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Dr. Sydney Bass – Gastroenterologist – Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Sydney Bass

what type of doctor: gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor may/may not perform colonoscopies

Doctor’s office Address:

415 – 14th St.
Alberta, Canada
T2N 2A1

Doctor’s office phone number 1(403)270-9555


Comments about doctor:

He’s got a very dry humour (very serious) and if you’re a sensitive person you will not enjoy dealing with him.
He seems to care, but at the same time once he’s made up his mind about what’s going on with you, or about how he think about you, there is nothing you can do to change it.
He’s not a very good listener, in my experience.
His staff is very good, and I felt relatively comfortable.

However, I had an UNNECESSARY colonoscopy done after my visit with him, because he thought I was lying about my symptoms, and said that if I what I was saying was true I must have crohn’s (because he’d decided he didn’t see any inflammation when he did a flexible scope in his office). Well, needless to say I experienced one of the worst preps (and nights) of my life just to be told that I do in fact have ulcerative colitis. (GEEE you think?!)

Anyways, the WHOLE point of this appointment was to determine long term care, and to keep me off the !#%)$(# prednisone cycle, which I’ve been on for over two years now.
I didn’t get a chance to ask any questions, because when he was done asking questions, we were asked to leave.

Overall, I got mixed signals from this GI: He seemed to care at first, but once he decided I might be lying about my symptoms, and not seeing any inflammation in my scope, he just shipped me off to get a colonoscopy. I’m still on prednisone, with absolutely no change in my circumstance. Thanks for nothing Dr. Bass.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Sydney Bass – Gastroenterologist – Calgary, Alberta”

  1. I was taken to Emergency after have my gallbladder removes because there were gallstones left behind. I was told the Dr Bass would do a quick ERCP and then I could go home….Well thats not really what happened. Although my family doctor did get a letter saying everything went fine and I was released. I am not really sure what happened, because no one will give me a straight answer, but my next memory is 8 days later when I woke up in a hospital bed in sever pain. My husband tells me that they have been feeding me morphine so that I would stop screaming from the pain. I spent the next couple weeks on a morphine machine and a PIC line. No solid food for almost 3 weeks. I saw Dr Bass for about 3 minutes before the surgery and he was quick and abrasive. He asked me if I consented to the procedure and I (all drugged up on pain meds) just nodded. The nurses told me that there was an injury to my pancreas and that I suffered from sever pancreatitis. I have never seen or heard from him since. I had residents look after me the whole time I was in the hospital.
    This was October / November of 2010. I still am able to only eat bland foods, no spice, no fat, not nuts and only very little dairy. I take 24 pills a day and am still in pain most days. I haven’t worked since. Friday (April 12,2013) my GI told me that this is likely the best it will get, refilled my prescriptions for a year and told me to have a nice day…….
    I think not… but what can I do???

  2. This gastroenterologist didn’t take the time to look at the reason of my pain, with only touching my belly he came to a conclusion. What was the point of going to a specialist

  3. Hi, I was wondering about getting an email off doctor Bass. I wanted to ask him if he could send through my information so I can give it to my Australian doctor. Let me know if this is possible. Thank you

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