First Time Colitis Sufferer in Tuscaloosa, AL

After our 27 April, 2011 Tornado, we were on a “boil water” order for about 24-48 hours.

Afterwards, I developed a mild case of Diarrhea that was manageable. I thought “OK, I might have picked up something accidentally in the water”, so I didn’t think much of it.

In the first of June, I went to my employer’s medical clinic on a Monday afternoon where they put me on a bland diet for 3-4 days; chicken broth, etc… They drew blood and I contributed a stool sample the next day. I tried chicken broth that night and it was like Niagara Falls unleashed. The next day I started seeing blood in my stool, I was going probably 8-10 times a day. I called my GI doctor who got me in on Wednesday for tests (more blood and a bloody stool sample I was able to give right away. They called back wanting me to come back that Friday for an anemic test. Being bullheaded, I waited until that Friday to visit the local ER, where I was checked in immediately. Between Monday and Friday, I had lost 20 pounds and was kept for 10 days. I was given steroids, antibiotics, saline solution, and potassium.  Couldn’t keep any food in me to include yogurt or jello. Especially bad was the potassium which upset my stomach immediately. I learned to position myself on a portable commode before any meds as I couldn’t move fast enough. Finally, a colonoscopy and biopsies proved I had Ulcerative Colitis. I’m now on Asacol for the rest of my life, on Klor-con for an undetermined amount of time, weaning myself off gradually of Predinsone.  I’ve learned stress can be a “trigger” and stress is part of my job. In conjunction w/ bad knees, so I’m leaning towards applying for a disability retirement on both counts.

My Medications:

Klor-Con 20 mg (?) 1 every day
Asocal 800 mg 3x day
Predisone 10 mg weaning myself down

Submitted by: “FOS” (Full of Stool)

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4 thoughts on “First Time Colitis Sufferer in Tuscaloosa, AL”

  1. Well, the good news is you got a diagnosis very quickly and it looks as if you are getting excellent treatment. I’m also on Asacol (only medicine I’m on) – I find it works really well with very few side effects.
    The low fiber/low residue diet works quite well when you’re in a flare. I spent about 8 weeks eating chicken broth and melba toast – not the most appealing but it helped. The weight loss can be disturbing but in my experience once you’re in a remission the weight will come back.
    Ask lots of questions, read as much as you can and know that there are lots of us with ulcerative colitis who are living happy and fulfilled lives. This is not a death sentence – it isn’t fun but once you’re in a remission things will be much better.
    Please be sure to keep posting on this site with your questions, comments, feelings – etc. This is a virtual support group so don’t be shy!

    best of luck,

  2. Strange that I found this post the very day that I realized that Klor-Con and colitis can be a dangerous combination. I was training for a 1/2 marathon in June 2010, taking 2 Klor-Con 10s per day when I came down with symptoms of colitis. I began the asacol, went to imuran, nothing got better. Recently I took myself off the Klor-Con began just using salt substitute in my diet. Got better very quickly. Klor-Con dissolves in your intestines.Not a good thing with colitis. Salt substitute gives you potassium with the effect on your colon. Asacol works fine, but if you’re taking Klor-Con beware. But, as the other poster mentioned, don’t trust your doctor alone.

  3. Vicki;

    Thank you for your comments. I’m applying for a disability retirement effective 1 September (hopfully) from the University of Alabama because of my knees ,which are garbage/trashed. My knee doctor wholeheartedly approves of my decision and will support me 150% on my applciation. I’m meeting w/ my regular doctor tomorrow to see if he’ll go along w/ my UC being a disability. Been at UA for 13 actual years plus I purchased 4 years of my Army miliraty service when I first started.

    As people say, when one door cloese, another one opens up.

  4. Good luck with everything hope it turns out well. Some meds help out a lot and many people are just fine after taking them. If worse comes to worse and you ever need a surgeon look up Dr. Mark Parker at the Alabama Colon and Rectal Institute, P.C. they’re located in Birmingham. I had surgery in October of last year to remove my entire large intestine and have a J-Pouch created. If possible he can perform the surgery laparoscopically, which I had done. Things are MUCH better. The same tornados that tore through Tuscaloosa came through Cullman where I live. Hope everything is going well down there, things here are back to normal just a lot of construction underway.

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