Fighting Fire with Fire

“Stopping Smoking and Starting a Colitis Flare”

I have ulcerative colitis.


The most unique thing i can tell you folks is smoking cigarettes totally put my colitis into remission about 15 years ago.i was on disability for 7 months one week after lighting up that nasty cigarette i was back to blood,no racing to the toilet,no cramps,nothing.

I’m back in a terrible flair.  All the signs are there but this time joint pain as well.  I recently quit smoking and I’m totally sure this is why I’m in a colitis flair.  There is no doctor on this earth that will convince me that I’m wrong.  There is something in cigarette smoke that sends ulcerative colitis into remission. 15 years earlier I started smoking to put this nasty disease into remission and it worked.  Yes I tried the patch and chewing tobacco to no avail.  It’s that cigarette smoke inhaled into the lungs that sends this disease into remission.  I think it’s a combination of nicotine and another nasty chemical in cigarettes. i know if i lit up i would go into remission.

Ulcerative Colitis Medications I’ve Tried:


Submitted by “Bald Eagle” in the Colitis Venting Area


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4 thoughts on “Fighting Fire with Fire”

  1. You’re not alone, Bald Eagle. Even medical research has now recognized the link between smoking cessation and colitis onset. As awful as it is, we have to acknowledge that we’ve got this Bizarro World disease that’s improved by smoking! I’m saying this a non-smoker. In my younger days when I believed my gut problems were caused by stress, and I didn’t take smoking’s negative effects as seriously as I do now, I’d bum cigs from people for about a week and they’d go away. So I’d always assumed the smoking was relieving my stress, and thus my problems. Now I’m more mature, and healthier overall, but it means I have to deal with UC the hard way. :-). I almost gave the smokes a try during my last flare, but happily it began subsiding with diet and medication. Though I do wonder if we should more frankly weigh the risks of prescription Rx’es vs. those of smoking.

    I definitely hate to see anyone get (re)addicted to smoking, so I think we all have to make our own decisions on whether it’s something we want to try for a few days or a week. But I think it’s important to make sure your doctors are familiar with the link between smoking cessation and colitis. If they want to argue that the studies are inaccurate, that’s one thing. But if they just think your claim is coming out of nowhere, I hope you can find a better informed doctor!

  2. Oops, I may have been unclear in my previous comment. When I was younger I assumed the smoking->gut link was stress reduction. In more recent years these studies have appeared saying there’s a correlation that appears to be nicotine-related.

  3. The nicotine doesnt have to be inhaled—just use the stronger nicoderm patches and things like eggplant and potatoes have lots of nicotine (eggplant has a whole lot more! but potates do have some–just a matter of getting it to the receptors ( ie the a7 subunit of the nicotinic AChR)

  4. Stress is like a Blowtorch…I’m 33 an just diagnosed with UC, I Quit heavy smoking around 2 years ago , 6 months after quiting smoking I started to get my mouth filled with canker sores , constant 4 to 6 sores sometimes more, reoccuring .If I scratch my mouth or get stressed one would pop out in my mouth. Back of my throat, gums, On top and under my tounge,Bummer to eat or even talk most of the time. I got hit with a flare 3 months ago , &As of right now am fighting it with prednisone It’s help’n for the most part I’m not in the bathroom all day now. But 3 days into taking the prednisone My canker sores GONE. It will be interesting to see how things unfold with out the prednisone . Oh well,Obla De Obla da!

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