Feeling Better Everyday

I’m 24 years old from Australia, and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (90% likely) at the end of Sept 2012. Just started 40mg pred, started eating healthy, SCD almost the day after I was diagnosed, I know God is going to allow me to heal 100%!

My Story:

So after noticing blood after a toilet trip one day I didn’t think too much of it, Doc said it’s probably hemorrhoids, it’ll pass bla bla, it didn’t it got worse, eventually I went to hospital, got a colonospy done, in which revealed inflammation in the colon, and patchy mucosa bla bla, likely diagnosis Crohn’s… so anyway. From the day I was diagnosed I started researching healthy, natural treatments, I cut out all process sugars, or anything unhealthy like that, I had fruits for a while, then started the SCD diet, started to feel better, less cramps and less toilet runs, until one day I had some peppermint tea and ohh man… I think I went to the Loo like 10-20 times in a few hours, blood galore, I didn’t want to go back to hospital so I went to see a family friend who is a GI (fortunately I could see him, as I haven’t been able to see a specialist yet! there’s like a 2 month wait, its friggen ridiculous!).

Anyway, lots of stress at home and what not, but the family friend wrote me a prescription for prednisone, 40 mg’s, I think today’s like the 11th day I’ve been on that dose, my BM’s have been 1 a day for the past 3 days, which is good, starting to get more formed. I’ve been living off chicken soup, tinned tuna and salmon (w olive oil), 1 banana pancake a day (as I was having too much fruit before, I was told I have a candida overgrowth), and some pecans, which I’ve just started to soak. My blood tests are still pending for when I can start Imuran and taper off prednisone, but at this rate I feel like I have eaten extremely healthy for over a month now and think I’m starting to restore the natural balance in my colon, I truly believe that I will beat this thing 100% and be a healthier version than I have ever been because of it. I have lost a fair bit of weight (always been skinny, used to be about 54-55kg, am now 47-48 (i didn’t have that weight to lose), I get tired alot from restricting the carbs, but I think I am doing alright. Anyway, I have an MRI today to check for some stuff n see how I’m going. I’ll keep you all posted.

Bottom line, I will beat this thing, – doctors say it can’t be cured, but lets be real, there.s an underlying reason our immune systems attack the gut in the first place, if we fix that problem (and it doesn’t happen over night) I’m pretty sure we can all be healed. May God bless us and heal us all.


Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Sympton free, inflammation free, with no signs of disease


40mg pred seems to be working wonders at the moment, hated the insomnia at first, and blood sugar eye adjustments, but starting to feel way better, each day

call me “Dukey”

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3 thoughts on “Feeling Better Everyday”

  1. I agree Dukey…I love your attitude too. When you said that it takes a while to get a dr appt. I had to agree with that. I was bleeding severely and the soonest appointment I could get was for 2 and a half months!! Needless to say I wound up in the emergency room and hospitalized on blood transfusions and IVs. I dont know where ulcerative colitis comes from but I also want to heal the disorder. Doctors nowadays dont want to cure an illness. Give them a symptom, theyll throw you a pill…thats it. Anyway I know that certain foods do definetely provoke a flare. This is a nightmare illness…a total nightmare. I did notice some significant improvement when I started taking probiotics. I wish all my fellow sufferers the best of luck and hopefully theres a cure in the future.

  2. dukey, i totally agree that we can heal ourselves, too. i don’t know why all GI doctors say there’s no cure and that i’ll be on meds forever. it’s such a negative way to look at things. the body doesn’t just randomly attack itself like they say. it’s provoked by something! i hope you can get things under control. i have been following paleo/SCD and it’s helped me, too.

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