Four Positive Changes for Managing UC

diagnosed with colitis 1994
Timo, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1994

Hi, My name is Timo, I’m 65 retired computer and electronics engineer and non-fiction eBook author. My motive is to share my positive experiences how I’ve managed to improve the quality of my life with Ulcerative Colitis.

Some more background info:

I was born in Helsinki Finland and now I have been living in Penedo RJ Brazil for 25 years with my wife and four dogs.


Nowadays my symptoms are few. I take, not regularly, sulfasalazine called Azulfin 500 mg. The daily need to go to toilet is one or two times. Below I’ll tell you what I did.

Four Positive Changes

My UC was diagnosed in 1994 after a severe flair up. In that time UC was not very commonly known disease in Brazil and the first doctor said that I have probably AIDS as I was loosing a lot weight. I didn’t believe him and I went to see another doctor, gastroenterologist this time and he diagnosed it as UC but he was not a specialist in Ulcerative Colitis and he sent me to the only one in Rio. He started the treatment Prednisone. It took three months to get back to remission. Then came a problem where to get sulfasalazine as it was not sold in Brazil. That time airline company Varig had a special service to import medicines that were not available n Brazil and I was treated with imported and very expensive drug. Ever since I have managed to get by with this literally shitty disease.

Lately I have made four major changes in my life:

The first change for the better came when I learned that probiotics can be of help in UC and I tried it. A year ago I started to take probiotics called Yakult daily and to hurry to toilet and “accidents” became much fewer.

The second change was not to eat red meat. I noticed that after having participated a Brazilian BBQ party the next day was always difficult.

Third one was to quit beer. This I learned from iHaveUC pages and decided to try it and I feel better now.

The fourth is that I heard that to take sodium bicarbonate with lemon juice has a body Ph balancing effect that can help bowel function better among the other things. As we have a lemon tree full of fruits in our back yard, I started to take it first thing in the morning. Now the need to go to toilet is once a day.

Sodium Bicarbonate listings on


The text above is my story of the changes that helped my life. I have made them with my doctor’s approval. I am aware that these kind of things are always individual and anyone that is willing to try them, please consult prior your doctor.

Medications / Supplements:

Four Positive Changes that have helped alot:

1. Probiotics (Yakult in my case)
2. No red meat. (Well, living in BBQ paradise it’s pretty hard to say no to it)
3. No beer. (Hard decision for a beer lover)
4. Lemon juice with sodium bicarbonate

written by Timo

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17 thoughts on “Four Positive Changes for Managing UC”

  1. Timo!!

    Super super news from you, thx so much for sharing these simple ideas with everyone!

    Congrats to you and your success and I hope it rubs off on many UC”ers worldwide:)


    1. Hi Timo, Thanks for sharing your story. I have been trying Molasses in warm water because it is alkaline and in a book I have about Crude Molasses it is listed as a cure for Colitis. But my stomach always feels queasy after it so I might try the Baking Soda and lemon instead. I don’t use any meds now because I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It works if you do it religiously. I’ve been on it since Feb 2013. All the best, Coralie

  2. Hi Timo,

    Thanks for sharing your story. This is very encouraging especially for our son, a vegetarian teetotaler! I have a couple of questions though if you don’t mind.

    1. How long have you been in following this regimen?
    2. Have you had any flare ups since?
    3. Do you take any other medication or vitamin supplement?

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Suresh, I was really surprised of the feedback that my story have gained. As for my life changes, first thing I did a year ago was probiotics. Here Yakult is very common and popular available in every supermarket and it’s cheap. I noticed that every time I’ve been eating red meat (BBQ) next day was always difficult, several toilet goings and “accidents”. So I decided not to eat red meat any more.
      Lemon and sodium bicarbonate I started to take two months ago. That was the best thing ever I did. Today my life is normal
      I must say that I am a bit of lucky that my UC is not very severe and flare ups are really rare thus allowing me to go out and travel. None after the probiotics.
      Nowadays I don’t take any synthetic medicine, I used to have sulfasalazine but I didn’t notice any major improvement, so I quit it.
      Suresh, thank you for your interest and wishing you the best and positive thinking.

      1. Hi Timo,

        Thank you for your response. I am so glad this regimen is working for you. I pray that staying in remission is your normal. All the very best.


    1. Hi Carolyn
      Thank you for your interest. Sodium bicarbonate I take a half of a teaspoon with 30 – 40 ml lemon* juice and water that makes a refreshing drink in the morning.

      *) In my case the lemon is “limão cravo” (Citrus × limonia) as we have a tree of it in the back yard.

  3. I, too, strongly feel that probiotics help. I recently discovered a probiotic drink called GoodBelly and I am sold on it!! I take a small shot of it in the morning and I swear it has made a huge difference! I am on Imuran, Lialda, and I have seen more positive improvements with GoodBelly than I have with any meds I am taking.

  4. Have been on Llialda with some improvement of flares but it was the probiotics plus 1 teaspoon per day of glutamin powder that immensely helped my symptoms.

    1. Yep!

      Natural is always the best way to go…no matter what anyone says.

      Meds will fail and they can also hurt you.

      You know, I took asacol, and the odd steroid enema. for 15 years, and the proctitis spread to UC, then to pancolitis!!

      Since I’ve been off all meds, on a good probiotic and L-glutamine (and in real remission for the first time in all of the UC’s 20 years), I don’t even feel as if I have UC at all.

      What does that tell us??

      1. Hi Bev
        Thank you for your comment, I fully agree with you. I’ve heard old people saying that the word of a medical doctor is a word of god, but as we know today that word is a word of drug companies. I don’t take any synthetic drugs and with my four changes I feel, as you said, no UC.

        1. That’s really great, Timo. I wish that everyone with UC would at least try and find a natural way. The drugs are just not the way.

          It is so much healthier and you feel so much better without medications.


  5. Has anything helped you (or anyone reading this) out of the ‘mucus only’ pit? I have had several good months and boom all of a sudden the mucus started up again! I can handle the bouts of ‘D’ but this pure liquid thing is making me crazy! I am on aztaxathan, turmeric, Vit D, just started LGlutamine again, started Slippery Elm a week ago. I’m not having any luck thus far. Any suggestions?

  6. Sher, I was battling mucus for a couple of months and noticed it went 90% away when I started flax seed. I started 1 tbs ground up in my smoothie. I saw results almost immediately. Recently increased to 2 tbs. It is the most effective thing I have found for my mucus problem and I have tried a lot of things.

  7. Hi timo
    Kindly tell me about probiotics do u suggest it by doctors im from pakistan i dont know where to get it here and one nore thing i have to asked that mix lemon wid water? Or what i dont know wat is bicarbonate

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