Flare Ups Killing Me When I Wake Up in the Morning

I am a 20 years old male and I’ve had UC for 3 years now.  Year by year I keep getting worse with my symptoms.  In the past 3 years, only 6 months I’ve had good a condition.

I don’t know how one day blood can come up all of a sudden.  The biggest issue i have is flare ups in the morning.  I can’t even get to class because it’s killing me. I get these hot nervous feelings, and when I get out to the WC(water closet/bano/crapper/bathroom) it’s a false alarm.   I don’t know what to do.  I went to the doctor and she gave me mesalazine and entacort.   But none of them work in the way I want.   T have another issue when, i sit on something in the morning, I have alot of pain around my butt, but i have to sit alot.  Do you think it will cause problems?

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  1. Hey Thanks for posting in this group and sharing your experience with Colitis. To best answer your question is to keep a clear relationship with your doctor and ask as many questions you can (even if it’s embarrassing or seem unimportant). This disease is still relatively new and many of us, no matter how long we have had it are still learning. The best thing to do is to tell your doctor about the pain and how constant it is. I was diagnosed since 2008 and am glad there is a name for it and that everything I experienced including the stomach pain and bleeding is a part of UC.

    The best you can do is tell your doctor it hurts to sit down and then see what they say or suggest you to do. Best of luck!


  2. The flare that I am hopefully coming out of right now sounds similar to what you are experiencing. I actually only go to the bathroom in the morning but, during the worst part of my flare, it could take up to three hours for me to finish going and I was in intense pain after about an hour or so. Some days, I would have to take a narcotic and just spend the day in bed after being in so much pain.

    Go back and talk to your doctor. There are medications that help with cramping in your gut (which may be what “nervous hot feeling” you describe could be). There are also medications (as well as alternative therapies such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, regular therapy, etc) that can help you deal with being just plain anxious or nervous. And, of course, there are pain medications that can help if you have intense pain. As far as it hurting when you sit, I believe there is a type of pillow that was designed for people with Hemorrhoids that makes it more comfortable to sit with a painful bottom, so you might ask about that, as well.

    Let you doctor know the medications you are on don’t seem to be working for you. Keep a diary of your symptoms and take that with you to discuss with the doctor, to prove your case. Most of us have been through several rounds of several different things trying to find the right medication to stop our flares. This time, the only thing that seemed to work on my flare was Prednisone, which is unfortunate, since it has so many side effects and can’t be taken long term.

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