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Dr. Vijaya Pratha – Gastroenterologist – San Diego, CA

Dr. Vijaya Pratha

what type of doctor: GI

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

3330 3rd Ave

(between Thorn St & Upas St)
San Diego, CA 92103

Phone Number: (619) 260-1012

Comments About the Doctor:

For the first time ever I love my doc. Dr. Pratha is great, she’s an Integrative GI, listens to me, asks the appropriate questions and makes the appropriate suggestions, which may be a book, diet related, or medicine related. She’s professional, has great manners, is friendly, great listener. Office staff is great too. NP Alison has UC herself so she’s one of “us”. Never had an issue with insurance, and she does some clinical trials in her other business so she’s up to date on the latest “stuff”

I learned of her through the local CCFA support group meetings, by asking others who their Doctor was and if they liked them.

Highly recommend her!

4 thoughts on “Dr. Vijaya Pratha – Gastroenterologist – San Diego, CA”

  1. Do you know if Dr. Pratha sees children? My daughter has had UC for 7 years now and her current doctor only believes in meds not diet. I heard Dr. Pratha does believe in diet. Just wondering if she would see my daughter. I haven’t found any doctor that believes in diet that sees children.


    1. Hi Yara. I don’t know. please call the office and ask. Yes, it’s sad that doctors don’t believe diet is part of the problem – it’s really not their fault – it’s the system and the education they receive in school. Do let us know if she sees children. And PS – I run the San Diego Crohn’s and Colitis support and activity group – we’re 50 IBD’ers on the path to healing. One other little guy has IBD – he’s 10 I think. Message me if you want more info. We have a private facebook group here:

    2. dr pratha is AMAZING. We saw her years ago when our son was just 8 years. The meds weren’t helping, she recommending VSL probiotics and a whole lot more. She treats kids, however, if our son had a relapse she couldn’t treat him, we’d have to go to Rady Childrens, GI department, which is also very, very good! Wonderful caring doctors who are more and more into nutrition.

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