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Hi, My name is Matt and i am 24 years old. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis for about 3 years or so. I have been in remission for the past year but am currently dealing with a flare up. Just trying to get through the days until this thing is over without losing my job.


So, I was watching the news last august (during my remission) and i saw a special on this liquid diet that people are using for Crohn’s disease. The report was very short but basically said this liquid diet is being approved as an alternative to steroids to help fight flare ups if you stay on the diet for 6-8 weeks. Although very expensive (like $200 a week), I might be willing to try it if it is safe and it works. Has anyone heard about this? I found a very short article online about it and i believe the product is “Elecare.” Most of the stuff im reading about it says its for babies and small children and you should be taking it with Dr. supervision. I don’t want to buy the wrong stuff, and just want to know if anyone out there has tried it. I google “UC and elecare” and for once google lets me down, there isn’t much out there. I just want to know if its safe for adults, has been used to battle UC not just Crohns, and if i need my Doc tors approval to take it. Help if you have any experience with this stuff!!!


I currently take these medications:

40 mg prednisone (got approval to bump to 60mg but want to see if i can get it under control on 40mg + diet)
100mg azathioprine
SCD safe multivitamin

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  1. There is also Neocate (Tropical, Chocolate, or Vanilla) formula and EO28 splash. They are made of the same stuff as Elecare but taste better. It is made for babies and children but many adults take it also. Mostly it is for food allergies and other intolerance to food.

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