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Gluten Free And On The Way To Complete Remission

Introduction to Will:

My uc began in 2008 I was 23 could never stop going to the restroom and had all the same symptoms that Adam has had I have had uc for four years and almost had to have surgery but things have changed.

My Symptoms:

Now I have been in remission for 1 week I am currently talking ascol 5 pills a day and acidfolous 3 times a day and a gluten free diet and I am a new man so far I hope it last maybe in next months to come I may get off the ascol. I am also on a lactose free diet no dairy!

My Story:

If anyone has suggestion please let me know. I would love to know if anybody is on or has tried gluten free diets to. I also think that anything with heavy flour or wheat should be cut out of your intake due to being to much bad bacteria in your large intestine and colon that is why I am taking the acidoflous chewable tablets three times daily because it promotes good bacteria in the colon and intestine. Also happy because I don’t have to always look around for restrooms anymore it was hell. I would like to know if people out there have noticed new treatment with out surgery our harmful medication. I have had severe uc attack where I couldn’t stop bleeding but by just changing my diet I fell like a new person. I wish for this disservice to go away I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy well maybe on the talleban. Well for now I want to try to stay in remission and live life happy without worry I do think stress has a big roll in the diease. I hope everyone can get into remission and live a happy normal life. I want to help as many people that I can. Thank you for the time for posting my thoughs and hopeful it will help my other brothers and sisters out there with uc I wish we could have a convention where we could meet and talk about all this and what new things could happen and to keep people from having to get surgery for this its really hard because everything is so expensive even gluten free and dairy free food. I wish all of you well and if anyone has suggestions please let me know or if a confrence would happen I would love to attend thank you.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Completely off of everything but will keep being gluten free

written by Will

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11 thoughts on “Gluten Free And On The Way To Complete Remission”

  1. WILL MY BROTHER! Finally someone else who is Gluten Free! I have been GF for 1 year now, I show no symptoms and all I take is Fish Oil. I’m having awesome results, full of energy and happy. I am also dairy free. I do experiment with some dairy. Like Milk Chocolate, but I still use Rice Milk for my cereal. I don’t know if you have found GF/DF foods that you like, but I highly recommend UDI products.Best of luck, keep it up!

    1. UC Family Boy

      Hey Zach,

      When was the last time you had a symptoms?
      I know you say you been on the diet for 1 year but just wondering for my own diet change purpose

      1. Hey UC Family Boy,
        I haven’t shown any symptoms at all. I started in August 2011. And it took 3 months for me to actually see my stool go from soft to solid. I never really have had a bad bathroom visit since I started, unless I eat gluten accidentally in which case I start vomiting and I sometimes have loose stool for a day or two. But all in all it is my own fault if I see a loose stool. I know if I eat right and stay away from UC flare foods I will be okay. Like sometimes I get crazy, like…. REALLY crazy and have a soda. That can mess me up if I eat popcorn a lot too and have a lettuce wrap with a side of watermelon. But other than that, I avoid really “rough” foods and I’m fine. I only go once maybe twice a day to the bathroom #2 that is. I’m really happy with where I’m at, I have to be careful what I eat, but I stick to the foods I know don’t irritate me and then cut loose once a week and go “crazy” then go back to eating right.

        1. Awesome to hear Zach…lettuce and watermelon bother you? Or was that in addition to the popcorn? Considering both are mostly water and watermelon tastes so good…bummer. It might help to eat any melons alone if you notice any discomfort and see how that works(they are best eaten alone on an empty stomach.

        2. Couple questions, Zach…I, too, am gluten free. I am also dairy free. What do you consider to be a “UC flare food?” Do you tend to see UC symptoms when you get crazy and drink soda? 8-) Last, do I understand you correctly to say that once a week you eat “bad food” (such as gluten) and then hop back onto the wagon successfully? Thanks for your help, Zach. I have been fighting this crap almost 2 years!

  2. Also I was on Asacol too. I recommend slowly going off of it. A week at a time take one off of your daily consumption and start introducing Fish oil, it is a natural anti inflammatory.

  3. Shona

    Hi Will
    I’m also on a GF diet but I also don’t take dairy and foods from the nightshade family (potatoes, chillies, tomatoes, eggplant). I have been in remission since Mid April this year. I am not on any prescribed medication as I weaned myself off it in April. I was on Sulfasazaline n prednisalone n enemas prior to this. I take probiotics, Krill oil n multi-vitamins.
    This site helped me make the decision to go off meds, best decision ever. I was able to go back to work and I even did a skydive couple weeks ago – that’s how great I feel.
    Hope all works out for you. Keep us posted :)

  4. hi i tk butter milk (yoghurt dilute wt water pinch of salt,half spoon honey/turmeric.)whey milk shake,i eat potatoes evn tomatoes like very less quantity,oats, rice all well cook. during flareup but now whn i recover ds flareup i vow il eat healthy continue ds n tk aloe vera, honey instead of sugar,whey milk shake n fruit salad evryday,ya i like chicken n il eat more of fish which isnot too fatty n tea like feegrunee,lemongrass.but whn i dont hv flareup for one year i tend to neglect m diet:-(but whn i remember m normal life without flareup i really miss dat time so now ih taken up fitness,yoga to change m career il follow gud diet look for nuture cure
    i keep writting all ds coz now i hv flareup m at home realy bored m so happy i found ds site

  5. Happy to hear your getting good results with a gluten free diet. I made my GI test me for Celiacs when I first found out I had UC in February 2011. The test came back off the charts positive that I was Celiac (like my sister who has had Celiacs since the age of 2). So there I was, I was 29, just found out I had UC really bad and now I have Celiacs also. I was so happy cause I thought this was my answer to beating UC, just eat gluten free. I immediately started a gluten free diet, I was also doing the SCD diet at the time anyway and SCD is pretty much gluten free also. I also was taking or previously took Asacol HD, Lialda, prednisone (pretty much non stop), Remicade, and others I don’t remember now. Cut to the chase, I still ended up getting my colon removed because nothing would make me stop crapping blood 15 to 20 times per day. After 10 months of a really bad flare, my doctor urging me to get the surgery while I was still relatively healthy, I threw in the towel and told them to take the rotten colon. I often wonder if maybe a life full of gluten rich foods that I didn’t know I was allergic to doomed me and was the reason for UC. I also wonder if it had anything to do with it at all. Either way, I’ll never know. What’s done is done. I do want to report that I am happy I did lose the colon. I just had my 3rd and final surgery to complete the J Pouch surgery a couple weeks ago. Things with the J Pouch aren’t exactly great yet, but I am starting to get positive results slowly. Anyway, I hope you are able to keep the UC away just by eating gluten free. Wish it worked for me, but atleast I now can eat stuff and not think twice about it. I still do follow a gluten free diet because now that I only have a small intestine left, I want to keep that sucker in pristine condition.

  6. Thanks for the post Will!! You mentioned wanting suggestions but you seem on the right path :) My thought might be to see how many strains your probiotic has and trying out another probiotic that has more—if you want. Otherwise, do what you are doing. Eat as naturally and processed free as you can and manage stress, etc. You’ll be able to come off the Asacol in time. As long as you are not showing symptoms, it is not hurting you like it did me—Asacol made me worse. It’d be cool to hear from you down the road! Steve

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