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Dr. Venkatkrishnan Ayyar – Gastroenterologist – Gujarat, India

Dr. Venkatkrishnan Ayyar

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Sterling Hospital
Iscon Mega City
Jewels Tanki Road
Bhavnagar – 364001

Phone Number: 9898262288

Comments About the Doctor:

My wife Kinjal Shah is having problem UC. Dr. Ayyar has tremendous knowledge about UC and cures indeed fast and exact. His personality is very dynamic but his attitude is like next door neighbor. He is great listener as well as great speaker too. He gives very assured diagnosis prior to colonoscopy. He always explain each and everything and giving in writing too. His approach towards Patient is Human.
Takes 30-45 Minuets for one patient though waiting queue is long.
Sterling Hospital is corporate Hospital so it provides all types of Insurance help.
Their staff is also behaved greatly and helpful too.

1 thought on “Dr. Venkatkrishnan Ayyar – Gastroenterologist – Gujarat, India”

  1. We had taken appointment for my wife to consult doctor. 11.00 AM on 14th July 2016 appointment were given. Dr. Iyer had given the appointment personally on whatsapp contact. We reached clinic at 10.30 AM and informed to reception. Up to 12.15 PM our turn not came for consultation. Upon inquiring on reception, receptionist misbehaved and talked to doctor that we are inquiring why our turn is not come even appointment time is given 11.00 AM. Doctor called me and my wife in his office. Doctor kept the door open and other patient were inside. As soon as we reached to doctor office, doctor Iyer got very angry and started firing both of us in a language which doctor shall not speak and I can not write here. We were in need of doctor, my wife got very much disturb and her IBS problem worsen. At last doctor told us that if we want to consult him, we may have to wait until 7.30 PM means 5-6 hrs more waiting otherwise we can go to other doctor. This misbehavior of doctor is unacceptable as doctor towards patient.

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