Frustrated and Waiting For Remission

I Have Ulcerative Colitis


Currently taking Lialda-4 Pills in the morning, Canasa Suppositories at night. Given a script for probiotic, VSL#3 today.

Here’s My Story:

I was diagnosed with moderate ulcerative procitis in August 2010. My bleeding started in July 2010 and i did not go to the doctor right away due to being embarrassed and somewhat nervous. I had been on Rowasa with bad side effects and am currently taking Lialda and Canasa with no side effects. I have finally stopped bleeding but still am having cramping and frequent trips to the bathroom. Today the doctor gave me a script for VSL#3 and after three pharmacies i found one that would order it but insurance won’t cover it. Does anyone know of a cheaper way to get this? The doctor wants me to have 2 sachet packets per day (900billion). Is it worth the expense?

3 thoughts on “Frustrated and Waiting For Remission”

  1. VSL#3 is an over the counter medical food, which is unlikely to be covered by insurance (heaven forbid they cover anything OTC). I would talk to your doctor about getting VSL#3 DS (Double strength) which is available by prescription only, plus who doesn’t like two in one? Being a Prescription rather then a prescribed over the counter medication will increase your chances of coverage. Even with and Rx for VSL#3 DS your insurance provider might require a prior authorisation where your GI Doc tells them why it is medically necessary before they choose to cover the medication. Pharmacy staff is usually pretty good about notifying your doc if a prior auth is needed. It is always a good idea to wait while the Pharmacy processes your Rx when you drop it off because with their computer systems they will not only tell you if a prior auth is needed they can tell you how much in will be. If they still don’t want to cover a “cheap” item like VSL#3 you can have your doc threaten to use a biologic like Humeria which will cost your insurance ten times what VSL#3 DS is. :)

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