Extraordinary Raw Food Healing

Meet the Sungazer:

Hey, my name is Adam and I have UC for about 3 years. The condition has permeated every aspect of my life and i have no viable long term medication that can control it. When the only option the doctor could offer me was colectomy, i turned to specific diet and lifestyle modifications in a last ditch attempt to save my colon. I am currently following Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s protocol. In 9 weeks my disease and my life has turned on it’s head. The healing that i have gone through has been incredible – there is still more to go and it has been one of the hardest things i have ever had to do in my life with many dark, dark days. Yet the process has been enlightening. I know for sure i can be 100% healthy again and stay that way too. I am here to encourage anyone who is suffering and unsure where to turn, to consider following a plan like the one proposed by David Klein.

Some more about me:

I am sporty and musical 29 year old from London. I am a teacher, drummer and man of ideas. I teach primary school children, children with special needs, kit drums, samba drum, African drumming and ukulele. As a pro drummer i have toured across the UK, Europe and USA performing at major venues and festivals.

I am lucky to have a loving and caring partner who supports me in health and sickness and in all that i do. I also have a family full of love and care. With these people behind me i know i can achieve anything i want to if i set my mind to it.

Colitis Symptoms:

Right now, almost none!

3 months ago i would have said constant bleeding; mucous, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, cramps, bubbling, gas, groaning and whining, nausea, headaches, high urgency – i practically lived in the toilet.

My Colitis Story:

When i was diagnosed with mod-severe colitis in 2010 my first reaction was that i didn’t want to get sucked into the medical route. my sister has the same condition and she has been on meds for 10 years – her symptoms remain. I did some frantic internet research, found a self healing book and spent 3 nasty days with diarrhea and not knowing what to do whilst seemingly exacerbating my problems having not read the book properly. All the advice i was getting was to take the meds and do some lifestyle modifications along the way. It was a confusing time and it is hard to heed the expert advice of experienced specialists as well as the desires of close friends and family. I took the medications voicing that if in a few years time i was in the same position i would come back to a self healing plan. i spent the next 24 months in constant flare searching for the elusive combination of toxic medication that would control the symptoms of the condition and retur n some normality to my life. It never came. Having tried every type of conventional medication and concoction of meds, the doctor could only offer me experimental drugs or to totally remove my colon.

At this stage it was an easy decision for me – NEITHER! It was clear drugs weren’t working for me and there was absolutely no way, at the age of 29, i was prepared to lose my colon for the rest of my life. I knew it was time to read that first self healing book properly and take control of my own health.

David Klein’s self healing may seem drastic at first but it’s simplicity is it’s beauty. Eat only nourishing, raw, fresh fruits and veggies – the food that nature naturally provides for us. The idea is to flush out and clean from all the toxicity that exists in my body and rebuild and new and healthy one. I had been constantly modifying my diet since day 1 of diagnosis and so i was used to restricting the foods i could eat. On this plan, i could feel my body reacting within the first week. After 2 weeks, some symptoms seemed to diminish and i was ecstatic. The next few weeks turned very very dark and were probably the harshest times i have spent whilst experiencing UC. To have all your symptoms return and continue on the plan was incredibly physically and mentally demanding. The hardest thing was to push through despite severe weight loss and tiredness carrying a disease as fearsome as ever. Breaking through this period was the best thing i ever did. From week 5 of being on the plan, i have made great strides to a point 9 weeks down the line where i almost have no symptoms at all. This is the honest truth. My only lingering symptom is gas.

My healing journey has been an incredible and enlightening experience. I know for sure i can be 100% well and remain that way. I will not be able to go back to the lifestyle i had before i was diagnosed but i feel better for it. I almost feel indebted to my colitis for guiding me to a place where i now know how to properly look after all aspects of my life – body, mind and spirit.

I want to share my little story to add to the growing consciousness that diet and lifestyle have a massive part to play in the onset of UC or seemingly any other ‘itis’ or condition. I know that UC is different for everyone and healing is a very personal journey. It is important to find the method that you believe in and works for you.

David Klein’s plan resonated with me and it has done me wonders. Certainly, there is not only 1 way. I am here to say that it is possible to take control of your own health and make your own decisions about how to overcome UC.

I’m happy to hear what people think about using raw food as a healing method and answer any questions people may have.

Medications and Current Diet Treatments:

I’m hoping to be successfuly off meds in 2 weeks time for the first time since diagnosis in october 2010

Current: Mezevant 1.2g per day and reducing

5ASA Mezevant – 4.8g per day
Prenisolone – up and down from 40mg (18 months)
6Mercaptopurine – 100mg per day (7 months)
Infliximab (Remicade) – 3 infusions
Methotrexate – 25mg per day (6 months)
Asacol suppositories
Salofalk Enemas
Budesonide Enemas

Elementa liquid diet
LowFlex Diet
Low Residue diets

written by “Sungazer”

submitted in the colitis venting area

you can read more about my experiences at: http://healingcolitis.wordpress.com/

27 thoughts on “Extraordinary Raw Food Healing”

  1. Adam, do you eat only fruits and vegetables or do you eat proteins (ie. meat, eggs, nuts)? Congrats to you! I’m in a flare right now and am supposed to have a sigmoidoscopy this Wednesday. I am up for trying whatever works. :)

    1. Hi April. thanks for reading and commenting. There are 2 stages to the plan.. a healing phase and a post healing phase. I am still in the healing phase and this consists of literally only sweet fruits and some steamed vegetables. During the day i eat sweet fruits like bananas, papaya, dates, raisins. I also juice apples and pears with celery and lettuce (actually very tasty.. it surprised me too). In the evening, i will prob have a carrot juice or a green juice followed by a steamed veg soup made from various combinations of sweet potato, carrot, celery and squash.

      I am edging towards the post healing phase now especially as i took my last pill of medication just this morning! at this point i will start to add in some healthy fats (avocado, coconut flesh, nuts and seeds) very gradualy. the diet will expand over time as long as i stay well.

      i would recommend that if you really want to give it a go you should get the book or something similiar and read it properly before you start. don’t let this put you off though. it is really important to know the reasons why something like this works for some people and it can also provide you with inspiration when times get tough. the book has almost become my bible and i consulted it almost daily for a while even though i have read it over many times. it is really not a short term fix and i would say it is important to commit to it wholeheartedly for a certain amount of time to see if it good for you or not. happy to help if you have any more Qs

      all the best

  2. that’s great you’ve been improving with diet! that has always been my dream. i was a raw foodist for 3 years and then i tried david’s diet. unfortunately, no change in my UC – still lots of bleeding, diarrhea, urgency- you know, the works. i know quite a few people that have followed this diet and experienced worsening of symptoms, so i’m shocked that this diet has worked for you! do you plan on following it forever or just until you are in remission?

    1. hey joana,
      shame it didn’t work for you. As we know, UC seems to be different for everyone and there never seems to be 1 true path to remission for everyone. I plan to expand my diet as and when my body allows and then see how far i can widen it. I am not yet totally committed to being a raw veganist for ever and so will just take it slow and gradual and see how far i go. i know i wont ever go back to my old diet as i know i would not tolerate it nor would i ever want to eat junk again. fresh, raw and organic tastes and feels so good!

      hope you find remission soon


      1. adam, it’s definitely hard to find something that works so i’d say stick with it or something close to it for as long as you stay in remission. i’ve noticed as soon as you start to add a few naughty things back in (even if they really aren’t naughty!) your gut can rebel so quickly.

        i’d be the most cautious with nuts as i’m sure you’ve read in the book. it’s cool that my health food store has started selling raw, sprouted nut butters. they cost a fortune, but soaking nuts is important if you have gut problems.

    1. hi sherry – when i decided to go with this type of plan, i guess it wasnt just a light decision. once i had committed to it in my head i gave myself 3 months to see if it would be helpful to me and decided that almost whatever happened i would stick it out for this period. i think it’s possible quite a few people give this style of healing a go and after a few weeks when weight loss is dramatic and symptoms persist they give up as “clearly, its not working.” Luckily i have been blessed with patience and perserverance and these were certainly tested but it has paid off.

      It took an 27 years and a combination of a lot of different factors to get me to a point where i suffered from UC, i could not expect it to be wiped away in just a few weeks. i wanted to give my body a fighting chance to heal and a big part of that is time…and rest and sleep.

      i consulted david klein over skype and he helped a lot, plus my girlfriend and family’s support was crucial too.

      all the best to you sherry

  3. thankyou Adam for posting this… i have CURED 7 autoimmune diseases including UC, type 2 diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure, Hashimotos thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, calcium deficiency (osteoporosis) iron deficiency, white blood count too many and then too low, and cancer,,,, i cured them all over the last 2-3 years naturally. and this past year was the best year of my life. and it all comes down to getting toxins (or poison) out of our bodies so it can function.
    iv tried in the past to let people know about Raw food and juicing. and i can get a lot of opposition, which is a normal explainable reaction. we get told (brainwashed) all day about the food pyramids and an apple a day keeps the Dr away. and to be balanced when we are eating.

    and every person on earth, every nation, every tribe knows … YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

    if you eat living, life giving food. you can live a healthy life giving life. with something left to give to someone else even. the food that people are eating are created to lull us into a state of none decision. to just grab something quick instead of deciding thinking. we are sedated with food and drugs. and brainwashed with adds. who doesn’t know the BIG M ? who has never grabbed a packaged snack instead of a piece of fruit or a carrot or better still juiced themselves a green juice or smoothy for that pick me up at 4 pm in the arvo.

    i am guilty as hell at being the chocolate freak from down under, i looooove/d chocolate i am a chocolate addict. but i wont have it any more because it is toxic (poison) and goes straight to your liver for storage and then distribution to your cells, immune sysytem and brain. (i’m not speeking about natural raw cacao, its supperb try it)

    i now am down to ONE medication now. and i believe im on it till about next april/may. as my Dr wanted me to stay on it for 2 years. its DHEA and its a natural hormone prepared by a compounding chemist it has a little bit of pregnenolone in it as well. i feel well enough to go of it but my hormone specialist put me on it to regulate my immune system. and it helped in the cure. YAY. but i do feel a bit scared to cease as it is my so called crutch.

    other than that sometimes i take
    Vit D for my immune sysytem.
    glutamine for inflamation
    rosehip Vit C for immune sysytem
    chick pea powder for my white cell count
    probiotics for probiotics
    chia seed to collect garbage and take it away

    the rest is taken care of by my daily juicing regime.
    i use raw food with or as my meals every day.
    and all consist of organic.
    i started with only the foods my UC could digest and as the healing progressed i introduced others slowly and carefully so i wouldn’t have a flair up.
    id like to say I CAN EAT ANYTHING NOW.. I CAN… but i choose not to. so, i’ve been to peoples places where i eat their food and don’t go into a flair or even a mini flair. but i do get a hang over from junk food . eg; so a few weeks ago i went to maccas cause everyone else was, and i felt very yuck the next day, not in a UC way. just too many poisons that my body didn’t like. headachy, tired, a little sick and sore muscles. i’m not doing that too quickly again. and yes “I” do eat a little bit of meat, only organic/free range and i prepare it. but most of my protein comes from my organic green juices. there is so much protein in vege’s and, juicing extracts all the fibre and gives you pure predigested shots of life giving micro nutrients straight to your cells. no digesting at all… its already liquified ready to be used. if you sip all day you will not need anything else,and you will not need the toilet as it is straight into your system. even if you sip 2-3 litres a day. (this is after you have detoxed your body, when you body initially is exposed to this goodness you will need to clean you cells out, one pee at a time and maybe even a few bowel movements) .

    my fav people who help me every day.
    Kriss Carr crazy sexy cancer
    jason vale the juice master
    Raw for 30
    hungry for change
    food matters
    joe cross fat sick and nearly dead
    elain hollingsworth get out of the sickness industry
    nick and jessica ortner the tapping solution (meditation)
    my GP karen coats who is a naturopath too
    and of course everyone here on the UC site who helped me get here. i never critisize one of you as i needed many heads/brains/minds to learn everything i have about the human body and nutrition. and its link to disease. and i believe that many of you have ideas and hints that you can pass on. something that became your cure or settled a flair quickly . thankyou Adam for posting you are an amazing man. keep doing what works for you. as i am doing what works for me too. Torie

    1. wow torie, what an amazing story. really inspiring to read, especially for me at this point in my journey. i am still very new to the raw foodlifestyle and learning new things every day. I have learnt from you today!

      You have to check out where i am right now. It is an organic farm in Costa Rica called Finca de Vida – http://www.fincadevida.com – the guys here are amazing. they have helped me through this process in the last few weeks. They are raw foodists but so much more than that. I am learning much more about the mind,body spirit connection and how a healthy, happy and loving mind can keep sickness and disease away. The door to this has definitely been eating live, raw and organic food and i am so grateful for this. Connecting the mind and the soul to the body is a new challenge going through this process can only help to keep my healing and remission long term.

      hope you continue to stay well

  4. Adam, great post. I think the most important point you make is about having faith in the regime and pushing on even when symptoms might increase in the short term. You’ve clearly earned your success!

    1. thank you mike – yes a lot of it is about perserverance and persistance. I have always felt that you have to fuly commit to something to get the most out of it. even when i was on meds, i made sure i took what i was supposed to, when i was supposed and for long enough to know if they were working or not. in a way, i’m glad that they didn’t as now i am med free!

      best wishes to you

  5. Starting from zero and working your way up is difficult in this modern world.

    What I enjoyed about your story was the fact you haven’t stumbled upon something which has no reason or ryhmn and just works. You have found something with a solid base which gives you strength going forward.

    Well Done

    1. Thank you sir, really it’s david klein and his book that needs the praise. i guess i just stuck to it dilgently and persisted through the bad times. The thing i have learnt is to try and listen to my body and to what i really want. i always wanted to heal naturally and believed i could. i went for it wholeheartedly and it seems to have come good. i believe it wil continue and that is the important thing… going for something you believe in.

      cheers for writing back – i really appreciate the support and kind words


  6. Hey Adam, I looked up the retreat you’re at at the moment. How awesome. I love how they teach you how to live. As we really all need to know how to live a “real” life. and re programe our brains. I always, now, drive in my car without the radio and music on. So with my brain, concentrating on driving, it’s switched on and I can really think. If I need something to listen to, I have seminares and those movies hungry for change and food matters on my phone. So I’ll switch them on instead. The brain is amazing and I know it’s all to do with what we put in it as to what we do and what comes out of it.
    Oh and I’m Australian and I live on the east coast so you are on one side of the pacific and I’m right across there on the other side if the pacific. I live at the beach and it’s summer in Australia. So I’m up early every day and the days I don’t work I bike to the beach and have my breaky and juice at the beach and wash my mangoes of me in the ocean. Then usually go to my organic store on the way home and bike ride, getting me home by the time my family is ready for breakfast and waking. About 9am in the holidays or even later. I have an awesome life and a healthy body to go with it now. No more jogging from toilet to toilet with baby wipes in my pockets. Lol.
    Enjoy your stay and your life and use as much info as you can to stay healthy. Don’t go one day without relaxing and focusing on you. Even If it’s 10 minutes. That’s why I listen to good stuff when I’m driving now. Noone is going to rob me of my thinking ability again. XX Torie.

  7. Adam, I bawled while reading your story. I’ve been fighting myself on the diets. It is like the death process. I just want to be “normal.” It is so depressing! I was diagnosed in May 2012. I was 44 years old and have a life time of fairly good eating habits – least I thought so. I just got over the tummy flu and am back to square one. I don’t want to do this anymore!

    You mentioned a great point. I need to find a way to look at this as a wake up call for something good to happen and not be negative. I got the book Breaking The Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet by Elaine Gottschall. I read a little and put the book away. I did do the SCD for one whole day and actually felt great, but got really depressed at the cost of the diet… very expensive to eat that way. I did start taking probiotics about a month ago and it was the 1st time I had normal looking stools… until x-mas goodies started coming out, then tummy flu and depression. I went off meds (Lialda). Today I started back on… am lost.
    Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Kathy – i was certainly close to tears at some points as well. I didn’t realise how emotionally attached i was to food and how changing my diet really affected my whole outlook on life….especially when i had serious grain cravings and i was feeling crap!

      I looked into the SCD diet too but decided to go with David Klein. I’m sure both work for different people. I had the same thoughts about the costs of the diet as i was buying all organic and this is expensive. yet in the end, i figured it levelled out as i had no expenditure on any other foods other than fruits and veggies plus i haven’t eaten out or got a takeaway since i can remember and so i have saved on that.

      I would recommend giving the natural diet approach a go as i know it has done wonders for me. I do think that it is important to read thoroughly the plan you go for, understand it, believe in it, stick with it and give it enough time to work. It took me more than 2 years to get to a point where i was ready to sacrifice almost everything to get well. It seems the diagnosis is still quite new for you so i can imagine it is still a confusing time – it certainly was for me for at least a year.

      I hope you find the way that works for you and if i can help out in any way then let me know
      all the best

  8. Hi Adam,

    I too have been on and off of medication for the past year. I got diagnosed over a year ago with UC but my symptoms have not been in remission that entire time (minus the periods on prednisone). I am fresh out of college and have eliminated alcohol entirely which oftentimes sucks since all my friends still enjoy going out to bars and such. I have been reluctant to leave the house on the weekends because of how I feel every day. I am very frustrated and looking for alternate options as well. The past week I have been only eating Chicken and Ground Turkey (no flavors added, nothin!). I have seen no results and am beginning to lose hope. If I cannot digest these two things what is wrong with me? I am on Lialda as well as Azathioprine and still not seeing results. My doctor originally told me fruits and vegetables are typically hard for UC patients to digest and often cause more problems. She said I should probably avoid these foods. This is what you are primarily eating? Any information you can give me to “get started” would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know if I should continue to eat the way I have been, to give it a chance? I am just constantly feeling hungry and unsatisfied with the two meats. Thanks again for sharing your story.


  9. Laura. Keep trying. I know some people have to eat boiled meat. But try life giving food. Even if there is just one or 2 raw foods you can digest, start on them anyway. And slowly add more. I still cannot EAT apples (pains in the stomach) but I can juice them and drink them. My favorite tasting juice is 2-3 apples 1/3 of a lemon and a (carrot or zucchini) but I only drank vege juice for a few months while fighting cancer. I’m great now. (even tho we are in the middle of cyclones at the moment in Australia) keep going. You’ll find your cure. Torie

    1. Yes. I’ve been in remission for years. Still cannot eat apples. But it was more involved than juicing. I had a holistic Dr and a Chinese medicine Dr and acupuncturist. I took pregnenonone which is the master hormone to get my immune system to relax. (the immune system and hormones are made in the same places and are closely linked or intertwined, so getting one right settles the other)
      But no sign of UC or signs for cancer for 6 years.

      1. That’s amazing, we’ll done

        I am just starting out on high fruit, have had UC for nearly 18 years!

        I also live in Australia, North nsw :)

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