Everyone has a chance for a Wonderful Life with UC

here I am!

Meet Artem:

I am interested in computers, cars, photography, music, sport. And I also work at the milk factory :) I am from Russia and in our country there are many people with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. And we have very expensive drugs.  ( My site in russian language about UC and CD – www.unspecific.ru)

At the moment I don’t feel like a sick person. However, in 2013, I literally could not get out of bed due to low hemoglobin and a large blood loss. In today’s time I go to the gym, restaurants, pool, etc.

Artem’s Story

Speaking generally, to the disease in my nature was present excessive emotionality. No, I did not run or jump like a frantic, not crying and not whinnying at the slightest provocation. However, criticism of me, slightest altercation with other people (even within the Internet) knocked me off balance, causing time to think about what happened and relate to the situation, so to speak, too seriously. All this has led to the development of neurodermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis, causes which are just the same as the systematic stress.

My teenage years can be called the statistical average among young people 16-20 years old: there were alcohol and cigarettes, and interesting company. In 2011, in August, I gave up smoking later, somewhere in four years’ time. ” No difference in well-being noticed. Why I quit smoking? Yes, just like that, absolutely no reason any and motivation. The appearance in 2012 marked the first drops of blood, oddly enough, a complete indifference. Well, the blood and the blood, it happens. I thought that from the long sitting at the computer, and therefore began to run at the stadium. In the end, I went to the proctologist only eight months later, approximately, when frequent trips to the bathroom up to 5 times a day, mostly unformed masses. In January 2013, the first in my life sigmoidoscopy was performed, the results of which I was diagnosed with “Erosive Proctosigmoiditis”. At that time I did not know that this is the most that neither is the NUC, so do not betray it du e importance, still all too serious to treat this situation.

I believe that picked up in April of that year, while salmonella and hurt me and saved. So “until victory” I would have stayed at home. The result of treatment with huge doses of antibiotics have become liquidated salmonellosis and the total defeat of the colon.

Now the attitude to what is happening around and in relation to me, if not diametrically opposed, then definitely very different from what was to ulcerative colitis. In most conflicts do not pay attention, giving himself mentally to understand that the “game were not worth the candle,” Why do I prove to man the point of view with regards to the current situation, if the chances to reverse his thinking tend to zero? I have everything you need to be happy: a family, a good job, a hobby. Well, small health problems, but it is fixable. I even now rarely soars, who would think about me. But I also love good music. And I’m also influenced by nostalgia, alas. It is, in fact, not very well. But the music makes my thoughts go back to his childhood, remembering those feelings and those people who will not return. Zemfira, Kukryniksy, Aria, The King and the Clown, Green Day, DDT … for a long time to enumerate. Digress.

In the end, I want to say that I have no regrets about what happened to me. UC has helped me reach the next level, to bring me those traits, which I lacked. The world was a bit different than I expected.

Medications and Other Treatment’s Artem’s Is Up to Now/Previously:

Now I am taking 2.4 g of 5-ASA (Mezavant) and 75 mg Azathioprine.

In general, these drugs have passed through me: Ultop, Folic acid, Salofalk tablets, Candles with metiluratsilom, Bran, Salmonella phage, Regidron, Neosmektin, Bifiform, Kansalazin, Sulfasalazine, Hydrocortisone enemas, Prednisolone (pelleted and intravenously), Metipred, Medrol, Sandimmun, Azathioprine, The infusion of red blood cells, Plasma infusion, Nolpaza, Almagell, Inderal, Alfa normiks, Atsipol, Bifidumbacterin, Sorbifer, Geptral, Trimedat, Remicade.

written by Artem

submitted in the colitis venting area

4 thoughts on “Everyone has a chance for a Wonderful Life with UC”

  1. I agree, it is not worth arguing or debating, or trying to convince others to chance their position on ideas they will never change. It is best to let it go and live you own life, be happy for all that uyou have instead. I am guilty of trying to do this over the election time in the US. I would get so upset with people that would defend Trump that my chest would actual hurt at night. There was no changing their opinions or ideas. They are what they are. It still bothers me a lot, the lack of empathy for mankind, but I need to avoid confrontation with those people. It’s not worth my health.
    I think the final word is, we cannot control many things, and we should mentally let go of them. Every minute we spend worrying is a minute we injure ourselves, one way or another. Stay well, Artem. thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I too quit smoking and then developed UC. After the shock of being in the hospital and experimenting with how to avoid flare ups, I must say my life has changed for the good. I see people around me dealing with delibatating cancers and feel it could have been worse. I changed my lifestyle (I’m a warrior to keep stress at a low now) and what I eat. Boy, both these positive healthier changes are hard to grasp for some people. I agree and support you to do what you need to do for your health and not for what people think is better for you. This disease is a individual process of self care. And I see when I take good care of myself, I can give even more to others. I’m much more in tune with my body and mental health so as shitty as this disease can be, I am grateful for the positive life changes. More power to you!

  3. Hello Artem,

    Quite an impressive story. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and for sharing your picture with us so we can all put a face to the writings above!

    Я желаю вам всего наилучшего продвижения вперед с UC и, пожалуйста, держите нас в курсе о том, как вы делаете!


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