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Gluten Free Pizza For Dinner Tonight

Has anyone tried eating a gluten free pizza with Ulcerative  Colitis?

Well, tonight, we decided to do a little test.  Actually, we did this about two months ago and things worked out alright, no side effects from the pizza, but this is going to be a very rare occasion either way.  Back in the old days, I ate way too much pizza, plenty to last the rest of my life.  There is a local pizza place called Amici’s Pizza who makes a gluten free pizza, and we will have to see.

Does anyone experiment with this type of thing?  Gluten free calzones?  Gluten free other stuff?  Please add to this post if you have any good ideas for gluten free food that makes you feel like you are normal.


8 thoughts on “Gluten Free Pizza For Dinner Tonight”

  1. Oddly I have no problems with Pizza Pizza ( Canada)’s Gluten Free Pizza. I had two this week ( for shame I know) and had no issues at all. If anything I had a better week than usual. I have UC and Celiac Disease.

    Just make sure you stick with the gluten free toppings. Also, importantly, I pop enzyme pills with every meal these days. Seems to help a great deal.

    1. I wrote the first comment about successfully eating GF pizza. Scratch that. First two times were fine, the next brought on a mild UC flare, the fourth time had me sitting on the toilet for a day ( no pain or tradition colitis symptoms though).

      So I change my vote to a big thumbs down. Strange the wildly different reactions.

      1. Pete,
        you crack me up, my second and third job were at Pizza restaurants and usually had a pizza included for each shift worked. I can’t tell you all how many times I would keep eating that stuff after having the stuff you are talking about above, I just never learned my lesson until I reached 30… thanks for the follow up Pete, good to hear from you!

  2. I just cannot eat dairy and it’s just not pizza or calzone without cheese. Just the other day I was telling a friend that I’d KILL for a pizza. Or a calzone… sigh.

  3. I’m currently staring at an open box of pizza that the fam is having for dinner. It’s killin me that I can’t touch it.

    1. Hey JT, How did you make it through the night? I hope you were able to go to bed without being hungry.. hang in there JT! I sure miss regular old pizza too. Two of my all time favorite jobs were working at pizza restaurants..

    1. If you’re asking about regular old cheese pizza from a typical restaurant…I don’t eat that anymore since its got too many things that are not SCD legal in it. Wheat is the major one. but as for cheese, Cheddar is not a problem for me in smallish quantities.

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