cream. If he is in a rush to get to a night time meeting I make him a protein shake based on coconut water, vanilla flavoured protein, a ripe banana, 1/2 avocado and a raw egg- yum!
      We might sound a bit back-to-front in our meals, but that is the way we have done it, with our main meal in the morning, since we were married 36 years ago! It suits our lifestyle and means we are not digesting a heavy meal at night before sleeping.
      He used to eat processed foods regularly- like vegemite, soy milk and flavoured potato crisps, gluten products and dairy, but not any more. He also loves his baked vegies, especially potato- lots of it, but we are trying hard to seriously limit that! We have been vegetarians since we got married but naughty ones- with regular junk food, ice-cream etc.
      so now we are learning about clean eating!

  10. I want to thank you so much for your story, really does give hope to the ones who are still a bit lost in what to do for UC. I am also a wife to my husband who has Crohns and UC but still I have Faith that he too will go into remission. Sadly what brought me here is seeking positiveness stories as he has been on meds for Crohns and also UC that are causing side effects and although he tries to stay strong I notice him different and tears as I write this as he has changed to someone I know he is not with being a bit aggressive to me but again I know that is not him!! I am making him Bone Broth, he takes L glutamin and also Probiotics that help him a great deal. Almost wish he could also dish the meds and do it natural as your husband has. We are just affraid it will send him into a flare that sent him into the ER a while back and he lost so much weight. Sorry to go on, but your story gives me Faith. Thank you so much!!

    1. Marie, are his medications lowering his blood sugar? Hypoglycemia makes men very angry and horrible to live with. A little carrot juice (2 ounces) help heal UC and offer enough energy support to balance blood glucose level without over compensating.

      We are taking a natural immune support modulator called Digestacure. Sometimes called Digestaqure. Dr. Drucker is the contact person. My husband (UC) has been on it only two weeks and no more bleeding, less pain episodes and easier BMs. We are finally seeing light at the end of this “tunnel”. LOL! Google it and read the testimonials. I think this is helping heal his entire digestive system. God bless. Ren

    2. Hi Marie, if you keep searching I hope you will find something natural that will work for your husband, just remember everyone is different- I know how easy it is to get discouraged when you read someone else’s story but it doesn’t work that way for you. We tried lots of things before getting results for Greg, and I would go into panic stress mode at each failure! It is SO hard to watch your man suffer.
      This hard journey has opened my eyes to how much some people suffer, I had never heard of UC before- and then I read stories of people who are on 5 or more drugs and still having 20 BM, my heart bleeds for them!
      I understand your fears too- Greg was in ICU for 2 1/2 days when he had sepsis (a bug got through his gut wall) and they couldn’t get his blood pressure up. His nephew is a ER specialist and told his brother to visit him in a hurry as it might be his last goodbye. I know we are dealing with serious stuff here, and I pray for wisdom every day- that we won’t do anything foolish. I will add you and your husband to my prayer list. Jane

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