Feeling Helpless in Connecticut with My Ulcerative Colitis


Hello. My name is Joanne, I am 45 yrs old, live in Connecticut and i have had UC for the past 20 yrs. My dad also had UC and i have 2 cousins on my Dad side of the family that also have UC.

Colitis Symptoms:

Since October, I have been experiencing a very bad flare up. Lots of nasty gross stuff (all of you with UC you know what I am talking about). going to the bathroom anywhere from 3X a day to 20Xs a day. the pains, gas, feeling like i have the flu at night are just terrible.

My Long Colitis Remission Has Ended

I went for many years without a flare up but in 2011 it decided it was time to flare up and i can not get it back into remission. I was tired all the time (still am) I had blood work done and it showed i have basically no iron in my body. Dr,. order IV iron treatments. Iron went back up, but a few months later it went back down so back to the hospital for more IV iron treatments.

I started to see a new Dr. I love my Dr. He has been there every step of the way for me. He had me try some new medications but found out the best one for me was Asacol.

In October 2011 was the worse… my life became very crazy… Daughter left for college, boyfriend broke up with me a TON of stress at work and to top it off, because of all of this stress, well…. it didn’t help my ulcerative colitis at all. Since this flare up I am scared to do anything. I was working a 2nd job and had to quit because i was having accidents. My butt hurts all the time!!!!! I am most concerned because I am starting to get very depressed because I can not get it back in remission. Can someone give me some tips to get it back in remission. Does Adams diet really work? I just want to get my life back. I want to be able to do the things that i use to do, eat the things that I use to and most of all I don’t want to worry about gas attacks all the time. I know when one is coming… the pains and my anxiety goes really high. Can someone please help me. Some advice. SOMETHING

Colitis Medications:

I am on Asacol HD 6 pills a day. My Dr also prescribe steroids but i have not taken them yet. I do not like the side effects. (like most of us don’t)

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  1. Take the steroids until the bleeding stops. And In the meanwhile eat a low residue diet. I’ve had UC for 10yrs. I’m on Asacol and 6mp. The Pred is tough on the body but it will usually stop the bleeding. Good luck. Keep your head up. You’ve gone through a lot already.

  2. I keep telling everyone to try Ayurvedic. It saved the day for me. Yes the specific carb diet does work and so will getting the stress load off in whatever ways you can. If you can find an ayurvedic doctor near you – you might not have to take the pred. I stopped bleeding the day I started Ayurvedic.
    Chin up.. its a turn in the road and you’ll get through it! If you got in remission before you will again. You’ve had heart breaks before I am sure.. what cheered you up then? maybe get some good tunes on, do anything that will lift your soul and then take your time healing.

  3. Yes, Joanne, the diet works. For some people, it’s enough on its own. Please go on it straight away – the intro chicken soup can knock the D on the head very quickly. Besides, it will not HARM you, and it backs up your existing medication. Also, get some B-vitamins down you, as these are lost big-time with D. I use the SCD-compatible ones from Lucy’s Kitchen Shop online.

    No wonder you are in a flare after so much stress – your daughter leaving and your boyfriend dumping you are both kinds of bereavement. It’s completely understandable that this has made you ill, so I would work on whatever you can to reduce your stress levels: lots of gentle walking, yoga, meditation, sensory deprivation, massage, spending time with friends and family – anything you can think of. Swimming is great – very meditative.

    But here’s a thing, and it might sound tough. You say: “I want to be able to do the things that i use to do, eat the things that I use to…” Well, in my experience, YOU CAN’T. Because this illness is never going to go away completely, it will always ebb and flow and it can only be managed, not eliminated. You will probably have to give some things up (in my case, it was a high-pressure, high-paying job and a life in London – I am now a country-dwelling downshifter living on a tenth of my former income).

    But if you follow the right diet and are kind to yourself, lead a quieter life, (don’t take second jobs!), learn to do without some of the material things in life in order to spend less time working, exercise (gently) more, you can heal yourself again. I seriously recommend reading some books on Buddhism, Zen and wabi-sabi (Living Wabi-Sabi by Taro Gold is good), and The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama in order to help you deal with your illness on a spiritual level.

    Good luck and take care. I hope you feel better soon. Trish :)

  4. Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for all of the advice. I truly appreciate it and its nice to have support from other who suffer with UC.

    Lots of LOVE AND HUGS to all! <3

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