Everyone with Colitis – Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016 UC’ers.

Pages talked about in the video are all listed below.  Give the ones you are most interested a read.

  1. Fecal Transplant Q&A Page (ever wanted to see two doctors answer the exact same questions to compare their responses..???:)))
  2. Gastro Doctor Master List (Over 400 GI doctors worldwide.  You add your own reviews of your docs too!)
  3. 20 Videos – ( examples of what’s on that page:  The Making Dinner Video, The Gut Bacteria Video, Making Yogurt Video, Sauerkraut Video —also about gut bacteria, Remicade Video)
  4. Wifes Page (12 different stories here)
  5. Pregnant with UC Page ( 34 stories from other UC’ers here!)
  6. Colitis Rockstar Contributors Page (August 24, 2014 this page was created…one of my all time favorites)

Thank you again for being a part of the website, and if for any reason you have not done so already, I would like to stay in touch with you, and the best way to do that is through the free news service I have created.  You can sign up for that on the “newsletter page” here.

Thank you again for being a part of the site, and have a great rest of your week,


founder, UC’er, husband (and hopefully soon to be moped driving on the weekends dude)

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11 thoughts on “Everyone with Colitis – Welcome to 2016!”

    1. Hi, This looks like a great site. Just wanted to mention the nicotine patch which has been a lifesaver for UC. Also modified citrus pectin and saccharomyces boulardii probiotic. I’ve just started with the saccharomyces so I don’t know but studies I’ve googled look encouraging. I’ve had luck with the nicotine patch with the few flares I’ve had since I was diagnosed twenty years ago. Just having the first flare in like eight years and have just started the nicotine patch again, it’s helping a lot but I have to taper the dosage up gradually because nicotine makes you a little nauseous until you get used to it. But some improvement is noticeable with even a low dosage patch right away. I don’t see a board on here I’m new and maybe this isn’t the right place for this comment. I’ve never used anything except sulfalazine as a prescription for my UC, when I was first diagnosed. Then only glutamine, nicotine patch, seacure which didn’t work, herbs and probiotics and modified citrus pectin. Sorry if all this stuff is in your book I just don’t see it at first glance on here.

  1. You, Adam, are a wonderfully warm and lovely man.

    Thank you so much for all that you do for all of us and for creating and keeping this website going.

    All the best to you and Michaela this year!

    1. Bev,

      You rock!

      The very same 10x harder back at you!

      (michaela says hi too:)))) I think forever if the three leters, B,E,V come up, we will always be thinking of you!!!:)))

      have a great year:)

  2. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the site. Literally going through this now in the hospital. Diagnosed in 2014, was on lialda w mild success. Came in with a painful stomach ache n flare. Now they’re saying humira or surgery… No other options. Just feels like it’s moving too fast. My signoidoscopy looked okay I’m August. Hoping for the best. Healing good thoughts to everyone.

  3. Hey Adam-I decided since I was spending so much time in the bathroom, I should do something more than stare at the floor in pain.
    I started taking my phone with me & I got on the site “Crafty” – they have free lessons on crafts/ projects such as cooking,woodworking, knitting, etc. the free lessons last about 15 mins with different sections, and breaks. It takes my mind off the pain & I learn things! Of course I clean my phone-I don’t think I really need to say that.

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