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Dr. Thomas L. Gross – Gastroenterologist – Danville, IN

Dr. Thomas L Gross MD

Type of doctorGastroenterologist & Internal Medicine Board Certified

Colonoscopies:  this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:
33 Meadow Drive
Danville, IN 46122
(Right Next To The Hospital)

Phone number: (317) 745-0833


First-I have to say I LOVE my Gastro’s Name “Dr Gross” how cool is that?! He picked the perfect profession! He has a wonderful bedside manner;) There is just something about him that is comforting:) I have had several docs over the years but he is the only one who wasn’t in a hurry, looked me right in the eyes, showed empathy for my illness, & always knew the right words to say:)
Dr. Gross is experienced. He made me feel like he has went through this so many times that nothing will surprise him. His staff is also empathetic & genuinely cares about his patients. Him & all of the office grew their hair out just for ‘Locks of Love’ that made me like them more:)
The Actual office is very small/tiny & I like it! The hospital is right next door & has been updated recently. I had 2 colonoscopies there by him. I opted to sleep through them both & he literally held my hand comforting me until I fell asleep:) I cannot think of anything negative to say abiuthim at all! Which is more than I can say about other Gastro doctors I’ve seen!!

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1 thought on “Dr. Thomas L. Gross – Gastroenterologist – Danville, IN”

  1. Dr. Gross impressed me by getting me in so quickly. I soon was frustrated. I waited over 2 hours past my appointment. He had no sense of urgency, played with cat, office staff rude. I was told to go to ER to schedule further test. I was told if I didn’t agree to all the test he wanted to run he would run non. He said my gallbladder was fine after a2nd opinion it was removed within 2 days, disease, infected, and several inflamed. The reports he read were the same the 2nd opinoon read.

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