Flare Up Again, Oh No!

Kara d

Meet Kara D:

Hello i am Kara.I am into gypsy music and punk music ,hippy stuff, healthy food and i have two daughters aged 9 and 21.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2011.

Some more background:

I am into alternative culture have many tattoos and I love jewelery ,art,beautiful fabrics and old exotic things. I am studying a diploma of community services and hope to work with refugees or indigenous people.


I have just had my flare start up two days ago .I went to a festival and this brought on my flare , i think it is a combination of worry I’ve had recently over car fines and overdue tax returns plus studying and eating food i haven’t previously been eating that has brought it on. It looks bad alot of blood but at least now i know what to do to get rid of it. Flares have been getting alot less and before this one i was in remission since mid January. I ate brown rice ,fruit, pastry,pasta,toast and had some vodka at the festival and all this has gotten me back into a flare it seems we cannot let go and relax for too long with diet stress or alcohol but once the fires out sometimes its easy to slip ..ha ha but like my dad always said where there’s smoke there’s fire and with UC there’s always smoke. The festive season is also a bad flare time for me but I’m only learning now what times to watch out for so next year iii be more careful.

Kara’s Story:

Does anyone notice that brown rice causes flares?

Does anyone also think that after steroids its hard to loose weight long term?

I haven’t been on steroids since 2011 but I still find it harder to shift weight since I went on them. The problem is that i look healthy so its hard to believe I’m sick and I am soooo sick of trying to explain my illness so many people say things like ” oh i have IBD too”.  I have snapped at a few people because I’m tired of explaining it and the worst is my ex partner who is my daughter’s dad who thinks i am just being a victim and that i am not sick even though hes seen me in hospital, that hurts.

Now that there is alot of blood in toilet i know what to do. I will take bio currcumin tablets, drink water by the bucketful, use pentasa enemas at night, painkillers, water bottles, drink protein shakes, eat soup and fish with veg, rest alot, have no sugar, think positive thoughts and rub my belly until I’m better .. Next time i go to a festival i will be much better prepared and learn from this! I don’t see myself as a sick person it is a shock to see this amount of blood this morning and like it is every time I am scared .I always feel angry at myself because i could’ve done better than ending up here again bleeding in the toilet. and anyway i have to go right now and poo [ha ha wouldn’t tell anyone but you because you know what i mean} i am not so far into this flare so i can hang on . I do get concerned about future cancer and have been naughty with appointments at hospital but iii be going to docs today to get a appointment with my specialist.


current medications Pentasa enemas at night, Bio currcumin tablets,clean water,rest ,water bottle, panediene, clean food {such as : Soup, salad, cabbage, bananas, fish, steamed carrot, zucchinni, manuka honey, herbal tea]

written by Kara D

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