Faith, Patience and A Cure

Today has not been a good day. I am out of all of my medicine and sat down having a pity party I guess you could say and decided to write a poem. Feel free to share it. :}

“Faith, Patience and A Cure”

By: Ashley L. Hozey

I woke up one day in horrible pain, I was rushed to the hospital and on that day my life changed.
They admitted immediately and off to surgery I went.
They took out my gallbladder and that’s where it all began.
The pain that I felt brought me to my knees.
The nausea, the diarrhea, the unanswered questions I asked, For an answer I would beg and plea.
What’s wrong with me?, I don’t understand.
I thought my surgery was simple, Why is it now all out of hand?
I still have this pain, I thought I was fixed.
Why do I have all these new symptoms, Please answer this!
The trips to the toilet, the nausea and hurt.
The bedridden medicines, the weight loss and bloat.
What has happened to me?, How do I explain?
People ask me what’s wrong over and over again.
My symptoms I feel but most can barely see.
My life is in turmoil, This is my plea.
I beg of you to find what will ease this hurt.
I beg of you to help me explain to my family and friends what is wrong with my gut!
I am afraid to leave this house, Or enjoy things that I love.
I never know when the urge will hit and to the bathroom I run.
The doctors all scratch their head in disbelief and treat like a drug seeker when they see you twice a week.
You can’t see my pain, You can’t see my hurt.
I didn’t ask for this invisible disease that has left my life in a rut.
I was healthy and energetic, Now I am weak and frail.
They should call this “The Devils Plague” because this disease has to be sent from all.
I never knew how strong I could be, Until I got whatever the hell is wrong with me!
I am no longer afraid of needles, doctors or test.
I know they will someday get my life back in order, And all of this will be put to rest.
I have prayed and cried and cried and prayed.
I know my day to be diagnosed will soon no longer be a stray.
Until then, I will try to stay strong, And hide all my hurt and anger,
And try to move on.
I will live a normal life as best I can but days like these make me wonder if I can.
Then I turn to ihaveuc and read all of the advice.
All of the stories and all of the strife.
I know then that I am not alone. And with all of you guiding me I have the strength to carry on.
Ihaveuc, Adam all the post have given me faith.
Thank you my friends from all around the place.
Thank you for showing me that relief will come.
Thank you for showing me that I am not alone.
Thank you for showing me all the ways to get help.
And thank you all for letting me share my story and poem,
And all that weighed heavy on my chest.
God bless all of you, And God bless me.
And God bless Adam and Ihaveuc for for being there when I am in disbelief.
I wish you all well, I hope one day we all no longer be scared and unsure,
And that together we will stand and say I AM CURED…

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