Entocort (Budisone)

I have UC

Diagnosed about a week ago after a colonoscopy. Current treatment is Entocort (Budisone) 9mg daily. Great stuff; no side effects except to help my arthritis.

Here’s the Questions:
Has anyone been on Entocort long term? AstraZenaca, the manufacturer says 8 weeks at 9mg, then 3 months at 6mg, then get weaned off. My gastro doc says long term is OK. Since its not supposed to be a systemic steroid, this makes sense. Remicade sounds like a drug that you’d try if nothing else works. Comments are welcome.
(Thanks for writing in anonomous newly diagnosed UC’er! I myself don’t have any experience with Entocort, but I hope some others do. I did try Remicade for 3 infusions, and I would agree that remicade is more or less a last resort type of med.)

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  1. I’m currently taking the same drug at the same dosage. This is my third month on it and I’ll most likely continue for three months on it. My doctor hasn’t said anything about weaning me off of it. The only side effects I experience are severe muscle cramps. This is the only steroid I’ve taken. I’m also taking Salofalk and tomorrow I’ll start on VSL#3. I have found my UC is slightly better with Entocort but I’m still not out of this current flare.
    From the research I’ve done, Entocort seems to be the “best” steroid to be taking since it has the least severe side effects.
    Anyway, hope this helps.
    Keep us updated with how you’re doing.


    1. I used to get leg cramps because I also take a water pill. I take 10 MEQ Potassium Chloride twice a day to address what was a chemical imbalance caused by my water pill (high blood pressure) and other issues. You might want to ask your doc about that potential remedy for your muscle cramps. I still get them once in a while (after alot of exercise) but not as often as I used to.

      Good luck.

  2. I have tried Asacol in the .375mg 4 daily in the morning and prednisone combined for a good 3 months before switching to 6MP and finding out that I was allergic to it, I was on two different types of enemas. That was the first 2 tries to get it under control, then 3 months later I was back in the hospital. They pumped me full of steroids and kicked me out. About 4-6 months later I was back in a sever flare and they started me on Asacl 2-800mg tablets in the morning and then 3-6 months later I was up to Asacol HD 3 times a day 1600mg and on Entocort (Budisone, They didnt keep me on it long because I was back in the hospital a month later, Have a lot of it left to still in foil packages. Then after that They had me on both of those, tried two different enema’s again and found that Hydrocortasone worked ok. Then I was back in the hospital 2 weeks later and They pumped me full of prednisone and finally set me up with someone who could help pay for the remicade. I just had my second remicade and It finally feels like somethings working. I’m still taporing off prednisone and im still on asacol hd 3 times a day but the last time I was in the hospital they found out I had C-diff so I was in bad shape. I’m hoping you dont ever have to go threw as many trial and errors as I did. Good Luck on the Entocort It didnt seem to help me but I never really could find something that worked so.
    Best Wishes,

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