Getting From Good to Great with SCD and Drugs

UC Momma’s Ulcerative Colitis Experience:

I’m a 32 year old mom diagnosed with UC in July of this year and started  the SCD in late August. I feel much better than when first diagnosed, taking 1 to 4 loose stools a day with some irritation/ inflammation. I’m trying to understand if this is as good as it gets or can remission mean taking one firm stool a day? If so, I’m looking for ideas on how to get there.

1. Is it okay to take all my pills together at night? Would it be more effective to take some in the morning?

2. I have a bottle of Nature Made Liquid Softgel Fish Oil, 1200 MG. This pill contains soy so I hesitated on taking. Any thoughts on if this is okay or should I go with a different Fish Oil pill?
Nature Made Liquid Softgel Fish Oil, 1200 MG

3. Have any seen success on cutting back on fruit, honey or nuts? I love all these things, I hate to think about cutting them out too.

I take daily:
– 4.8 mg of Lialda
– Trader Joes (No Iron) MultiVitamin
– One to two cups of homemade yogurt a day for probiotics: Homemade Yogurt

– Unisom to aid in sleeping

Any and all thoughts are much appreciated, please leave a comment below if you have any ideas!

mom wanting colitis treatment help comic

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5 thoughts on “Getting From Good to Great with SCD and Drugs”

  1. Hi There UC Momma,

    That’s great that you are seeing some improvement in your colitis symptoms.

    For your first question, I think you should ask your doctor for sure. There may be some reasoning with regards to when and how to take your prescription medications. Always no harm in asking docs those type of questions, that’s what they are there for!!

    For your second question, I stay away from Soy at all costs since I also follow the SCD protocol, and Soy is NOT allowed on SCD, and I’ve found that when eliminating it, it makes me feel much better.

    For your third question, when I am in a flare up, I cut back considerably on all of the foods you mentioned, (fruits, honey, and nuts) and it seems to help alot for me to get things under control. Some differences with you and me are that I don’t take any medications, and just use SCD, so I’m not sure how the medications might change results, but either way, that’s how I handle flares depending on how much of symptoms I see.

    Best of luck to you, and keep us posted on how things turn out for you as well.

    and congrats on being a MOMMA!!

  2. Adam! Thanks for the response and the cartoon. Made me laugh! I’m going to cut back on the fruit, nuts and honey and see what happens. It’s worth a try!

    I also talked to my GI today about getting on an anti-anxiety med. I’ve been stressing/ worrying and having an awful time getting to sleep which seem to effect my symptoms. My GI wants me to talk to my general practitioner and told me to stay away from Zaynex. I’m going to schedule an apt w/ my general practitioner and go from there. I’ve heard drugs like Ativan, Klonopin, and generics for Prozac or Zoloft can help but I’m reluctant to take more drugs. Any thoughts in this area would also be much appreciated.

    My hubby works out in the Bay Area and I travel out there with him sometimes. Have you ever thought of holding a UC/ SCD convention or something!?!

    1. Hey UC MOmma,
      well, as for the sleeping pills, i actually was prescribed on, I think called Tempez… forgott he exact spelling. But that was back when my joint pain was so bad I just couldn’t sleep at all. maybe you know the feelings. the joint pains are common with UC’ers especially when going through bad symptoms.

      As for sleeping pills, that’s a toughie, I try to stay drug free as much as possible, but sleep is way important with all aspects of life, so it would be interesting to get your general docs feedback on that.

      As for a UC / SCD meetup. If I ever get a winning lottery ticket, I’d happily sponsor the whole deal. that would be tons of fun.
      I know there’s a few from the site going to the Vegas Crohns and Colitis Half marathon this year, Michelle G from the site for example, and a few others, should be a good time. its dec. 4th if you’re up for it. I’m going to be walking it this year, with maybe a few miles of running.

      I just got involved with a website called And funny enough, there is an IBD meetup group in my area. and this past tuesday was the monthly meetup. Was a great time. met some super cool peeps. with either Crohn’s or UC. great time.

      I would recommend you check that out. I’m going to try and see if there’s some ways maybe organize something like that on but it might be a bit out of my league computer wise…

      But, meeting up with other IBD’es is way way good to do. For example, Erik, who wrote a story just a few days ago lives way close to me, and we’re arrangin to meet up soon. Super excited about that. Anyways, meetups has been on my mind recently, so i’ll try to figure out a way to make that stuff happen. but, for the record, for you and any others here, I’m in Berkeley, CA, and if you’re ever out this way or in SF, hit me up if you want. ALWAYS cool meeting other UC’ers. Its almost like we’re all part of a crazy tribe, so no reason why we shouldn’t meet up. we got too much in common.

      take care, and good luck with your doc appt.


  3. I’ve taken Ativan and Klonopin to help sleep during my latest flare. I wouldn’t want to stay on them too long, but it’s hard to sleep during a flare and you need to get enough sleep. So I do it as needed and no more than that. I take half of the tiniest dosage and it does the trick, though your mileage may vary.

    A big difference for me between the two is Klonopin lasts much longer. I finally gave up on it because it took about 14 hours to wear off. So the doc suggested Ativan, which apparently only lasts 4 hours. Though sometimes I’m up for a bit in the middle of the night, it’s reasonably workable for me. On the other hand, if you’re feeling stressed during the day and can handle the Klonopin hangover, it might work out since it sticks around in your system longer.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Adam, I’m familiar w/, we use for a mom’s club I’m apart of, it’s great. I searched for UC/ SCD and we have a Team Challenge Half Marathon Vegas group in my area. I’m prob. not going to make it this year w/ my ltl ones, but something I’ll for sure look into next year. Thanks for the heads up! And we have close friends in Berkeley. Will ping you the next time we’re out there!

    Hopskotch, I was curious about the difference between Ativan and Klonopin, thank you. I’d like something that lasts longer, but what do you mean by Klonopin hangover?

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