20150827_175333-1Thank you so much for filling out the survey.  That is once again very very helpful.

Additionally, I want to share some other thinking with you.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a website dedicated to C-diff stories.  Stories from people who have had c-diff, and how they got over it.

I myself have had C-diff 3 separate times, and it was an awful experience.

So, I’ve just started a brand new website(just like I did with iHaveUC nearly 7 years ago):  iHaveCdiff.com

AND, if you want to share your experinece, PLEASE do so.  You can do that right on the homepage by clicking here

I’m planning to post stories there just like with iHaveUC and I’m guessing that over time, it will become a place that is useful for others who are struggling with C-diff.

THANKS again for filling out the survey, and have a great rest of your day!!