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Fighting UC

Hi my name is Edward Petracco.  I’m from New York City.  I was diagnosed 2009 with Ulcerative Colitis.   I am 42 years old have a great and helpful wife and a son .

My Symptoms:

i had a flair up june 3 was in the hospital for a week now i am on the prednisone and Asocal

My Story:

Up until 3 years ago, i had no idea what uc was.  I was never in the hospital, in good shape, then bam in and out with flair ups.  Going to the bathroom 15-20x a day at its worst, blood test , and the pain.

All the medication the doctors give you, one pill for this, one for that and some of the side effects are worse than the uc.  My family has been the best, my wife is very supportive she helps with everything she has read up on it alot.  Its hard for them as well because of the mood swings you get, the depression you get and the bathroom thing.  I am most concerned about getting the drugs that they give you to fight the uc, they are strong.  The main thing is the family.  My wife, son and others keep you going as you fight the uc and you have faith.

The question i have for all of us that are fighting this

is why do we wait so long to go to the doctor?

I know in my case i waited until i was very bad.  I lost about 30 pounds, was vomiting and going to the bathroom a lot.  When i got to the hospital it took 3-4 days before they would know what i had.  The pain I went through was crazy, but i got it under control.  Then it happened again.  I could see the signs but still waited, i guess you think that it will go away but it is better to get help as soon as you feel the symptoms coming on.  I am on my third GI doctor.  The first one sucked.  The next one i get was alot better and this new one is great so far.  At least now they are being more aggressive with fighting the problem. So we will see what happens, one day at a time and i will live in peace with uc.

Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:
In a year i would like to be normal.  Just living life with my family and not think of uc.
Colitis Medications I’ve Done:
the best medications to seal you up is the predesone it really seals you up, but it is strong and you can not be on it for a long time.i go to the doctor on tuesday so i will see how the meds they are giving me now are working. the medications i am taking now are gabapentin-mercaptopurine-asacol-prednisone-oxycodin-multi vitamin.

written by Eddie

submitted in the colitis venting area

7 thoughts on “Fighting UC”

  1. Hi, Eddie. I think one reason we wait so long is we hope whatever it is will go away, that it’s just an anomoly or we wait because of fear, scared we’ll hear we have cancer. My very first sign of blood, about 15 yrs. before diagnoses, I was shopping, had to go to the bathroom, saw blood, freaked and went to emergency. I was told I had hemorhoids. It got worse a few years later, finally went to the doctor and the same dx. Years later a colonoscopy finally told me I had left-sided colitis and Crohn’s disease. I think it best to know what you have early on. Good luck to you.

    1. Oh Maggie, you are not the only one who was misdiagnosed, after having runs for months and the stomach pains I noticed blood and told my mom (I was 11 or 12), she got a smirk and told me I was getting my period! I said, NO THAT’S NOT IT!! Finally got to the doctor and diagnosed. For me what lead to remission for 15 years without drugs was a result of either 1. switch to vegetarian diet 2. homeopathic remedy 3. prednisone 4. smokin’ weed. Since falling off the veg diet years ago symptoms have returned now, so I’m willing to be bet my switch back will give me results in time. I’m not willing to go back to 3 or 4 unless it gets really bad, and both the homeopathic remedy and sulfasalazine have lately been ineffective. I know that the combination of meat and grains is super trouble for our bodies, so that could be why people get results from either SCD (cutting out grains) or Vegetarian (cutting out meat), helping our digestion.
      A thought on waiting long to go to the doctor, I think if there were more awareness of the symptoms of UC out there it would help, but that involves talking about the symptoms and raising awareness, which takes balls. I’m sharing more about it with friends online and it feels amazing! Feeling good on my Self Healing Diet too, :)

  2. UC Family Boy

    Part of the hardest thing to deal with is ending up reflecting on the what if’s. focus on the fact you have a great support base with your family and a GI who you seem happy to work with. I was a mess to start with, still in early stages of dealing with this but as you wrote’So we will see what happens, one day at a time and i will live in peace with uc’ and so far this has been the case for me.

  3. Jessica from Ohio

    Eddie how did you do with the prednisone side effects?
    I did not too well and had all but 4 of the serious side effects from it.

    So if you did have side effects how bad were they? what dose/time?
    and if you said yes how did you deal with the side effects?

  4. Justin

    Hey man sorry to hear about the flare/diagnosis. I was curious also how you deal with the prednisone side effects. I have developed a love/hate relationship with the stuff. It seems to help but the side effects are horrible

  5. Trisha

    I know I waited for several reasons one of which was embarassment. I too waited until the 3rd trip to the ER before I sought help. This site has lot’s of information and I would suggest trying one item at a time so you can see if it works or not. Currently I am on Asacol only with Prednisone only during flare-ups. Diet is key but everyone is different. Wishing you the best of luck and thanks for sharing your story.

  6. So, I’m reading this and I see my husband. He has gotten to the place where he will not allow me in the bathroom with him. When I see blood, he ends up admitted. He absolutely HATES going to the hospital. By the time they get him, he’s usually so dehydrated that they can’t keep an IV in him. This last time he had to pass out first before he admitted how bad he was. Somehow he convinced the docs to let him out. I just don’t get it. There are stories of people who have been dealing with this for years. Eddie, we’ve done prednisone/prednisolone more times than we can count. His has been complicated by SEVERAL recurrent bouts of c. Diff. I haven’t seen anyone mention that yet. He got a bone density scan and the preds have weakened his bones so badly that the docs are afraid for him to fall. I know this is all over the place, but I’m trying to pack 5 years of dealing with this in one paragraph. We need relief soon.

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