Feeling Good on the GAPS Diet – Biljana’s Update

I just have to tell everyone how I managed to be symptom-free, with no medication.


I started GAPS diet exactly on February 11 this year. It has 5 or 6 stages (I mixed the last two) on the way to the full diet. When I started with the diet I stopped taking my meds which did not help any more and I didn’t want to take steroids. It was a bit drastic, but that’s how I wanted. I had a bad die-off reaction with bleeding which stopped after approximately one month. I had to be careful with the food and introduce some foods very slowly. In the beginning I was only on bone soup, I couldn’t even have cooked carrots. When i had warm water in the morning my stomach hurt, that’s how sensitive it was.
Now I am on the full diet, just started eating salads and fruits and I have no symptoms. I even stopped taking meds for blood pressure because with this diet it got better and now it is completely normal.

I bought the book about this diet, written by Natasha Campbel McBride, and she has a web site where I actually found the introductory diet and started it.

I am definitely not saying to you to stop the meds, just to have a look at this diet, it is healing. I am going to be on it for two years for sure. I feel amazing, and just had to share this with all of you.

Regards to all


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    1. I would like to know if there are any foods to gain weight on. I have lost weight and would like to gain some back. I have lost 21 lbs in two years and every time I get a colonoscopy I loose a pound and cannot gain it back. Need some help on this. I do not want to keep loosing weight.

      1. Carol…if you can find a diet that helps curb the disease, like any of the diets mentioned here—GAPS, SCD, or eating raw—you will still lose weight at first. Your body needs to cleanse itself, either of bacteria or impacted food(people on the Standard American Diet carry about 10-20 lbs of undigested food in their intestines—that often ruins the digestion process of new foods eaten, especially raw fruits, not allowing proper digestion and leading to discomfort/pain. If you stick to a diet—once your body is healed, you will put weight on and keep it on. I know it is a tough start—you mentioned loving eggs somewhere—but what you invest in it, you will get out. And then, depending on what you do, you may be able to have eggs again. Only symptom and medicine free. All the best, Steve

  1. That is so good to hear Biljana! It is encouraging to hear that you are off meds. That is my goal too. I started the GAPS diet this month. I have had UC for over ten years. I have been on the SCDiet for many of those years. The SCDiet helped me. I can see now why I was not able to get off meds completely as I think I rushed through the intro diet and did not give my intestines enough time to heal. With having a flare since my last colonscopy I researched looking for something more to do. I found out about the GAPS diet which is like the SCDiet with a much more emphasis on healing broths and probiotic foods. I believe this is exactly what I need. In retrospect I can see how taking your time with the intro diet is so important to those with UC. I think the SCDiet would have served me better if I had taken the intro diet slower, eating mostly soups and broths and then adding in yogurt, baked goods, etc. I thought I really knew what I was doing, keeping strict on the diet but needed to focus more on the soups and broths which the SCDiet encourages as well.

    Anyway, I’m happy to say that it has been two weeks since I started GAPS and have seen improvement. Less trips to the bathroom, no more blood and diminished cramping. I’m taking the intro diet slowly and learned so much about the healing properties of broths, soups, fermented vegetables and fats.

    If you have any tips and suggestions with how you implemented GAPS it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your post and I wish you continued health.

    1. Gina,

      I am so happy to hear that you decided to try the GAPS diet. I started on February 11th and I am still well with no meds, even the ones I had to take for my blood pressure which was high before and with the GAPS diet went back to normal.
      I think the most important thing is to go slowly. I remember I started only with the broth, I could not even digest cooked carrots with the broth and they are mild. I had a severe die-off reaction which lasted for three weeks and I am so happy to hear that you have not had such a reaction, that you feel better after two weeks, it means you are on the way to heal the gut. Just go slowly according to the intro diet, step by step, first a bit of cooked vegetables when you can, a very small amount the first day, there is no rush. I love salad so much and I couldn’t wait to start eating it. I eat one leaf of dandelion the first day, two the second and third I took 5 but it was too much. You will feel when you have too much, but the it is a step back.
      AS for the yogurt, you need to make it yourself and ferment it 24 hours. I boiled milk and cooled it to the desired temperature (which I try with my clean finger, if I can hold in in the milk and it is not too hot and not too lukewarm, it is good). It is much better to use a thermometer, but this is how I learned first. Then I put the culture I had before, for one liter of milk I put two-three tablespoons of the yogurt I made before. Then I cover the jars and put towels or a small blanket over them to keep warm for 24 hours. You can look on the internet how to ferment vegetables, I found a couple of interesting ways, that is stronger than a probiotic pill.
      I am so happy I found this diet and I can go on talking forever. I had colitis for 10 years before that just like you.
      So, just go slowly, and listen to your body, it knows.
      I am now on the full diet and eat a lot of salads ( I also eat 4 raw (organic)eggs every day). My friends were worried about cholesterol but I had my blood test done and LDL is normal, in the middle, and HDL (that is the good cholesterol which protects the arteries) is high. My triglycerides are below minimum, so the eggs and all the fat I had were fine for me.

      I wish you luck, I encourage you to stay on it, and if you need any answer to anything else, please let me know. You can also buy the book, it is excellent.
      Good health Gina and keep it up,


  2. Hi Biljana

    You are the first person I have found to have such a sensitive stomach. You give me hope!!! After eating some salad BAM I had Acid coming out top and bottom. They have me on the highest dose of Pantaloc they can give me and now I take it twice a day. Almost anything causes acid. I eat broth and egg yolk. Lost 30 lbs in 5-6 weeks and doctor just put me on medication Diflucan to kill yeast. can I ask you what the first veggie was that you introduced to your diet? I’m guessing it was cooked?! I’ve been scared to try anything yet. I can’t even put ACV in my bone broth, but going to try sprinkling Gelatin in it tomorrow. Would love to hear about the first few steps you took after bone broth!
    Blessings! I’m so glad you are doing so well!

    1. Sorry Amanda that I am replying so late, I just saw your post. I hope you get in in time anyway.
      The first vegetable I took was one carrot that I had to coook and I had to try it several times because it did not work out the first time, I had a reaction.

      You have this acid because you are eating broth and eggs, animal products and they leave this acid ash in your body.It happened to me too, I had to take 150 mg of Zantac every night or I couldn’t sleep because the acid would try to come out.

      Just try a very small amout of cooked carrot, if it doesn’t work, try after a week and in the end you will be able to eat vegetables and then the acid will go away.

      Let me know how it went.


    1. Jovana,

      I am well now and it comes back when I am under stress, but I managed to get it under control with no medications.

      If you want, send me an email at biljka011@hotmail.com , just put your name on the subject line


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