Getting Better for the Moment – Jenni’s Colitis

Colazal – Making the Ulcerative Colitis Better

Hi, my name is Jenni.   I’ve had ulcerative colitis  for about 4 yrs now.  I’ve been on every medication there is, seems like it!  Awa!!

Very frustrating.

For me, I think stress brings it on for sure!!
Last yr 2010 was in hospital for a week and lost 20 pounds.   Not good at all so… the doctor put me on Remicade and it worked very good for a year.   Until this year symptoms started back same time as the year before.

So I went back to the doctor, but didn’t get anywhere.  So I switched my DOCTOR TO U of M for a second opinion and this doctor just put me on Colazal 4 pills day at 750 mg each pill.  The Colazal has been working so far so I’m hoping this will work!!

Advice: Don’t eat Red meat or drink milk!


Colitis Medications:

(Remicade) was great but very expensive ..$300 every time I go in, I have insurance too.
(Colazal ) 750mg 4 a day!! ..seems to be working right now and helped the bleeding!!
Plus Mesalamie 4g/60 ml,  hate doing!!!


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