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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis January 2010 but have had it for six years now with the symptoms generally once a year except this last year required me to see a doctor finally.

The Story:

I was prescribed Asacol HD 4 pills a day which doesn’t seem to help at all. I went to the GI doc today because of a flare up after 6 weeks or prednisone, which helped but the flare up came back two weeks after I was off the prescription. I was re-prescribed prednisone for another 4 weeks and next they are considering a Remicade treatment which given the side effects I’ve read online it makes me a little reluctant to try it. One other thing there has been no mention of diet modifications from the doctor, just prescriptions which someone else spoke about in the posts. I’m somewhat disheartened by all of these pills and treatments that may have side effects so I did a little research today and found an alternative which is the diet spelled out in Breaking the Vicious Cycle. It seems like a very difficult diet for a guy like me…I don’t cook much and eat out a ton. Oh and wow, pretty much everything I eat is on the do not eat list! But its worth a try, I’m really hoping that the SCD works and nothing else it should improve my diet. Here’s a ray of hope for everyone-my grandma was telling me about my great uncle that had UC when he was very young and the doctor proposed a diet where he would eat a lot of liver. My grandma said he had a tough time with it because liver isn’t the best but he hasn’t had any symptoms since. There possibly could be solutions with proper dieting to making this thing go away in my opinion.

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