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Fecal Transplant Interview with Dr. Davis – An Expert on FMT (With Instructions)

(below is the email from Mark after the interview, and towards the bottom, you will find your links for the poop donor guide, and of course the HOW TO Guide for doing the FMT transplants)


Hi Adam,

Thanks again for a great interview. OK with you if I link to it on my website?
I forgot to mention, if they want to go to the FMT retreat at Sanoviv on May 27th-June 9th, 2018, they have to be a patient of myself or another ND colleague of mine who’s West-Coast. I’m putting together a web page that describes the retreat, and through which people can make appointments to become a patient, but it isn’t ready yet. When does your newsletter go out? I want to make sure to have that link ready by then.
Oh yes, and I’m attaching the FMT donor screening protocol and how-to guide I mentioned, feel free to share it with people.
  • FMT Donor Screening [ilink url=”” style=”download”]Download[/ilink] (click to download document)
  • Fecal Transplant How To Guide [ilink url=”” style=”download”]Download[/ilink] (click to download, this explains how to do this at home)
Mark Davis, ND

The IBD Specialty Center
8403 Colesville Road

Silver Spring MD, 20910

6 thoughts on “Fecal Transplant Interview with Dr. Davis – An Expert on FMT (With Instructions)”

  1. WoW!! Mark that is just so informative for your people. You were kind enough to place my book on this site (Cathy’s Free EBook) so you know, we have done these at home with great success.

    I have been asking my Dr. who is a Naturapath, which labs test stools for pathogens/bacteria etc. No labs in Canada do this well or at all. My doctor says he sends to Virginia but they too are not top notch labs.

    My question: is it possible for someone, anyone to give a name of a lab that tests stools for various bacteria that are responsible for Colitis. My feeling is this would be a beneficial procedure for everyone. I know they send a kit and we ship…but where?

    Thank you for myself and all the people you will help with this video. I have been told by doctors that they send patients to far off countries with huge expenses for FMT. You have helped so many manage this in the comfort of their is easy.

  2. So Sorry Adam…I had Mark, the doctor, on the brain so said Mark instead of Adam try to change it if possible…you Adam deserve all the credit.

  3. Adam, this was such a valuable video. Thank you so much, you are truly an angel!

    After watching it and then further exploring on my own, I decided to try it. Had a consultation with Taymount clinic, London, and the doctor explained that I can also get a treatment in their international clinics in Bratislava and Vancouver (those that are more convenient for me due to travelling and visa arrangements).
    I’d really appreciate if someone can give me an advice to help decide which clinic (Slovakia or Canada) based on experience or recommendation.

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