Food for Colitis Therapy – Carnitas

Food is important to stay alive, whether you have colitis or not.

If you are dealing with ulcerative colitis, you might be always double guessing if a certain food item works for you or not.  If you haven’t figured out from previous posts, I am a big believer that food can help to control colitis symptoms.  If you’ve looked at other sites about colitis therapy, you can probably realize that opinions on this vary wildly.  Until I leave the 1-2 craps per day, no blood, and hard stools program, I am going to continue believing that diet works for me, and can work for others too.

I like Mexican food.  ALOT.  Some friends used to call me “the Mexican” back in high school even though none of my family is from Mexico.  I like going to Mexican restaurants(especially the hole in the walls no-“white” patron ones here in certain parts of California.)  I was worried for quite some time(back during my SEVERE colitis days of 2008-2009) that I would have to give up Mexican food forever.  I heard ideas that spicy food, and raw vegetables were horrible things for me to be eating since I have UC.   As strange as this may sound, this was on my fit-list of things I hated most about ulcerative colitis.   Maybe you have your own fit-list about things you hate about having ulcerative colitis too…

Not only do I eat Mexican food 3-5 times per week, I crap hard mexican stools afterwards too, it’s one of those things I can count on more than other stuff.  So, let me introduce an awesome meal that I highly recommend.  Two weeks ago I visited a friend in San Francisco and we went to a restaurant called “Nopalito” which is located near the Pan Handle.  Just a few blocks from Haight/Ashbury if that rings a bell.  This place in my opinion should be called “Colitis Heaven”.  I would have posted this earlier, but I just got the OK to post their menu, which is great.

I ordered:  Carnitas, and the menu says:

Carnitas: Long braised pork, orange, bay leaf, cinnamon, and beer cabbage salad, pickled jalapenos, salsa de tomatillo

carnitas mexican food

Looks good right!  And of course this comes with home made tortillas from organic corn. So, looking at the actual item, the “beer cabbage salad” looked like it might be against my diet rules, but I figured how much beer can actually be in a salad… so I didn’t worry about it.

Some of the other options on the menu were:

Torta de Chorizo Verde, sounds and looks good, but this comes as a sandwich with bread, so I had to scratch that

Huevos de Caja, poached eggs, refried black beans, corn tortilla, jack cheese, and salsa de cilantro, looks good to me

Enchiladas de Mole con Pollo, shredded chicken with mole poblano, tortillas, onions, queso fresco and refried pinquinto beans, looked good as well

And there were about 20 other things, nearly all which looked super great.  If I could conduct one ulcerative colitis study, it would be to take 100 UC sufferers and go on a year long field trip down to some small beach town in Mexico.  And of course, 3 meals per day would have to be authentic Mexican food.  Nothing too crazy here, just a simple test to see if Mexican food is really helpful to stop symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis.  Si un persona en este website es amigos con la persona con mas dinero en todo del mundo de Mexico, por favor pregunta si el quiere pagar para este idea.  Gracias

So, can you imagine food being a therapy for your colitis?  My doctors told me no, yet my bowels have told me yes.  Some may say my UC is in remission, others may say the drugs finally took effect last August.  I believe it’s diet.

As a quick little side note, you are going to see a new writer on the site who is from Jordan in the Middle East and is dealing with UC right now.  I can’t wait to see and learn about what goes on in Jordan when it comes to ulcerative colitis.  Maybe there is no Mexican food in Jordan?

6 thoughts on “Food for Colitis Therapy – Carnitas”

  1. Haha, I love Mexican food too, man. In the two weeks that I’ve been out of the hospital, I’ve already eaten at Chipotle once and Qdoba twice. I get either a Burrito Bowl (Chipotle) or a Naked Burrito (Qdoba) with meat, black beans, guacamole, salsa, cheese, and lettuce. They are amazing!

    Let me know if you find funding for that trip…I would love to go :)

  2. Mexican food ROCKS! Since I’m from Texas, I’m pretty bias to Tex-Mex – which anytime you come to the Dallas area, I can rock your socks off with some great places. Avocado is really soothing for the intestines… at least it is for mine.

    I get so jealous hearing that diet has worked for many UC sufferers. Even though I’ve tried everything, I still keep trying new ideas people have. Keep the posts coming!!

  3. We have Mexican restaurants in Jordan, mainly in 5 stars hotels, yet not very popular in here, but we can find Mexican dishes in American restaurant’s in here , like we have American steak houses that includes Mexican dishes, I went once to a Cuban restaurant and I loved the food I reckon it’s close to Mexican ! But it’s not the kinda restaurants I can afford for my everyday lunch break..
    I am still all confused now about what to eat, white bread and white rice is what we almost eat with every meal which seems not okay with our diet , I am still trying to figure out and making a shopping list for my next time grocery shopping as we have a Safeway in here like you guys , and I hope to find what I need , like Almonds flour ..etc

    1. Hey Tayra,
      I would try to stay away from the white breads completely for a while, and try remove all soda and other sugary types of drinks. I don’t know if you eat eggs, but i eat that for breakfast all the time. And I make salads with chicken or steak alot for lunches, somehthing you can make at home and bring to work with you. Good luck Tayra!!

  4. I was having a mild flare and my fiancé and I went to Mexico for a few weeks and within a few days my uc symptoms had all but vanished!! And yup mexican is my favourite food!

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