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Freaked Out When they Mentioned Surgery and Remicade

Hello! Last year I was diagnosed with UC and went through complete hell. I was diagnosed in May 2009 and was hospitalized for 3 weeks and out of work for 6 weeks. I tried all the meds they offered me…prednisone, asacol, colozol, imuran, lialda, and they all made me completely sick except prednisone. I loved this drug. However, when they realized that no other drugs were helping me, they started talking about surgery and remicade.

That is when I freaked out.

I did not want to try any more medications and I had found a diet online that I thought would work. I asked my doctor if I could try this diet while weening off prednisone and he agreed. I have been symptom free for a year, however, I started feeling severe stomach cramping over the last few weeks and started to panic. I do not have any other symptoms, no diarrhea, no blood,….still only going once a day with no urgency. Was wondering if it was strange to just get the stomach cramps and not the other symptoms? Thought the diarrhea and blood would come before the stomach pain, but not sure if this is just a minor flare. I have to admit that I have been very lax in my diet lately, eating candy, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, alcohol and coffee when I went completely without it over the last year. Just want to know your thoughts and how long it took you to start feeling better after you went back on your diet. Thanks for listening!

-Anonymous writer

(Thanks for writing in.  I think you should get back to your diet that was helping you out and see if you can’t get things moving in a positive way once again.  As for me personally, I was dealing with moderate UC when I started the diet, and within just a few days I started seeing positive signs of remission coming.  Bowel movements went down, bloody craps started getting less bloody etc… But in terms of fully being in what I consider remission, that took about 5-6 weeks.  Best of luck to you, and thanks for writing in your story on the write your story page!)

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