Faced With TPN

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis May 2010. One Colonoscopy, two endoscopies, one sigmoidoscopy , two abdominal wall injections and will have 4th Remicade infusion. Fighting fungal infections,etc…. Placed on 20 mg Prednisone today.

I am struggling with being able to eat/and am down to 110. My gastro is concerned about risk of stroke and heart attack.(I was basically a healthy female until March of 2010 seeing a doctor once a year! Now I see a doctor once a week!) I am amazed at how serious this disease can become. I am now faced with a central line placement and TPN twice a week. Has anyone else had this experience? I heard TPN is nasty Hoping the Prednisone picks up my appetite. I’m in shock and scared.

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