Everyone Has Their Story, It’s Your Job to Find the Positives

Adam Vasquez

here I am at home

Meet Adam Vasquez:

My name is Adam Vasquez. I have had UC for almost 4 years. I was diagnosed when I was 18 and I am now 21 years old. I am extremely interested in the medical field and plan on becoming a Physician’s Assistant and work under a gastro Dr. Having colitis has changed my life in too many ways to count. I just know that it sucks having this disease and it closed so many doors in my life. But secretly opened up new ones too. I plan on using my pain and experience to help others dealing with the same problems I am going through. Everyone has their story, and its your job to find the positives out of it! KEEP ON BEING STRONG!

Some more about me:

I love fitness. I was a physical therapy aid for 2 years, I coach wrestling, and often train friends of mine in the gym. I play piano, I know sign language and I love helping people! I live in southern California in San Bernardino County. Even though I have colitis, which has caused me to have chronic anemia, I try and make time to stay active. Even though I feel super drained 24/7. I stay positive and keep to my fitness. No drugs, no Alcohol. NEVER

Colitis Symptoms I’m dealing with:

Even though I am having a flare up, I have pretty good control. I still have cramps depending on what I eat. I go to the restroom about 15 times a day, depending on what I eat. There is blood in at least one of those times. Sometimes more than others. The clay that I drink in water helps me control my urges to use the restroom. Even during the flare up, if I time my meals with my clay, I can drop my restroom usage to about 8 or 9 times a day. That’s if I pay close attention. On days off, I’m not as strict. I tend to eat a little more junk food and more quantities of food. All depending on what I have going on that day and the next few days.

My Colitis Story:

It all started my Sr. year of high school.

I had always been getting sick in the past, but the cramps were nonstop. During wrestling season, I would have to maintain a low weight, and I would get nervous for big matches. I would find myself using the restroom A LOT. Before weigh-ins, after weigh-ins, before and after each match. Then I got really dehydrated and ended up in the hospital on the day I should have been at a really important tournament of the season. After that, wrestling was done, I had missed my chance to do anything that season because I missed that tournament. I then was being rushed to the ER for dehydration at least once every 2 months. Having blood in my stool and having doctors falsely diagnosing me, until I had a Sigmoidoscopy. Then shortly after that, a colonoscopy. Finally discovering my colitis. My life has changed so much since then. It’s been extremely hard, but I am the man I am today because of it.

EMT Adam Vasquez

here I am at work as an EMT

I live my life by one quote: “The greater the challenge, the more glorious the triumph”. I used to spend so much time avoiding stress and keeping away from challenging situations. Having this in mind allows me to welcome stress and challenge into my life. The harder something might be, I think of the outcome and how great it will feel after accomplishing it. Having colitis, you tend to try and avoid situations that are stressful. I use to be afraid of being in a car for a long drive. Or in a situation away from a restroom. That really affected me in doing what I really wanted to do: become an EMT. So I jumped right into it and grabbed the bull by the horns. I taught myself to handle stressful situations. I saw some crazy stuff during the EMT program, and during the ride outs, I was on 12 hour shifts in the back of an ambulance. Yea, my worst nightmare. But I just kept thinking how it will feel to overcome these challenges. My anxiety left, and I still have the confidence I gained in the program just by thinking of the triumph after the challenge.

My Colitis Treatments – Redmond Clay

I am not on any medications. I watch everything that I eat, time my meals throughout the day, take vitamins regularly and drink Redmond Clay. This clay is AMAZING! It’s completely natural and it helps me to control my urges. If I time my drinks and food, I can go a few hours without the need to rush to the restroom AND the urge can pass if there is no restroom near me. It’s awesome! i have been on other meds, but everything seems to make it worse. i haven’t seen my gastro dr. in a few months and am looking for a new one. He kept urging me to take Asacol, but it was destroying me, and he just kept saying to stay with it until i get use to it. He put me on it 3 different times, and after the 3rd, he attempted a 4th and i did NOT do it and haven’t seen him since. the clay is natural and seems to be helping for now.

written by Adam Vasquez

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18 thoughts on “Everyone Has Their Story, It’s Your Job to Find the Positives”

  1. Adam,

    Super CONGRATS to you for moving past the UC and on with your life. Do you have some secret toilet in the EMT vehicles amigo??? It’s so great that you’ve been able to push forward and kept your eye on the prize. Seriously something you should be proud of man! Just met you today through your story, but if you were sitting here, I’d give you a huge high five (wouldn’t want to shake your hand cause I’d be scared you’d do some wrestling move on me and break my neck or something::)))

    Keep living the dream, and I really hope you get on with the PAC role with a GI doc. That sounds like a great goal to have. And for sure anybody with UC who stumbles into your office is going to leave there a better, happier person. Keep the eye on the prize buddy and thanks for sharing!

    –Adam Scheuer

    1. hahaha naa they didn’t have a secret toilet hahaha I only had a few shifts on an ambulance during my schooling in the EMT program..And I handled it pretty well I think haha, I’m an EMT at a local small amusement park, so im not stuck in a car all day.. I’m trying to become an ER tech instead of an emt on an ambulance cuz it would be boring just sitting in a truck, andwhen you have a patient in front of you, working on them with what ever is wrong, the last thing I think about is pooping hahaha but that’s man, I’m finally gonna continue to aim for my goals!!

  2. Hi Adam,
    Your story really inspired me. Thanks for sharing – especially today on Christmas if feels uplifting to
    me to hear how you jump on challenges and don’t let fear stand in the way. EMT – wow – I agree with Adam –
    without that secret toilet in the ambulance that is truly facing your worst nightmares! Merry Christmas.

    1. haahahaha at first it was pretty scary,but one I went through the first day, I got the confidence I needed! And I was only riding there for a few days when I was in the program, now I work at a local amusement park as an emt, it’s better then being stuck in a car haha andI’m trying to get in the ER room where I can help people AND have a reason if needed haha but thank you! I hope my stories continue to inspire! I hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. Hi Adam,

    Yours is the most awseome story! I have bever heard of clay…but it sounds wonderful! Anything natural that can control our ‘condition’, I am all for.

    I too, could not take asacol…it made everything alot worse. Drugs just do noat agree with ma at all. I have attained remission with a really good probiotic and fermented L-glutamine powder. It’s been almost 11 months of fabulous!! I’ve had UC for 15 years, and was on asacol almost that whole time (except for teh past 11 months) and a few other things, like steroid enemas throughout those years. I am on NO drugs now…and have never felt better!

    I love your story and the way that you think. Your attitude is fantastic. The fact that you take such great care of yourself, exercise-wise and that you NEVER use alcohol or drugs…me either! I have been exercising for 25 years, and even through all the bad times, have never stopped. It is a must! I think that’s what got me through all of this, without getting severely depressed. I believe it keeps me positive and optomistic.


    1. Thank you!! And yea asacol was terrible! I lost so much weight when I was on it..the clay is the best so far..Where do you get the probiotic and fermented L-glutamine powder?? Online?

      And good job on no alcohol and drug!! Thats the best way to live!! And exercise is key! Glad to hear your staying on the ball with your fitness!

      1. I get the probiotic from my local health/vitamin store. It’s called ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE. I believe that it is also available online, though.

        I also get the L-glutamine from the same store. Apparently, it repairs the inner body. It heals the mucosa of the colon, thus stopping the bleeding! Body builders use it to repair muscles too.

        Yep, drug and alcohol free is the only way to be!!

        Cheers Adam…takje care:)

  4. Glad you have found this website. Oh hi im shannon @yukondiva . I was diagnoised 12 yrs ago. This disease is not fun at all. It can def.take a hold of you an bring us down . If you ever have any need to ask ?s this is a great site to get the answers or atleast grt comments from others like us. If your on twitter alot there is grt support of others an we kinda became a ibd fam here. Lol. Well just know if you need friends like us to vent to there is plenty of us out here that will support you. Take care godbless. Shannon @ yukondiva.

  5. Hi, Adam Vasquez. Yes, your story is amazing. I take clay sometimes but a different kind. What I take says not to take all the time because if draws toxins and bad metals out of your system but it can also take the the good ones out, too, like iron and other minerals. It’s great for removing the bad bacteria from your bowels. I’ve heard of so many different things on this site that helps people and so many say how the prescriptions their gastros give them stop working but make them feel worse. I can’t take any of them myself so it’s all natural for me and for many of us. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a great New Year. Good luck, Adam!!:)

  6. Adam V.
    :-) Great attitude…in it ot win it, 1/2 full…you’re right-UC is a gift (OK and a curse!) But truly we are all better people for it…we are fighters through and through and we appreciate more of the little things.
    I encourage you to look at probiotics and diet and read lots…best of luck in all your future endeavers!
    Lots of support and info here on Adam(the original’s!) Site!
    Best,Shelly 30+ year UC fighter…ding!

    1. heck Ya!!
      “You can look at the glass,half empty or full.
      Take the good,not the bad,that’s the #1 rule.
      Depends on perspective,the right point of view
      And how u see life, its all up to YOU!”

      that’s part of a little nursery rhyme I made hahaha but its true! a person’s mentality makes all the difference!But most deff. first is important,.. thanks for the support!

      – A/

  7. Hey man, sweet story! Im also pursing the medical field. Its definitely not easy especially with UC.
    I’m pursing a degree in nursing, Im in a program right now and formy BSN. Its so stressful man with work and school.? I was getting an average of 6 hours a sleep per night. I hope your studies go well and you get yourself out of that flare man! I was diagnosed about 2 years ago exactly. I am still on lialda, 3 a day. I had reduced it to 2 a day for a while but then had a bad week of school and had little blood in my stools so I went back to 3 which is not something I dont want to do long term. Luckly I have not had more then 3 bowel movements a day since I was officialy diagnosed but these last few months I have had off and on little bits of blood.. Ive been on SCD diet too, it sounds like your pretty good about what you eat. I really want to get off the lialda, but its so hard to just get off, when school and life is so stressful man. I still like to go out and have fun on weekends. Do you drink, Its been almost two years since ive had any sort of alcohol. Do you have MMJ card? Herb doesn’t seem to bother me at all. I usually do it on weekends with friends and really enjoy it over drinking.
    Hope all is well man,
    Johnny Drama

  8. I have Redmond Clay! I have a wild craving for eating something muddy, like when I smell cement my mouth waters and I have to restrain myself from licking the wall. Certain mud smells make me feel the same way. My friend suggested Redmond Clay and when I am not in a flare I eat it straight up by the mouthful which is bad because it is extremely water-absorbing so my mouth dries instantly and someone always seems to talk to me as soon as it is in my mouth and then I get it up my nose and puff smoke out (Clay) and it’s a mess. I don’t like it with food or water, I like it straight. I haven’t found a food to mix it with yet. I also have severe pancolitis, so maybe my body knows what I need without any instructions! I did not know it helped my body. I actually stop taking it if my UC is acting up because I am afraid I’ll hurt myself eating it as it seems so weird to eat clay. Now, I am currently in a flare, I will try eating it since I love it anyway.

    It was nice reading your story. I think you should add supplements though, like Bev suggested. You have to find what works for you, but I think on supplements alone you can get it down to going to the washroom 3x/day at least.

    I hope you do well.

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