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Adam from ihaveuc

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Hey UC’ers and other Guests of the site,

Happy Friday to all of you.  If you’re new to the website, I really hope you’re enjoying all the stories that have been submitted.  Just because you might find some of the stories really sad, because many of them are, I hope you still take away something on the learning side from everybody.  There’s over 1000 of them now which is pretty amazing. And I know that the writers who submit their story really appreciate reading your comments.

But, the reason for this post is about doctors.  I hope that all of you have looked at the Gastroenterologist Doctor Reviews Page recently.  The list now has GI doctor reviews from 16 countries totaling 180 GI docs which is really impressive (all because of you and the 100 plus hours I’ve spent updating it regularly).  Last night I added a review from a doctor in Korea that one of you submitted, and let me say that Dr. Joon sounds like a great one.

I started the idea to create this master list with the hope that it will benefit people doing the “Looking For A New Doctor Dance”.  We all have to do it sometimes, so please take a look.  I can’t guarantee that there will be a doctor listed who is ten minutes from your house, apartment, boat, tent or outhouse, but the list is always growing thanks to you and most of the doctor reviews are VERY GOOD ONES.

Again, here’s the page to the list:

So make use of it, or add to it if you like.

Take care everyone, and even if you’re in the middle of horrible UC symptoms right now, I hope you can have some fun this weekend!


-Adam Scheuer

-founder of iHaveUC
-crazy BBQ’er
-horrible fisherman up in Oregon this year
-better fisherman in California this year
-getting my second colonscopy in less than 166 hours and can’t wait to see the pictures!

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