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Food Allergy Testing and How it got Me in Remission

Andrew weightlifting


Hi I’m Andrew and moved to Canada in 1999 from Scotland. I currently live in Vernon, British Columbia with my wife and dog, Maverick. I am a coach and fitness trainer.


Currently, I am going into remission after 7 months of being symptomatic, at times it was quite severe.

Food Allergy Testing and Colitis Remission

I wanted to write on this blog because it may be of help to those of you struggling with a flare up with no end in sight. I have felt like this many times over the past 6 month and often in despair. I was diagnosed with UC back in 2009 following colonoscopy. The previous 6 months, I had noticed blood in my stool and abdominal cramping. The specialist put me on a 5 ASA and within a few weeks I was normal again. In fact, I remained in remission for the best part of 4 years.

My BIG flare up started in July 2013. I had been under a lot of stress, was not eating super well and likely drinking too much. It started with loose, bloody stools. I tried the VSL#3 probiotic and this gave me a short remission.

In October, I had a nose infection and dumbly went to a walk in and got anti-biotics, knowing they were no good for UC. I even told the doc I had UC and he still gave me a cocktail of anti-biotics. My nose was so swollen, I looked like the elephant man! Anyway, my nose cleared up and I stayed UC symptom free for a few weeks. That’s when the s##t really hit the fan! Really bad blood and many visits to the toilet over the course of the next month. I even went to the ER a couple of times due to blood loss and large ‘roids!

At ER, I was put on my first course of prednisone. This was likely the darkest phase of my UC. The prednisone did not work and gave me terrible anxiety which I dealt with for a solid month as I had to taper off it. At this stage, I had a new family doctor who got me into a specialist and prescribed the nightly enemas. This was a turning point – getting good medical care was important in my recovery. With the enemas, I again achieved a short remission lasting 1 month.

My specialist knows medicine, that’s for sure. He immediately told me that likely I would need to go on immuno-suppressants and if this didn’t work, then surgery. It was the first time I heard the word ‘surgery’ and so very scary. I have seen him several times now and he has no interest in my diet. But, I am maintaining this relationship because I believe that I will need both medical and natural interventions over the course of my life. During the 5 years I have had colitis, I have seen three specialists and each of them told me changes in diet were unlikely to help. The problem here that, in a clinical sense, they know that drugs usually work despite the side effects. Unfortunately, they are not trained in nutrition and as a result do not know how to prescribe a diet or how to test. This is a huge gap in the treatment of UC.

I became convinced that diet was a key factor in UC right after Xmas 2013. I had gone back to spend xmas with my wife’s family and had eaten and drank a whole lot of garbage. When I returned home, there was blood in my stool again, which quickly turned to 5-10 visits to the toilet per day and cramps/upset belly. This is when I joined IhaveUC and bought Adams book. I also read Wheat Belly and the SCD book. I started by cutting back on caffeine and then removing gluten and alcohol from the diet. This improved things a bit, but I was still having really bad days. It was kind of a guessing game which I was frustrated with. I had also become very anemic, to the point where I looked very pale, had super low energy and really felt the cold.

My turning point came in early february when I decided to go see a naturopath. This lady was a breath of fresh air and knew my condition well. She was totally on board with treating me with herbal remedies and by changing my diet. At first, I spent 4 weeks on an elimination diet. However, I still had some diary and also eggs in there which I thought were totally fine. At my first appointment, she took blood to do a food allergy test. She also put me on a daily supplement of aloe vera gel and Wise Woman Herbal GI capsules, as well as a different probiotic.

I got the results of the food allergy test last week.

I was shocked to find out I am severely allergic to eggs and whey protein, as well as diary and gluten. Eggs and whey were part of my staple and things I thought I could tolerate. I have taken these things out of my diet now and, 3 days later THIS MORNING I PRODUCED A MASSIVE, FIRM DUMP! Yay for me…………then, 30 minutes later I PRODUCED ANOTHER MASSIVE, FIRM DUMP! Yay for me again, must have been backed up……….these have been my first solid morning bowel movements in 10 weeks.

The naturopath has, in addition to the GI caps and the aloe vera, put me on an iron supplement. Here are the things I now do in my diet which I felt led to me feeling better:

No dairy – use almond and cococut products instead.
No gluten/wheat – I get gluten free bread (I am not allergic to yeast) and eat a lot of oats, rice, potatoes and quinoa for carbs.
Nightshades – I only eat potatoes for now, but once I feel I am fully in the clear I’ll introduce tomatoe and peppers again,
No eggs – no real substitute, but i can have bacon and sausage (pork based) for breakfast.
No cows meat – I eat bison for red meat.
Low caffiene – 1 cup of tea, 1 decaf coffee p/day.
No alcohol – I’m building up to a glass of wine, but not yet. I will never drink beer again
I also now use a pea protein shake product by Isagenix which is why/gluten/diary and lactose free. This is helping me build back muscle (pretty important for a fitness trainer!)

I’m continuing with the meds, using mesevant daily and the enemas occasionally. My main reason for writing this post was to underline to important factors in recovery 1) Seek out medical support. A good GP and referral to a specialist is kind of key. 2) You need to know your individual sensitivities. Following a generic diet for UC may lead to success, but in my case it didn’t lead to full resolution. I was totally shocked to find out that eggs were a huge problem for me. So, although it is expensive, seeing a naturopath who understands UC and getting the food allergy test done was a huge step for me. Alternatively, go full elimination diet (no eggs, no gluten, no diary, no whey) and then follow the procedure for reintroduction of foods. This actually the gold standard according to

Good luck to all of you!

Adam Scheuer, founder of
Adam Scheuer, founder of

Ask Adam:

“Hey Adam – I’ve been reading you site regularly and your book and writings are what led me to diet as treatment for UC. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!”

What up Andrew!

Thanks so much for the update, and congrats for finding your way to health!

Best of luck to you moving forward, and keep us updated if you have a few moments in-between sets with the heavy weights:)


27 thoughts on “Food Allergy Testing and How it got Me in Remission”

  1. I love your post and your approach Andrew. Although most doctors are resistant to diet and/or bacteria being factors in UC, they can help in other ways. From the ‘medical’ perspective, anyway.

    And, I just have to mention…there is NOTHING like a massive firm dump! Music to we UCers’ ears:)

    Welcome…and cheers for the wonderful post!!

    P.S. I am maintaining absolute remission with NO MEDS at all but rather a good probiotic and L- glutamine. I don’t know whether these two things are allowing me to eat whatever I want…but that’s what I am able to do.


    1. I too, have had amazing results with L-glutimine. I am no longer on any meds, other than probiotics. I have a few foods I will never eat again, but for the most part am able to eat a large variety and feel good.

    2. Hello Bev,
      I read a lot of your posts and they all give me hope. I’m hoping to be like you one day, no meds. I honestly think that the meds I’m on right now, ASA, predisone and an immunosuppressant are making me feel worse not better:( I also take l-glutamine and a probiotic along with a bunch of other natural remedies. Hoping to get out of this flare. It is my second flare and it’s been 6 months!!


      1. Hi Rose,

        You know, the meds really can make things worse. They did for me. I swear that I remained in flares just because of them….HOWEVER, I am not a doctor, so I would never tell anyone to stop taking them. (Especially pred, which you cannot just stop abruptly). I did stop asacol abruptly, though, and a lot of the terrible things like urgency and looseness disappeared! I believe that I was allergic to asacol, or that I became intolerant to it.

        I swear by my probiotic and L-glutamine. I can really say that I will never take meds again…

        Thanks for the post:)

  2. UC Family Boy

    Some bacteria that help with the food we eat, also help with maintaining the mucus layer that UCers lack.
    “Comparisons of germ-free and conventionally raised animals revealed that microorganisms have major effects on mucus thickness and composition; compared with conventionally raised animals, germ-free animals have fewer goblet cells, a thinner mucus layer and also a higher percentage of neutral mucins in the colon”

    1. UC Family Boy

      I wonder!! Many UCers are becoming dairy intolerant, and much has been said about hydrogen sulfur and these special ‘sulfur’ farts us UCer are know for.

      Interestingly I did so more reading last night, and…

      “Lactose is a sugar found in milk, and lactose intolerance occurs when the body lacks the digestive enzyme lactase, which is needed for the body to metabolize the milk sugars found in dairy products. Without the lactase enzyme, gases such as methane, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide build up in the colon as the lactose ferments, causing bloating, flatulence (that’s the hydrogen sulfide)”

      I looked again at my bacteria profile and noticed I have citrobacter freundii in high amounts. Interestingly this ferments lactose in the colon. When I went to India and triggered my UC, I was drinking buffalo milk under the guidance it is good for me… (4.86% lacoste in buffalo milk pint)
      Well, I was doing well on almond milk before my trip. I am going to cut out all dairy and see if I can see results, today is day one of that so may take me a week to rid (if this theory is correct) this little rectum inflammation.
      Than I can focus on taking ciprofloxacin for the citrobacteria and for the Morganella morganii imbalance and than the FMT. I did stop it due to the inflammation.
      Goss I hope this theory is correct… If it is, than it’s an example that FMT to rid nasty bugs is key, and more focus should be on this than gene defects…

      1. UC Family Boy

        Two days without dairy, and although slightly better in terms of number of bowel movements, I have still had some poor BMs. Must add today i introduced a more ‘complex’ EVOO from the one I was using. This one is the one I used when I did my FMT. Must add I only been once today, so numbers are going down, and although just mucus release I don’t feel as uncomfortable. Feel like I am turning this flare around which will allow me to do the FMT again.
        Also a good read if anyone’s interested

  3. Andrew,

    Awesome news! I have wondered myself why 13 years ago I was never tested for allergies! I had to find out that for myself… My UC first appeared when taking an antibiotic and it never left. I agree with the mixed approach of meds and naturopath… And although expensive your health and well being are worth it. There are times when I would have given up any amount of money to feel good. I think we should all write a book of things Drs. Have told us about UC that turned out to be untrue. For my case…” You’ll definately need surgery”…(still haven’t had to) “diet has nothing to do with this disease”… Huh! We all know that isn’t true in helping our symptoms. “UC isn’t painful you shouldnt have stomach pain all the time” first and last time I saw that guy! I was in constant pain… ” you will be on medication the rest of your life”… I cried that day, 22 years old at the time and I know that not to be true!

  4. Thanks for this post Andrew!! I have been suffering since October and some days have no hope. I’m currently on pentasa(Asa), predisone which I horrible slowly tapering off and also a new drug my specialist perscibed in February called imuran which is an immune suppressant. The side effects are horrible, tired, no energy, joint pains ect. I have also lost 20 lbs and look like a skeleton :( I’m also seeing a natural path and did an allergy test with a machine called electro dermal allergy test and have been told to eliminate yeast, dairy, sugar, chocolate, green pepper and all night shade veggies. Also, they told me I have heavy candida. I have started changing my diet and feeling a little better but will see when I get off the predisone, never going on this again! I hoping that I can just take the Asa meds only, change my diet and hopefully start feeling better.

    1. Hi rose are you Australian by any chance ? Your course of treatment sounds very similar to mine except I took myself of the prednisone after two weeks in my first ever flare and vowed never to go back on them again they are so awful !! I used pentasa and diet only to maintain remission for 5 months then I relaxed my diet and went into another flare which has so far lasted 7 weeks went to my specialist yesterday he wants me back on steroids and to start the imuran but I am very aware of the potential side affects of these medications and am not willing to do that !! I have gone back to auto-immune protocol paleo diet and seem to be improving !!

  5. My name is Andrea (female version of Andrew!). Andrew’s story is almost identical to mine, except while I was in the hospital with my first attack (June 2013), they said I wouldn’t be leaving with my colon. I said, “Man, this is going to be a long stay, because I’m not leaving without it”. After 10 days I demanded to leave so I could get another opinion with a GI doctor I researched while in the hospital, whom was willing to work me in. Before the hospital ER, I had no warning signs that made me think I had anything but an intestinal virus. Never diarrhea (just the opposite!). At first I liked this new easy way to go to the bathroom.

    Fortunately for me, I always did have a homeopathic. Just before my hospital ordeal, I called him to cancel my monthly appointment, because I couldn’t even wait in the waiting room, because of the demands with my new found friend named “Diarrhea”. I just cancelled with the receptionist and told her why. My homeopathic called me back and asked how long this had been going on, and I reported 8 days. Even at that time I didn’t see signs of blood that made me think it was anything more than strain. My homeopathic said to get in that minute so he could rehydrate me and I spent the afternoon there on IVs. He had my blood work results, which are run bi-monthly, and for which this scheduled appointment was supposed to report findings. His office is with a group of other medical doctors, and they have their own lab in the office. While there on the IVs I started passing lots of blood. He said the blood work that he ran a few weeks before shows either a parasite, or a major allergic reaction to something; but he could only guess without more testing, so he prescribed VSL#3 and told me to take activated charcoal, and see a GI asap. Charcoal was to detoxify. I should add here that I didn’t actually have a primary care doctor, because I have always been so healthy that I never had an actual need, and my homeopathic is fantastic. I had to call my insurance carrier’s doctor referral program, to see what type of doctor I would see for my symptoms. After they asked a bunch of questions related to symptoms and they looked at my claims history, they said wait it out; it just had be an intestinal bacterial, which just has to pass. Nothing would have prevented all of this from happening, because I took every precautionary measure.

    That last appointment with my homeopathic was on a Friday, and I didn’t last two more days before the ER. When I got there they said one more day and I wouldn’t be alive. I had no potassium or magnesium left. I was admitted and connected to six IVs (potassium, magnesium, anti-biotics to kill everything, morphine, saline, prednisone). Over several days of test, scans, and a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with sever pan-colitis. To add insult to injury, blood test showed liver problems sever enough to require an MRI, to see what was going on with my bile ducts. They told me to prepare myself that I might need a liver transplant as well. I’d have to pull my hospital reports to see what medical term was for that associated disease, but auto-immune in nature, like the pan-colits.

    WHAT? Are you kidding me? I’m the person that has always taken the strict approach to health and well being. I workout and do yoga regularly. I have a PBF (percentage of body fat) of 20%, and never let it get higher. I’m the one everyone thinks is the most healthy of all! I’m the one everyone says looks 35, not my real 57! I’m the one that pays $12,000 a year out of my own pocket for a homeopathic and these tests to make sure I stay at 20% PBF! WTFluke is this? AND, aren’t I supposed to be too old for UC to being hitting me now?!

    I left the hospital never knowing what really hit me, because they started me on the IV anti-biotics after blood test in the ER. If it was started by a parasite, they killed it in the ER before they detected later in the hospital. I still don’t know, but they say I’ll have this UC for life. I believe with the history of gastrointestinal problems in my family, that is true. Celiacs and you name it in my family. My homeopathic did run food allergy tests months before this happened, and tested for celiacs. I did test allergic to wheat, but he said the only true test for celiacs is an upper GI biopsy, so it was still a maybe for celiacs at that point. Broccoli and cauliflower were killer, and I long suspected that, but in denial since I love both. I never eliminated them, and ate them almost daily, until my hospital visit.

    Well, long story short… Out of the hospital, and immediately followed what my homeopathic said, because even the new GI said diet doesn’t matter much. RESEARCHED EVERYTHING I could, found your website, and your books; and I have been in remission ever since. I had another colonoscopy a few weeks ago for my first since the hospital. My GI doctor just kind of had a bewildered look on his face while reading the results. Actual jaw dropping. I wasn’t sure if it was a look of disappointment or confusion. He said he guessed I am doing so well because I was in such good health before this happened. I said, “Maybe, but it is diet too”. I gave him the full list of how I eat, my supplements, etc, but he wasn’t really interested. Had monthly visit with my homeopathic a few weeks ago and reported my colonoscopy results and reported what my GI said. My homeopathic just smiled proudly.

    Allergy testing is so important. I accidentally got broccoli 2-days ago in a smoothy and swelled up like I was 6 months preggo. Had the labor pains to match! We bought a new vitamix blender so I could pulverize seeds and once again have berries. My significant other forgot about the broccoli allergy and mixed it in. I knew immediately and asked him what he put in it, and that was it! Now, if I hadn’t know about this allergy, I would still be drinking that new smoothy recipe (sooo yummy), and I would be right back on the toilet. In this case, just a day with a cute “baby-bump” and it was all over. See attached allergy baby-bump pic!


  6. Thanks Andrew.
    I am from Australia and have had UC since 2008.
    I can totally relate to you regarding how diet is really important. I have never seen a Natropath but your post may well give me the encouragement I need to get off my ass and see one.
    Hope you in remission for a very long time.

    John from Australia.

  7. Allison-3

    Wow- way to go- following your intuition totally paid off! Having a trusted and supportive doctor that uses science and medicine in a safe and efficient way is definitely something we all need and deserve. Yay!

    All the best –

  8. Thanks for the post Andrew. I have cut out dairy for a few years now and gluten for about a year and have found that has helped. I never thought to cut out eggs though. I eat them almost every second day! I will have to try and see if my symptoms improve. I just started taking probiotics this week and have been reading up about L-Glutamine and it has a lot of positive reviews. Apparently it is great for building and repairing the intestinal tract. I am going to start on this tomorrow. Please let me know how you go on the Aloe Vera and GI Capsules as they are next on my list if I don’t see any improvements.

    1. Fred S

      Cutting out gluten and dairy made a huge difference for me. L-Glutamine can cause headaches in some people though so keep that in mind. I cannot take it for that reason.

  9. Hi Andrew, great post glad you are turning things around. Look out for stuff like Almond milk though it often has carrageenan in, which is what they use to induce colitis in lab experiments. Good luck Michael

    1. Fred S

      Carrageenan is nasty stuff! It’s should never even be allowed in food products, knowing it’s used to bring on colitis in lab animals.

      I love almond milk as well. Fortunately there are some brands that do not have carrageenan in them (Silk for one).

  10. That’s great to hear Andrew, and thanks for being so bold as to share your story. Your comments have such an incredible likeness to my own experience (down to even being a fellow Scot) that it gives me increased hope, and I felt I had to write.

    I had the same frustrations with the medical process, which seems to be a common theme. It took me a year to even get a proper diagnosis, but after that was put on a course of Mesalazine. Don’t get me wrong, this worked, and is great to have in the locker, knowing that I can control it through this route, at least for now.

    The constant denial of all my doctors, surgeons, GI specialists that diet had nothing to do with it left me cold. It just seems so obvious. The lack of even an attempt to try something was downright frustrating, and if I’m honest left a bit of a bitter taste. When one of the nurses casually told me that I would be on the drugs every day for the rest of my life (as if that wasn’t a big deal), my dear old stubborn streak kicked in, and I tried to find another way.

    I came off the drugs and decided to fight the illness, or at least try to understand it (I have to say that the way people have fought this has been inspirational, and sites like this are a real lifeline. They say UC is a disease of high achievers and I can believe it from the stories and bravery that some people show on here. I’m lucky enough to have a mild case in comparison)

    First stop was a Naturopath too, and wow, it was life changing.

    I was told that I was intolerant to Gluten, Dairy, Caffeine, Wine, Beer and Red Meats. Sure enough, I took all of them out the diet and bang, in a day or two I was on one stool a day, no blood.

    The feeling was indescribable, and a little baffling. How could it be that easy. As it turned out it wasn’t quite so easy. I had to later take out Nightshades too, as Eggplant/Aubergine and Canned Tomatoes caused big flares, as did Onion, which is annoying. At the present time though I’m in remission, and still busy experimenting, praying that it’s not just a fluke.

    The difference is amazing though, I’ve lost lots of weight (in a healthy way), my skin has cleared up, I feel less tired, and less hungry. Bizarrely my muscles ache less after exercise, it’s like I’ve gone back to being a teenager again.

    Why did I not do this sooner? For that matter, why doesn’t EVERYONE do this sooner, UC or not? How can this not be the first point of call for every professional working with this disease? It makes you think, what sort of health timebomb is the western world sitting on where the core diet is the cause of so many problems, scary

  11. Hi I just read Andreas most and it immediatley struck me that it was very reminiscent of the FODMAPS diet which I think evryone should look into as it has helped me a lot. There is alos a very handy App from Monash Univeristy which is a great tool if you decide to follow the FODMAPS principles.

    1. Ryan Malm

      thanks michael – i just decided to make a switch from SCD to a low FODMAP diet instead based on recommendations from my integrative nutritionist. SCD was just too restrivtive for me and i didn’t ever feel my stomach was satisfied. i have also seen others reference that app, a bit steep at $9.99 but probably worth it if on the diet.
      for those that haven’t, i suggest read “the inside tract” by dr. gerrard mullen who maps out an elimination diet low in fodmaps while always reintroducing foods slowly.

      1. Allison-3

        Over the last two years, I also went from SCD to paleo to autoimmune paleo and then added in low FODMAPs. Woah- wait- what the heck am I supposed to eat again? Hah!
        I agree SCD long-term wasn’t working for me, I felt I needed some starches for blood sugar/gaining weight issues and satisfying my hunger pangs.
        Anyhow- I have seen a HUGE shift in my overall health thanks to FODMAPs- I realized that I was relying too heavily on nuts, honey, yogurt, garlic, coconut, eggs etc., And in actuality, they were preventing further healing of my guts. My sleep, stamina, weight are stable.
        Oh man- restrictive diets take an exorbitant amount of energy and planning. They require heaps of patience and tons of trial and error!
        Sometimes eating this way just plain sucks and I just dream about pizza and a pint of Guinness!
        But- in the end- I really love feeling good- so it is a no-brainer. And I can only hope that I will be able to be decadent now and then in the future.
        Good luck to you & everyone out there figuring out what works (it is quite a puzzle to solve)!!

  12. Its great to hear from someone who’s successfully making sport a large part of life despite UC. I have a big race coming up and training has ground to a halt, so i enjoy reading stories of recovery. They give me confidence i’ll be back on the turbo soon!

  13. Ryan Malm

    this is awesome andrew – i have the blooddraw kit at home to get checked for food allergies as i type and i am very interested in seeing the results.
    the bummer is that because i’ve been on such a restrictive diet over the last 9 weeks (SCD), that food allergies from wheat and dairy are unlikely to show up since it’s been so long since i’ve ingested them…
    one other thing i will note to everyone about food allergy testing, is getting tested by an allergist/immunologist vs getting tested from a naturopath or integrative health professional is very different. my immunologist basically said i had no food allergies, but my integrative doc will be checking a lot more thoroughly and i’m pretty sure some things will be popping up.
    a great site to check out is to find a doc that get you involved in these tests.

  14. Catherine E

    What a wonderful And encouraging post. What is the name of the food allergy test you had done?
    My nutritionist suggested a mediator release test. Am curious to know if it’s the same one

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