Finding Ways to Overcome Ulcerative Colitis


I have posted before and wanted to update and hopefully give others hope.

Here’s the Story:

After a one year battle with UC, with prednisone really being my only relief from a constant flare up, I am finally figuring out how to deal with the illness and hopefully, in the long run, overcome it. I am working with an herbalist who had Ulcerative Colitis and cured himself. Unlike most the people on this site I am not on the SCD Diet. It doesn’t work well with my body type, which runs best on meat and carbs. I currently live on white rice and chicken or fish, as well as millet bread sandwiches with cucumbers, soy free grapeseed oil veganaise, rice cheese, and turkey. It is amazing how many allergy-free foods you can now find at a health-food store. I am staying away from spicy foods, black pepper, any veggies and legumes that are gas creating, and any possible allergens, i.e. soy, gluten, dairy, corn, eggs… The real trick to what I am doing now though it not my diet, though I know it is helping. The real trick is the chinese tea my herbalist is making (I know it has Chinese licorice and ginger along with lots of other things), a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs (boswellia, ashwagandha, and triphala.) I am also taking lots of probiotics, curcumin (without the black pepper extract), artemisia, and lots of fish oil. Soon I am going to start adding in a little aloe juice and freshly ground flaxseed. I am down to 10mg of prednisone and am tapering off very slowly in order to give my gut as long as possible on this protocol so that it can heal. I am feeling great, and finally have the energy to play with my son who will be six months old in a few days. There are natural ways to cure this disease. There is hope! The real trick is that every person is unique and therefore has to find what works for them.

Submitted by Maria

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  1. That’s awesome Maria. Sorry just discovering this post now. I have UC and currently studying Complementary and Alternative medicine as a Graduate Certificate program. I have experienced herbs on my own and went through some hard times. I’m determined to cure/manage it myself. I’m still in the beginning of my program, but hopefully after I will be able to.

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