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Dr. Vanita Jacob – Gastroenterologist – New York, NY

Dr. Vanita Jacob

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist specializing in IBD

Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy


Doctor’s office Address:

1315 York Avenue
New York, NY

(Part if NY Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Physicians)
Doctor’s office phone number:  (212) 746-5077



Extremely caring and concerned. Dr Jacob specializes in Inflamatrory Bowl Diseases. Dr Jacob took the time to get to know me and my family. She addresses all concerns I had and made informed decisions with me as to the proper course of treatment. Her team made every effort to accommodate my crazy work schedule.

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Dr. Vanita Jacob
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 1 reviews
 by Anna

Vinita is extremely scientific, very knowledgeable about our disease and her nurse does a GREAT job of collecting information on your background, etc. They do in-house infusions which is kind of nice. However, the office staff is super disorganized and if you don't have good insurance, do NOT go to this clinic. They charge out the WAZOO for every little thing without telling you ( I went twice and have been billed 4200) they offer NO financial aid whatsoever, and this office is ALL about Remicade. They have people hooked up 10 at a time to the stuff in the area off of the waiting room and she was determined to get me on it even though I am really trying not to go that direction. I can't say I recommend the experience I had at this clinic, which is why I left for Mt. Sinai.

1 thought on “Dr. Vanita Jacob – Gastroenterologist – New York, NY”

  1. I must say I agree with the other poster regarding Dr. Jacob. She diagnosed me with Crohn’s and mentioned SCD in passing but didn’t think I needed to go in that direction since I have a mild to moderate case of Crohn’s. I was prescribed a mesalomine drug but had a reaction to it similar to a very bad flare and it took her almost a week to agree that it was the mesalomine that was causing the reaction. The symptoms stopped as soon as I was off the mesalomine. I was also encouraged to take iron infusions to the point that I started to question whether they were necessary because my iron levels had returned to normal. I was charged for doctors visits for the infusions even though I never met with any doctors. I have very good insurance but it was excessive even for me. I decided to leave to get a second opinion from another respected GI doctor in NYC (also at Mt Sinai) and have been very happy with his treatment.

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