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Excited About my New Normal which is “HEALTHY”

Jo Ann (Florida, USA)

I have no symptoms from my Ulcerative Colitis.

My name is Jo Ann. I am a 67 year old mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2 beautiful grandchildren. I am in complete remission of Ulcerated Colitis.

I live in the sunny State of Florida. I moved here in January 2013. I was originally from Long island NY. I just recently retired.

Jo Ann’s Remission Story

Almost 33 years ago I started suffering with Ulcerative colitis. I did not know I had UC because I was pregnant with my son..and I had symptoms of bleeding and diarrhea while I was pregnant. I was not diagnosed until after the birth of my Son.

I had my first Colonoscopy after the birth of my Son and that is when my Doctor told me that I had UC. I had no idea what it was, I had never heard of it before. So I had to do my own research on this chronic illness. I also joined support groups and found that there were people who had the same disease as me and offered there advise and support. I would have times when I couldn’t leave my home and I felt helpless. One time I had to take a leave of absence from work for 6 weeks because I could not be away from my bathroom.

I was on countless medications including: steroids, 6MP, suppositories, etc. etc.

Then 6 years ago, my daughter told me about a simple way to flood my body with many fruits and vegetables a day. This simple way is called Juice is fruits and veggies in powdered form in a capsule. It is whole food nutrition. I didn’t realize what an amazing impact this would have on my health. And all it took was one simple change!

On my last Colonoscopy this past October, my Doctor told me he saw NO SIGNS of UC in my system and no inflammation.

He said I am currently in remission. I am so excited about my new “normal” which is HEALTHY!! I have been in remission for about the past 4 years. I am hoping that that by sharing my story, it will also help other people. Thank you for letting me share my story!

Jo Ann’s Medication and Supplement Strategy:

I am currently taking Apriso 0.375GM capsules..2 a day…VSL#3 Probiotic Medical Food..1 capsule a day..Fish oil plus D 1200mg..1 capsule a day..and also Juice Plus Orchard Blend..2 capsules a day..Juice Plus Garden Blend..2 capsules a day and Juice Plus Vineyard Blend..2 capsules a day..Juice Plus is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables! Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend & Garden Blend Capsules 3.2 oz. (1 Bottle Each/120 Capsules)

written by Jo Ann

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18 thoughts on “Excited About my New Normal which is “HEALTHY””

  1. Congrats Jo Ann on getting your UC under control!!!!!!!

    Super happy for you, I remember your story you posted back in May of 2013 after you had moved to Florida, and you were staring an ulcerative colitis flare.

    Wow, was that really 4 years ago already..???:) yikes, I’m hoping florida has been treating you well and you are getting some year round sunshine:)

    Thank you for sharing, and wishing you the best,


    (here’s her posting from back in May 2013: )

    1. Thank you Adam ! Yes..I can hardly believe it myself..I am in Florida 4 years already! I am really enjoying living here in the sunshine state! And also thank you for posting my story! After al..l we are all here for one purpose..and that is to help each other, and I hope that I was able to do that by sharing my story!

  2. Congratulations Jo Ann! Happy for you.

    I just read your previous post in 2013 also. It’s interesting to know that VSL probiotics helped you that time. Now you are saying Juice Plus is helping you in remission. Actually, for a week I have done brief study about Juice Plus and I’m thinking to buy it. Is JP really helpful? When did you start to take JP? Is it really JP or VSL#3 is working for you? What are the diets you follow? Do you follow SCD or autoimmune diet? In JP there is tomato included, which is now allowed in autoimmune diet.

    All the best.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my story and I would love to get you more information about Juice Plus. It not only has helped me but also my whole families health. I can send you some additional info about it privately, and can get you some samples if you want to give me your email. It is sold through independent reps (do not buy on Amazon- it doesn’t come from the company so you have no idea how old it is, where it was stored, and the quality). My daughter has been with the company a long time and can answer any questions- she just loves helping people with their health. Here is her email

    2. I forgot to answer your question about the VSL #3..This probiotic is helping me also..but I believe along with the Juice Plus it is helping me even more. But since I have been in remission for 4 years now and no longer have flare ups..I just take 1 capsule a day..but the recommended dosage is 2 a day. And about my diet..I basically eat gluten free..not because I need to, it was just my personal choice. But some says I cheat and eat gluten. Other then that I eat whatever I want. I also drink Almond milk.


    1. Hi Lorri..I am actually taking 2 capsules now of the Apriso. I was taking 4 but my Dr told me on my next visit that since I am doing so well, he will take me off the Apriso. So I decided to lower my dosage to 2 a day..and I am doing fine. And I don’t see any difference with the Asacol and the Apriso. And I can recommend a very good GI Dr but he is in Suffolk Patchogue..his name is Dr Zucker. I went to him for many years when I lived on Long Island. Good luck to you and I hope I helped you in some way!

  4. Rosanne

    Wow! JoAnn your history is like mine! I have 3 kids and 2 grandkids.
    Started symptoms when pregnant with my son 35 years ago!
    Lots of ups and downs. Never lost work over illnesss though. But I didn’t always work full time all the time.

    I too take apriso….not certain it works but we don’t wanna rock the boat! Also take 5 mg prednisone, mercaptopurine 50 mg/day. Praying things stay consistent. Have done well since 2012 after had appendix removed during walk in appendectomy. They think mercaptopurine suppressed infection from being full blown.

    Glad to hear you are doing well! May you enjoy continued health!

    1. Hi Rosanne..Wow..our stories are so similar! I was also taking 6 MP for 8 years..but was always afraid of the side effects since it is a medication that also treats cancer patients. And I also needed to always have my blood tested because they needed to check my white blood cell count. But now since I have made this one simple change in my diet 4 years ago, I have never felt better in my life. I never would have thought that just adding fruits and vegetables into my diet everyday could make such a huge difference in my health! I hope you are doing well! If you have any questions..feel free to ask!

  5. Hi, Jo Ann:

    I am very happy to knowthat you are in food remission!

    I am going to move to West Palm beach this Month for work change, and will live there, do you have any recommendations for GI Dr.? would love to become a friend of you and get suggestions from you. My UC is active and gives me lots of trouble. my relocation to Florida is a good promotion and I really don’t want to ruin it due to my health issues


  6. Hi Ben…West Palm Beach is about 3 hours away from where I live. But I just googled GI Doctors in West Palm Beach and and there is a place called Digestive Center of the Palm Beaches…there are 4 GI Doctors in the practice. the phone number is 1 516 802 9050. But there are others also..just google it online. Sorry to hear that your UC is active. Did you read my story about healthy being my new normal? Since making one simple change..I have never felt better. I am in complete remission of my Ulcerative Colitis. Best of luck with your move and your new job.

  7. I think I was diagnosed with left sided Ulcerative Colitis. I have been in complete remission for over 4 years now.

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