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Dr. Steven Medwell – Colorectal Surgeon – Seattle, WA

Dr. Steven Medwell

what type of doctor: colorectal surgeon

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address:

Polyclinic Seattle, Washington

Comments About the Doctor:

Excellent surgeon. Has been doing colon/rectal surgeries (including j-pouch at Swedish Hospital for 35+ years. Kind, smart, compassionate and has a sense of humor.
I was referred to him by Gastroenterologist Dr. Bruce Tung (also at the Polyclinic. and had a total colectomy.
Bruce Tung is also a first rate Dr. He treated me with horrible UC for two years (prednisone, Remicade….) After Remicade failed I chose to have a permanent ileostomy (total colectomy). I feel great and have no regrets. I guess my only regret was not having surgery sooner, but I wanted to try everything else first. Thanks.

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