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Dr. Yonathan Fuchs – Pediatric Gastroenterologist – Westchester, NY

Dr. Yonathan Fuchs

what type of doctor: Pediatric GI

Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
503 Grasslands Avenue
Westchester, New York

Phone Number: 914-367-0000

Comments About the Doctor:

This doc is worth a trip from anywhere. Gentle and competent, he can put any kids at ease. He performed the initial colonoscopy and we stuck with him. He is not a pill-pusher, although he does prescribe medication when necessary. He practices at Westchester Children’s Hospital and has his office a few minutes away. He is a doc who is actually reachable when you need him, and he returns my calls on the weekend! He accepts most insurances, even the ones that aren’t all that great. If you do see him, tell him the Gorelicks sent you! Good Luck with everything!

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