Fighting with U C


Myself Dr. Lalita Gaur from Gurgaon India. I m 40 yrs old I teach U G students in a U G college I love dancing and being with my students taking them on tours excursions and preparing them for social work. But all my dreams have crashed because of my U C. I was diagonsed with U C in 2005


For the last year I”m having recurrent stomach and urine infection which has led to the present flare up.So many courses of antibiotics did me no good. I m having all blood in my solid formed stool, bloating, flatulence lack of hunger throughout the day. for 1 month I ve been following Naturopathy along with 3g SAZO a day, a folvite tablet for iron .a calcium ,tablet and B Complex and all juice and fruit.I ve lost much weight,feeling week, tired and ill throughout the day. Tempting to go back to G I but scared of all that steroids and blind tests which never did me any good. Every day i hope for some improvement but end up with the horrific scene of bloody stool.

My Story:

For 1 month I’ve been following Naturopathy along with 3g SAZO a day, a folvite tablet for iron, calcium, tablet and Becasule(B Complex) and all juice and fruit. I’ve lost much weight, feeling week, tired and ill throughout the day. Tempting to go back to the GI but scared of all that steroids and blind tests which never did me any good.

Every day I hope for some improvement but end up with the horrific scene of bloody stool. Should I go for an another colonoscopy or just wait for the flare up to get settled? What should I do to increase my weight? Can this frequent blood lead to cancer?( kindly help) I just want to eat normal food, tired of drinking just juice juice and juice. This disease has isolated me from friends and society, Unending waits for doc’s appointment and again the same prescription with irritating medicines causing inflammation, headache and blisters in the mouth.

My family is also very much disturbed because of this disease My only son cannot get any help from me in study or in general.  Earlier curd helped me a lot but this time it is also not working, neither green tea helped me. Raw leaves juice is also not working . even raw fruit is causing blood. My naturopath suggested me to take more and more vitamin c tablets to increase immunity. I’m also taking probiotics to improve the gut bacteria. Should I go for natural parasite cleanse or liver and kidney cleanse has anybody tried this?

How far are these things helpful in treating U C. In naturopathy what helps in stooping blood.Earlier i also had mucus with blood but now it is no more. Perhaps because I’ve been on fasting and fruit juice only. Kindly help if there is any solution to my problem.

written by Lalita Guar

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  1. Hi Lalita, I am really sorry to hear how you are feeling. I do not know much about cokitis yet because my son was diagnosed in march of this year. I have just startedbgiving him Ultimate Flora probiotics. They have the extra care with 30 billionand the critical care -50 billion. Bev, a person who always answers to questions has also recommended L-Glutamine.
    Because you are in a flare, i do not believe raw vegetables and fruits are reconmensed. They will stress your intestines and make you go more.
    Vegetables should be cooked while you are in a dlare.
    I just bought andbstarted readingbthe book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, which is the SCD . Itsiunds very promissing.
    keeps usupdated on you you are doing.
    Be well.

  2. So sorry for your agony!
    First, have you been diagnosed with UC?
    Are you willing to take medications, in addition to a traditional SCD DIET?
    Have you heard of the SCD diet?
    Do you have access to traditional western medicines that are presently treating ulcerative colitis patients?
    This disease is so personal and specific to each individual that when we get Diognosed we have many optionas to choose from, often combining medicine with food choices when we experience flares.
    Since colitis is a chronic condition, all we can do is to manage it.
    One thing that works for me are antiinflamatory drugs in combination with mesalamine enemas. Food….well just like you, it gets tricky.
    Having diarehea , mucus, blood , cramps certainly doesn’t make you hungry, and you get to the point you don’t want or can’t eat during your flare.
    During a flare, I eat bananas with brown spots, plain yogurt with no bifodus, absolutely no raw fruits with seeds or skins, vegetables that are not gassy and cooked such as carrots, turnips cooked with butter. I keep away from sugar. When I feel a little better, I graduate to a simple baked chicken breast with no sauce, no frying and perhaps some cooked green beans.

    This food success could take many trial and error attempts.
    I hope this can be helpful.
    I am not a doctor and can only offer advise that has worked for me. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon

  3. I agree with others that all of the vegetable and fruit juice isn’t generally recommended, and it sounds like that diet is not helping you at all. I don’t know if you have any restrictions on the type of foods you can or will eat, but grilled or baked chicken, fish or other meats, and hard boiled/scrambled eggs are things you might try. And like others have suggested, keep fruit to a minimum for now–ripe bananas and maybe applesauce, if you are ok with apples. Add some cooked carrots or zucchini in there if you want. I understand not wanting to eat because you know what the aftermath will be, but you still have to switch things up and get some nutrition in your body. I also know it’s hard to find time to take care of yourself when you have family to care for. Maybe someone can help cook some different food for you? Or just help with children so you have some time to care for yourself?

    I personally would not do any type of “cleanse”. Those are mostly scams. Taking some sort of unusual herb or potion is not likely to fix your digestive tract.

    You don’t have to change everything at once. Maybe just try a little mild, solid food in place of all of the vegetable juice. I don’t think it will harm you or make you worse, and it might help.

  4. Thank u Ana, Paulette and Kelly for your comments.Actually I.m a pure vegetarian so bananas and apples are only helpful to me and yes i’m taking them regularly. Now a days i’m a bit stable. I took warmwood and cloveoil for 15 days and regular dose of proboitics and it really helped me .I wish i’ll be normal soon. Thanks again.

  5. Agree with the others. Definitely get off the raw diet as that will further irritate your colon. Also, make sure you are taking a large enough dose of probiotics. Many you find at the store are low dose and designed for people without something like UC.

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